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The study is focused on describing a comparison of the advertisements of two consumer products that will include one banking product and a convenience product. The advertisements will be researched in a different perspective. The consumer behavior of the Australian consumer is detected by conducting a research on the two products chosen for the study. The banking products chosen for the advertisements are home loans of National Australia Bank and Kellogg’s Special K products. Apart from that, research is to be conducted among consumers in order to determine the consumer behavior.


Comparison of the Advertisements

The two products selected for the analysis of the advertisement are Home loan of National Australia Bank and breakfast cereals of Kellogg’s Special K. The demographical segmentation of the two advertisements will consider elements of the segmentation such as age, gender, income, education, family structure, etc. Demographic segmentation is defined as the form of market segmentation that is used by the marketers by using the above variables while targeting the customers in the selected target customers (Solomon 2014).

The demographics of the home loan advertisement of National Australia targets the people who falls under the age group of 30 to 45 years of age. The people who are targeted are either businessman, middle level managers in corporate organizations, etc. Both male and female are targeted for selling home loans of the bank. The target customer may have either family having a single child or more than one child (Samson and Voyer 2014).

The demographics of Kellogg’s Special K are related to the women who are conscious of their health. The women who are targeted for their advertisements fall between the age group of 25 to 45 years of age. The women can be house wife or working who are conscious of their health. The secondary target customers are the men who are having a family. As it is a breakfast cereal and a staple product, hence it is targeted to different types of women of all age categories (Betsch and Haberstroh 2014).


Consumer Buying Decision Process

Consumer behavior is the vital aspect that is required for every brand in order to increase the brand image in the target market of the company. Consumers of Australia have certain criteria that the companies must focus. The five stages of buyer decision process are need or problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, post purchase behavior, etc. It can be said that the customers of Australia have different types of attitude in terms of buying different types of products. In this circumstances, the consumer buying decision process in case of both the products such as Kellogg’s special K and the home loans of National Australia Bank (Zhang et al. 2014).

The need recognition of both the products is different from one another. Women who want to reduce their weight will tend to buy the Kellogg’s K breakfast cereal. While taking the decision of buying the cereal, the customers will search for the best product at their budget. In the supermarket, they will search for the information of the products that will surpass the needs of their weight loose. The consumers will consider the evaluation of the alternatives of different types of breakfast cereals while they go to the supermarkets (Kelley, Cranor and Sadeh 2013). There are different products that belong to same category. Consumers will decide among the alternatives about buying the actual product. Same goes with home loans of National Australia. Before taking the home loan, the customer will research about different types of home loans provided by another bank. The consumers will definitely search for other alternatives of home loans of other banks. After the purchasing decision, the post purchase behavior of the different types of service provider is important while retaining customers in their company. The post purchase is related to the service of the company (Frederiks, Stenner and Hobman 2015).

Research on Consumer Behavior

Primary research along with the secondary research will be done in order to determine the actual consumer behaviour of the Australian consumers while buying two products. It can be said that the two types of research methodology will considered as the backup of one another. The research methodology of the study contains primary data collection methods such as focus groups (Luce 2015). Focus groups in this circumstance are a positive option when compared to the other forms of primary data collection method. Other forms of primary data collection methods are not feasible in this research because this research consists of very little number of respondents and the questions and the idea of the research topic as well as the research problem is descriptive in nature (Simonson 2016). Quantitative research approach will be used in order to calculate the data collected from the sample respondents of the research. The advantages of using focus group as a form of primary data collection method are observation of the behaviour of the Australian consumers for the two fields of works. The natures of the products are different from one another. Hence, they will show a different type of consumer behaviour (Chen et al. 2015). The types of demographic characteristics also need to be understood so that the characteristics of the different types of consumers can be understood which portrays the aspects of the five consumer-buying patterns. The type of buying patterns will be definitely different as the products belong to different genre. On the other hand, the requirement is different (Fang et al. 2016).


Research Problem and Research Questions

The research question of the research topic is provided in the research. The question is “Is the decision making process the same for both the products?”

It is earlier described that the primary data collection methods of the research chosen is different types of sample respondents from different types of areas. Different types of questions will be asked in the focus groups such as:

1) Have you purchased home loans from National Australia Bank and Kellogg’s Special K from Coles?

2) Why do you choose the products?

3) Do you go through all five stages of decision-making process?

4) If you have purchased one of the two items, which stage of decision making process is the most important?

It can be said that the demographics of the five respondents will be mentioned in the survey findings. The five respondents are collected from the area of Australia where the supermarket and the bank is available in a same shopping complex area. Hence, the area is chosen in a way. The respondents are enthusiastic in participating in the focus groups as they are given the privilege to describe about their shopping experiences. The different natures of the respondents will help the researcher in gathering actual knowledge of the consumer-purchasing pattern (Lysonski and Durvasula 2013). 

Survey Findings

The survey findings will discuss the results that are gathered both from primary forms of data collection and from secondary forms of data collection. The respondents will be addressed as Person 1, Person 2, Person 3, Person 4 and Person 5. The demographics of the respondents are discussed below:

Person 1: She is a woman of 35 years of age. She is working in a private firm as a middle level manager. She is a regular consumer of Kellogg’s Special K, as she is health conscious.

Person 2: He is a banker of 45 years of age. He has purchased the home loans of National Australia Bank.

Person 3: She is a woman of 28 years of age. She is a house wife. She is a consumer of Kellogg’s Special K.

Person 4: She is a woman of 32 years of age. She is working in a government firm. She has a family of four. She has purchased the home loans from National Australia Bank.

Person 5: He is a senior manager of a corporate firm. His age is 38. He used to shop the daily consumer goods for his family from Coles. He said that his wife is a regular consumer of Kellogg’s Special K.

The results of the focus group depict the fact that the none of the customers is buyers of two products simultaneously. The focus group interview process illustrates the result that the different consumers mostly follow all the consumer decision-making processes. Apart from the Person 5, all the rest consumers follow the stages. Among the five respondent, two persons claimed that they are very much focused on the evaluation alternatives more than any other stages of decision making process. The consumers have chosen the products because they think that the products will surpass the latent demands of them as per the taste, price and quality of the products (Maity and Dass 2014).



It can be concluded that, the companies must focus on the different aspects of the consumers shopping attributes as it affects a lot on the profitability of the company and the sales volume as a whole. The whole research consists of the five stages if decision making of shoppers of two products of different genres. Apart from that, the advertisement analysis of the different products says that the companies must focus on the different types of consumer behaviour of the Australian shoppers.



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