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Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility

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Discuss about the Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility.



A brand can be defined as the name, symbol, design or term capable of creating a distinction between the products of an organization and its competitors in the eyes of the customers (Wheeler, 2012). A new brand suffers from the lack of awareness among the target market due to its unpopularity in relation with the other popular brands.

A new brand named LazzZy is started as a brand of casual clothing for both males and females which provides a range of hoodies, dresses, shorts, trousers and t-shirts including oversized t-shirts. Moreover, LazzZy also provides an exclusive variety of flip-flops, snoozies and eye masks within reasonable prices. The brand provides premium quality products at comparatively lower prices than the other popular brands which therefore increase its favorability in the minds of the target customers. It aims to serve its customers with a wide range of products which ultimately give them a stylish and fashionable look without requiring them to sacrifice their comfort zone.

Brand identity can also be defined as the way business wants to be perceived by buyers (Mclntyre, Melewar  & Dennis, 2016). Brand identity covers various components shaped by the business for the purpose of presenting the value the corporate is trying to bring to the marketplace and to appeal to its clients (Budelmann, Kim & Woznaik, 2010).


LazzZy is a newly incorporated brand for the people who like to stay stylish without leaving their comfort zone. This basic motive of the brand is clearly demarcated with its tagline “This is who you are”. It provides a wide range of basic as well as funky clothes for males and females within an affordable price range. This brand wants to be perceived by its buyers as the destination for trendy clothing and accessories range within a budget. Moreover, ‘LazzZy’ brand is wholly addressed to those people who prefer loose and comfortable clothes instead of tight clothes in their day to day life.

Brand personality can be often referred to as the description of a brand in terms of human personality traits. It also determines the relationship that consumer shares with a brand (Franzen & Moriarty, 2015). Customers are attracted to purchase a brand if the personality of the brand appears to them like their own (Gordon Zainuddin & Magee, 2016).

LazzZy, therefore, portrays the image of an everyday lazy life which many people find to be related to their own. It chooses excitement as its brand personality which is synonymous with a carefree, determined and youthful attitude. Moreover, it has targeted the everyday attitude of the youth nowadays as they are more comfortable in being what they are instead of pretending to be something they aren’t. LazzZy has adopted powerful and clear strategies of differentiation which are adjustable and directly linked to the inner characteristics of a brand. This in turn creates strong identity for the brand (Guedes & Roncha, 2011).

The brand image of LazzZy depicts the trust it has gathered with its quality and long lasting clothes for every mood of an individual. Moreover, the brand makes the use of soft and wrinkle free material in the manufacturing of its products which creates a unique and positive image in the minds of its customers. The brand image of LazzZy has acted as the determining factor and has significantly increased the sale of its products (Marketing 91, 2016).   

Products and Prices

LazzZy provides a diversified product range of apparels including sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, t-shirts, trousers, capris for both men and women within a reasonable price range i.e. 2K – 10k. It also makes available a variety of accessories such as snoozies, flip flops, eye-mask and caps starting from Rs.500 onwards. All the products are available in a variety of sizes and colors for meeting the customized requirements of the customers. The brand also provides the products at the discounted prices at the time of festivals and new year. Moreover, there is also an option for the customers to exchange the products in case of any defect or size issue.

The marketing communication strategy includes the various strategies used by a brand in order to inform, influence or convince their target audience regarding their products (Grin, 2014). The communication strategy has played a vital role to bridge the gap between the target audience and the brand ‘LazzZy’ with the help of the elements of Communication mix to achieve its advertising and marketing objectives (McCartney, Butler & Bennett, 2008).

The communication mix refers to the various methods used by LazzZy to achieve the communication objectives for the purpose of promoting their products to the targeted customers (Dahlen, Lange & Smith, 2010). LazzZy adopts methods like advertisement, sales promotion, public relations, publicity, viral marketing, social marketing, experimental marketing, direct marketing and personal marketing for communicating information relating to latest offers, discounts, sale and new collections to their targeted customers.


Advertisement- LazzZy advertises its products on billboards, social media, Youtube, promotion events (malls and airports) and through street marketing. Though advertising is very expensive for an unestablished brand like LazzZy, still its large reach has enabled the brand to address the geographically dispersed audiences with low cost per exposure. Advertisement has developed a new perception in the minds of the customers towards the brand ‘LazzZy’ to be more legitimate. Advertising has helped LazzZy in building of brand image as well as in stimulating the short term sales (Aaker & Biel, 2013).

Sales Promotion- LazzZy makes the use of sales promotion technique for attracting the customers towards their brand. It organizes various contests, referral gifts and prizes for engaging the interests of its customers (Westberg  & Pope, 2014). Moreover, it often organizes a frequent shopper program where the maximum spender of the month gets free shopping worth 10K. Once in every 3 months it provides the offer in which two products are provided in the price of one.  The adoption of sales promotion techniques have resulted in boosting of the sagging sales of the brand (Akinyele & Olorunleke, 2010).

Public Relations- The extended media outreach has stimulated the public relations for the brand (Chung, Lee & Heath, 2013). Furthermore, LazzZy often participates in community events by the way of sponsorships and competitions. Public relation technique has helped the brand to reach those prospects that are missed via other forms of promotion.  

Publicity- LazzZy has made the use of social media to generate publicity for itself by creating pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The pages are regularly updated with the latest offers relating to discounts, sale and arrival of new collection with the view to keep its followers informed. Also, the customers who have updated their phone numbers with the stores are sent messages related to such offers and any other achievement by the brand, for example- LazzZy achieved the sales target of 1,00,000 customers in the last month. Publicity is also aimed by sponsorship of social events by the brand and by frequent press releases and press conferences for the launch of new range of products (Skard & Thorbjørnsen, 2014).

Viral Marketing- This technique is used by LazzZy by the way of formulating funny and unique messages and videos on Youtube and Facebook such that the websites and users are induced to forward such messages to other websites and users (Hudson, Huang, Roth & Madden, 2016). Viral Marketing has played a crucial role in increasing the brand awareness for LazzZy (Tech Target, 2017).

Social Marketing- LazzZy has aimed at creating mass awareness regarding the range of their products by keeping the social media pages active and updated (Tsimonis  & Dimitriadis, 2014). Facebook has played an important role in communicating the latest offers to the people (Dehghani & Tumer, 2015).Furthermore, LazzZy has also collaborated with some of the famous fashion bloggers for the promotion of their products through the popularity and fan following of those bloggers.


Experimental Marketing- Experimental marketing has helped LazzZy to focus on touchpoints that the customers love and value (2CV, 2017). The experiences of the customers and their buying patterns is analyzed to make further strategies for the brand with the use of eclectic methods and tools by considering consumer as a rational person (Atwal & Williams, 2017).

Direct Marketing- LazzZy often makes the use of direct advertising techniques of communication mix such as telephone marketing, online advertising, catalogs, direct mail and text messages. This works as a customized and interactive way to promote the products as it includes the aspects of both personal selling and sales promotion (Armstrong, Adam, Denize & Kotler, 2014). The communication with the customers through this way has helped LazzZy in seeking a response from its customers ((Kokemuller, 2017).

Personal Marketing- Personal selling of the brand is somewhere integrated with the direct marketing element of the brand . The brand ‘LazzZy’ participates in fairs and trade shows, telemarketing and business to business selling for promoting its sales through the adoption of proper communication techniques.  Retail stores of the brand are an important part of this method.  Personal interaction has enabled the brand to receive feedback and accordingly make adjustments (Huang & Sarigollu, 2014).

LazzZy aims to target both males and females within the age group of 15-35 years. Therefore, the brand basically targets teenagers to adults for their product range. The brand provides products in a reasonable price range, therefore, they are affordable by almost every average income group (D'Souza, Gilmore, Hartmann, Apaolaza Ibáñez  & Sullivan?Mort, 2015). Moreover, it targets those individuals who cannot sacrifice their comfort zone for looking stylish in their day to day lives.


Positioning to customer segment

LazzZy has managed to create the positioning of the brand with the help of marketing mix- price, place, product and promotion. LazzZy has generated competitive range to stand in the market with various combinations of color and style within an affordable price range. Moreover, other products like eye masks, snoozies, and flip-flops have become the first choice of the customers due to its amazing quality. The brand communicates proper marketing messages to the target customers with the view to enable them to differentiate between the products offered by other competitive brand (Hassan, Husi?-Mehmedovi?  & Duverger, 2015). This has led to the increased customer loyalty towards the brand which in turn has resulted in higher brand equity. Brand equity has also protected LazzZy against the competitive threat and has reduced the price sensitivity.

Brand Touchpoints are those points which are basis of interaction of the customer with the brand (Abbing, 2017). “This is who you are” these words comprise one of the most remarkable slogans which create a strong impact in the minds of the customers and therefore attract them for making the purchases (People Design, 2017). The customers experience a level of comfort and relation with the brand ‘LazzZy’ since the name itself depicts the unwillingness of leaving the comfort zone.  The customers can easily link themselves with the brand as it fulfills the desire of an individual to look stylish and fashionable without making any efforts for it. Such touchpoint has enabled the customers shifting from the consideration of the brand to actually making the purchases (Baxendale, Macdonald & Wilson, 2015). The touchpoints of LazzZy are often associated with the advertising, website and shopping experience of its customers (Fryer, 2014).


A brand faces a lot of challenges when it enters a market (Izquierdo-Yusta, Labajo, Jiménez-Zarco & Martínez-Ruiz, 2016). The brand ‘LazzZy’ effectively deals with its customers and their diversified mind sets. This has led the brand to build a positive brand image in the minds of its customers regarding its products. Moreover, the customers trust the brand which is visible from its increasing followers on the social media. The communication strategy adopted by the brand has resulted in increased sales of its products over the period of time. LazzZy is therefore expected to be one of the leading brands in the upcoming time.



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