Free Sample   Compare And Contrast How Power Relations Influence The Growth Of The Renewable Energy Industry


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Compare And Contrast How Power Relations Influence The Growth Of The Renewable Energy Industry

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Australia is better known as one of the liberal democracy around the globe. The notion of the liberal democracy suggests a distinctive perspective on power (Starrett, 2009). The growth of economy and other significant industry in the globalization is largely depends on the mutual relation between the two country. In the age of globalisation power relation help to maintain the overall economy of the country and also help to growth and become one of the most developed country around the globe. Australia and New Zealand are two of most significant country. The continuing economic bend puts a target on the overall role of the renewable energy in the overall growth of the economy. The energy industry fuels the economy and the overall steady availability hence it is important to consider the energy sector in details. This will ensure that there is constant supply of energy to meet the demand.

Power relation influence the growth of the renewable energy industry

Australia is a small greenhouse gas polluter around the global but it has one of the worst per capital as it very dependent on the electricity on its abundant reserve of coal, which eventually helps the country one of the largest exporter of the polluting fuel. Power relation with the new Zealand and Australia will help the countries to grow in the field of renewable energy as Australia and New Zealand are the country which are suppose to have most of the renewable energy. Power relation helps to influence the overall growth of the company and helps to increase the overall renewable energy (Sørensen, 1979). Business practices helps to improve the relation between the countries and thus help to increase the overall economic growth of the country in the global platform. Australia has abundant coal resource whereas the New Zealand have geothermal power station, which constitute total around 77% of the electricity total electricity. With the help of the renewable source the both the country have should produce a better result and help them to growth in the near future.


The renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, coal etc are present in Australia and New Zealand in abundant, which helps to generate electricity and other significance to fuels, which helps to grow the overall economy of the country (Langwith, 2009). Thus, help to increase eat renewable sector into one of the major sector, which add significant part of the economical growth and thus increase the GDP of both the country. Tasmania focus for 100% renewable, Australia commits to 20% renewable by 2020, Australia is drying out due to greenhouse gas emissions. The pwer relation with the New Zealand will help the Australia to increase their performance related to the renewable energy sector. As New Zealand, is equipped with all the renewable energy when compared with Australia. Globalization is one of the primary activates which the country adapt to become globalised nation which eventually help to improve the economic condition and thus generate economic growth of the country. Power relation will enhance the renewable energy sector of both the country (Da Rosa, 2005). delivers assignment help to millions of students of USA. We have in-house teams of assignment writers who are experts on wide ranges of subjects. We have appointed teams of native writers who provide assignment help to students in New York City and all over the USA. They are skilled assignment writers who successfully cater to search terms like’ do my assignment in the USA' and readily entertain queries related to write my assignments.

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