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Company Advertising And Online Reviews

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Discuss about the Company Advertising and Online Reviews.


Company Advertising and Online Reviews

Marketing involves several aspects which determine the rate at which products can be absorbed in the market. Advertisements play a significant role in pushing products in the market as it provides comprehensive information on a commodity. On the other hand, online reviews provide a valuable review on products which provides a guideline and influence on the rate at which a product might be taken in the market. Therefore, the two remain essential concepts in the marketing world which command significant influence on the probability of goods being taken in the market. However, the question on which source controls the largest influence on consumer’s remains in a contest. The paper provides a series of sources that can be used in arriving at a substantial discussion on the possible factors that suggest which approach can be trusted by consumers whenever planning to make purchases in the market. 

Annotated Bibliographies

The article is written by Fonda Daren focusing on whether an individual should trust online reviews by highlighting truth on what determines the ratings on commodities. The report emphasizes the truth on what controls ratings and reviews and the extents that companies go towards clearing a bad rating or review on their products. The article cites the example of Mandana Yousefi and the facts that made her give a one-star rating on a Chinese restaurant review site based on the treatment she received. The article denotes the fact that ratings are so influential in businesses and thus raise the chances of companies using every means to inflate their scores.

Further, it notes that firms may bribe review sites to erase negative comments or have the persons saying be compensated in exchange for an upgrade on the rating. Furthermore, companies competing against each other might hire review sites and individuals to render a negative review to their business advantage. The reality points towards a deafening truth in the fact that people should not fully rely on ratings to make a purchase. The research uses the example of Yelp which has been accused previously of altering reviews of producing fake information to the public for their profitable reasons. The reality is evident on the site that has a collective of 44 percent of the ratings on five star, 24 percent on four stars, and an 11 percent on 3 stars as the numbers lower with the star rating. The numbers indicate the insincerity that companies can obtain to achieve their ends in the business. However, the article concludes by setting the importance sectors where reviews assist such as those dealing with price comparison on given commodities.   


The article is informative given the in-depth nature it takes in examining the negative sides of a review and ratings in promoting products. Consumers conversant with the reality would not use the indications to make a decision on a purchase but rather rely on the advertisements where one can hold a firm liable for the provision of false information. The article provides accurate information given the facts in the examples used which are authentic and can be proven. The reality validates the information thus making it resourceful in the topic for discussion. In this case, the article remains essential in the discussion between the rate of reliability between company advertisement and reviews on the internet sites. The reality is useful in developing points for an argument against the popularity of reviews in convincing customers into making purchases.

Besides, the facts presented in the article provide sufficient information towards the arguments for either side of the debate. The setback on the review can be used to provide statistics towards its challenge hence unreliable for a study. On the other hand, the benefits in some sectors can be used to point towards its reliability in promoting products and services in the society. Conclusively, the information can be used to arrive at a reasonable solution to the discussion based on the side that holds significant votes. The article can be used to argue in favor and opposition of reviews as an important factor in triggering purchase among consumers. Therefore, the article is recommendable for the discussion on the most influential means of convincing customers to purchase.

The article represents the reflections and study of Cui Geng, Lui Hon-Kwong, and Guo Xiaoning who focus on the effects of online consumer reviews on new products. The article created in 2012, focuses on key terms such as customer feedback, internet marketing, product launch and development surrounding issues within effects of reviews. The article provides a study on the effect of online reviews on new product sales on electronic items and video games by consumers. It remains undeniable that consumers constantly review products and check from various sources to ascertain the rate of preference or refute on a product. The skill assists individuals in making an informed decision based on the experience of a product or service outlined by others. The study notes the importance of reviews more so to the hospitality industry where people do reviews before visiting restaurants or destinations for holidays.

Besides, the article presents facts on issues surrounding new products in the market, which rely on ratings, where a good review on a product increases the ability to sell while those with even little ratings deserve a place in the society. The analysis of the article was carried out on Amazon, a significant online market for an electronic commodity on how reviews propelled sale of new products in the market. The results of the study indicate the reality that reviews have a great influence on the take up of new products in the market. The negative comments had a significant effect on the sales of the commodities marked with lower review digits registered small purchase and vice-versa. The fact confirmed the negativity bias on commodities placing the possibility of a product failure in the market owing to a few negative statements. Summarily, the article presents the basic factors that promote the use of reviews in determining the market influence on consumers. In this case, the article recommends for marketers to consider a rather distinctive influence on their products as bias existing might distort the promise of a product uptake in the market at its entry stage.

The study is critical to the topic under study as it highlights yet another ground where reviews determine the rate of sale of products. Further, the study is authentic given the profession of the authors who in different institutions serve at academic institutions which remain responsible for academic researches. The information can be used to drive reasons for the likelihood of consumers using reviews at a higher rate compared to that of company advertisements. The facts expressed in the study match those of similar research thereby placing hopes to the reality of reviews determining product sale. The logical representation of facts in the article can be used to develop a convincing argument on the essential use of reviews among consumers. Notably, it would lead to a positive argument on reviews as a trusted source of information that can lure consumers into making a purchase. 

On the other hand, the article can be used to argue against the negative bias caused little faith in the product advertisement as a source charming clients into making purchases. Therefore, the study is relevant to the discussion which can separately be used to convince individuals. The reliability of the information remains authentic as the three professors hold significant faith in the product market. The information shall assist much in securing grounds and confirming on the product availability. The reviews remain open to influencing product uptake and discussing various factors surrounding economic scales of the study. 


The article is a creation of the study on the effect of word of mouth on sales carried out by Judith Chevalier and Dina Mayzlin in 2006. The journal examines the effects of consumer’s review on books and the effect on the sales of similar books. The study uses the case of Amazon and the Barnes and Noble where a high number of reviews on books exist. The study finds out an overwhelming number of reviews on the positive side as opposed to the book’s negativity. Further, the reviews were more on Amazon compared to those at Barnes and Noble. Notably, changes in a book’s review led to increased sales observed on the sites. A third observation made in the study indicates a greater impact on one-star review on sample study was greater than the impact of a five-star review. Several books had a five-star rating with a few having one-star ratings which attracted close attention to the buyers. The study on the effect of reviews to the sales of the book indicated that customers were most likely to review text on given topics rather than base on advertisements or summary statics.

The article is relevant to the study of examining the competitive results from company advertisements and online reviews to the purchase and sale of commodities in the market. The author comes from a relevant background that deals with marketing and thereby provides trust in the information provided. Besides, he cites several references to the study which assist in accrediting the information provided in the case. The study captures the effect of reviews on sites where individuals purchase books online according to the review results made. Besides, the article denotes the effect of reviews in marketing by highlighting how much they convince clients into making purchases. The study is relevant to the topic for discussion as it looks to the effect of reviews on purchase which determines the competitive rate between the concept and that of company advertisement. The article shall remain valuable in forwarding arguments for or against the influence of the two factors determining the sale of communities in the market.  

The results of the study shall be essential to cover the concerns on word of mouth making it reliable and a significant factor towards commodity purchase. People are more inclined to focus on the negative reviews to ascertain the effects of word of mouth or reviews placed by individuals. The study is essential in raising the credibility of reviews as legit claims that outdo those of advertising which come for the purpose of selling products in the market. The study is essential in understanding the effect of reviews based on the fact that they are genuine as the reviewers stand to benefit little from the results. On the other hand, the study would help in the discussion in outlining the fact that advertising may not be 100 percent genuine since it comes from the primary individuals making products that need to thrive in the business. 

The genuine study on the effects of reviews shall form a special argument on the topic in an argument for the effects of reviews on a purchase of commodities. Therefore, the study remains instrumental to crediting one of the factors as superior to the other as it focuses on one of the major factors that determine the rate at which individuals can make purchases on a commodity. The results of the study are useful in providing a logical argument for the influence of reviews towards the ability and probability to buy a commodity as evidenced in the case of books purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

The article was created in 2013 by Birke Daniel in trying to understand the effects of social networks and their economics towards influencing consumers on products. The study focuses on the likely effects of social networks acting as marketing avenues for products and services where people and companies advertise their products. In this case, the research reveals how consumers are susceptible to the social networks which provide an avenue for advertising products and services. The study uses the social networks analysis to explain the possible influence by friends and peers who post or share information derived from advertisements. The author uses the increased numbers of advertisements on the social media to inform of the influence it has on product consumption.


Further, the article presents statistics that provide interplay between social media and the promotion of products. The study provides the reality of purchases and the power of advertising which seems to throw much weight on the probability of advertisement to influence a consumer market. The author carefully explains the roles of advertisements, given the wide presence of the social media to push products to the people. The article notes that products with a high rate of advertisement on the social media receive deserved attention leading to product consumption among the consumers. The author of the study focuses on the interdependency rate between friends and peers to determine the influence of a product up for advertisement on individuals. The book is instrumental in its use of diverse examples of websites and specific commodities to explain its aspects in marketing. The book ends up with the conclusion that advertisement by firms bears significant influence at the likelihood of individuals purchasing a product.

The reality from the book provides a background to study the marketing contest between the influence of reviews and advertisement on product uptake by consumers. The book provides a useful resource for the marketing professionals who understand the power of advertising. In this respect, the book is essential in handling the topic on marketing between the online reviews and the effects of advertisement on the probability of consumers purchasing products. It is evident that the statistics presented in the book are authentic given the reputation of the author. The author produces in-depth statistical information from social sites which determine product uptake strength. Further, the book is instrumental on the provision of empirical evidence on consumer influence as evidenced by its use of Wiley to highlight the arguments.

The article is useful in the research on the components holding much influence on consumers given its analysis of the social network effects. The facts presented can be used to argue for company advertisement towards influencing customer purchase on commodities. The probability of individuals creating reviews on products depends on the amount of knowledge created through advertisements. Therefore, company advertisements influence purchase to great extents as the reviews come from the possible use. I find the text important towards the formation of a formidable argument for one side of the factors that influence the probability of product purchase between company advertisement and product reviews on the online sites. Therefore, the book presents facts that can be incorporated into the discussion towards arriving at solutions to the marketing topic.

The book records a study and facts found on the consumer behavior surrounding the purchase of goods and services. The book drives the understanding of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by highlighting the strategies used by producers to reach the hearts of the consumers. The book shows how marketers apply knowledge on developing marketing strategies that attract consumers towards a product uptake. Further, the book indicates the facts that lead to loyalty through referral and proper use of commodities. Notably, the book notes that consumers take up products that satisfy their needs and would in most cases not rely on reviews as long as the service provided satisfies one's demands.


Furthermore, the book handles the 4p’s of marketing highlighting how each works and the power it places on advertisement as a social tool towards an appeal to a product purchase. The book suggests on the creation of a powerful marketing tool by citing examples of products that have utilized the strategy towards convincing a significant number of consumers into purchasing commodities in the market. Besides, the book explores the external influences on customers whenever purchasing products ranging from cultures, social groups, and popular trends and aligns the factors to the power of marketing. The book presents various empirical data representing product uptake and trial owing to the power of marketing used in line with adherence to the four P’s of marketing. As a result, the study concludes that the extent to which companies go in developing a strategic advertisement determines the success rate of a product in the market. Products achieving the needs of consumers manage to appeal to their emotional, social, and economic needs. The study explains the importance of development and advertisement of products with a touch on consumers and relates the same towards a possible influence on product consumption.  

The book is critical to the topic of the day that analyzes the influence of products uptake on customers. The provisions for positive advertisement assist in supporting a logical proposition on the role of company advertisement on changing consumer consumption patterns. The information presented in the book comes from a logical point of view given the credibility of the author as a contributor in the marketing sector. The author uses several examples that can be proven and selects a broad research model that exemplifies the influence of social groups towards product consumption. Further, it disqualifies the influence of reviews in commanding a product purchase by insinuating the widespread use of advertisements which transfers knowledge on a product development in the market. As long as commodities meet the demands of a population, reviews have little effects towards their purchase.

Understanding the nature of consumer behavior is instrumental towards understanding the influential power between reviews and advertisement and how each impacts the society. The factors presented in the report can be used in promotion of one aspect of marketing and at the same time used to discredit the influence of reviews on product uptake. The book remains instrumental in revealing the benefits of advertisement and highlighting the various forms it takes towards promoting consumer behavior. Therefore, the research can benefit comfortably through the findings in the book in promoting the discussion with informative news.



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