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Compare And Contrast Of ALL & FMG Companies

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Compare and Contrast the two companies Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ALL)& Fortescue Metals Group (FMG).



Purpose of the report

The purpose of the report is to compare and contrast two companies named as Aristocrat Leisure Limited and Fortescue Metals Group. Aristocrat Leisure Limited is listed in Australian Stock Exchange and is one of the Australian gambling machine manufacturing with marketing as well as development activities in countries such as South Africa, United States and Russia. On the other hand, Fortescue Metals Group is listed in Australian Stock Exchange and is one of the Australian iron ore company and occupies the fourth largest producer in and across the world.

Importance of the report

This report mainly explains the mission and vision statement of ALL and FMG. A mission statement is a statement that discusses the purpose of a company that normally remains unchanged over specific time. Values are explained in the current segment that helps in distinguishing an organization from others. It mainly underpins policies, objectives as well as procedures and strategies because they render an anchor and reference point. Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the term that describes the way that business takes into account the financial as well as environmental and social impacts the actions involved and decisions taken. Stakeholders can get affected by the actions, objectives and policies of business organization.

Key outcomes of the report

There are four important core values of ALL include respect, courage, integrity and passion. Staff members of the business spend all the talents for creating a game with modern technologies as well as intelligent creative. On the contrary, FMG commit towards exclusive culture as well as environment.

Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ALL)

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)

To produce lasting product to potential clients by repeatedly as well as distributing the client goods safety on proper time in a atmosphere of integrity and honesty that allows company for prospering in the near future (Weaven et al. 2014).

To be highest value creator in the iron ore industry that contributes to the growth of the nation ( 2017)


Mission Statement

Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ALL)

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)

To accomplish global level market as well as reputation business excellence through quality (Aristocrat | Gaming Technology | Poker Machines 2017). The mission statement of the company is to promote an environment for learning as well as growth establishment for building harmonious relationship with the community as a whole.

To maximize stakeholder wealth by exploiting core skills of iron ore mining and iron making ( 2017)

To insistently seeks for getting access to additional resources ( 2017)

To maintain costs in the lowest decile in and across the world ( 2017)

To be an organization that recruit best-in-class people as well as performance driven culture by attracting as well as retaining quality manpower ( 2017).

To regularly seek high levels of productivity as well as technical efficiency for maintaining technological superiority over nearest competitors (Wagner and Eggert 2016).

Values of the organization

Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ALL)

Customer Delight- One of the values of ALL is customer delight. The company looks at the positive attitude of customers to shape a brighter future (Aristocrat | Gaming Technology | Poker Machines 2017).

Fairness- One of the values of ALL is fairness where the company is inclusive as a brand.

Transparency- One of the values of ALL is transparency where the company believes in enabling transparent communication with the customers, employees and shareholders (Aristocrat | Gaming Technology | Poker Machines 2017).

Consistent Quality- One of the values of ALL is consistent quality where they strive to attain the topmost position in the current competitive global marketplace (Aristocrat | Gaming Technology | Poker Machines 2017).

Continuous Improvement- One of the values of ALL is continuous improvement where the company is committed towards attainment of future goals and objectives.

Innovation- One of the values of ALL is innovation where the company engages in developing innovation models in their operations.


Reliability- One of the values of ALL is to provide reliable solution to the issues (Aristocrat | Gaming Technology | Poker Machines 2017).

Commitment- One of the values of ALL is commitment where the company remains committed with the future goals and objectives (Aristocrat | Gaming Technology | Poker Machines 2017).  

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)

Entrepreneurship- One of the values of FMG is entrepreneurship where the company fosters an entrepreneurial spirit through trade and value for foreseeing business opportunities as well as acting in appropriate way. The company develops organic growth projects by making strategic acquisitions or creating entrepreneurs in competitive local environment (Sheth and Sisodia 2015).

Growth- One of the values of FMG is growth where the company continues to delivers growth as well as generating significant value for the shareholders on a sustainable basis. The company has pursued growth into new areas. The organic growth pipeline of the company is string when they continue to deliver significant growth for shareholders in the upcoming financial year ( 2017).

Excellence- One of the values of FMG is excellence where the company aims at achieving excellence and consistently delivers projects at industry leading costs within the stipulated time. The company focuses on achieving a top decline cost of production in the business activities. In order to achieve success, the company follows culture of best practice benchmarking ( 2017).

Trust- FMG believes in maintaining trust with the stakeholders as a key to success. The company strives to meet stakeholder expectations without compromising the other values ( 2017).

Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability

Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ALL)

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)

ALL is a gambling machine manufacturer that adopts corporate social responsibility practices in four major components such as discretionary responsibilities, legal responsibility as well as ethical responsibilities and economic responsibilities (Aristocrat | Gaming Technology | Poker Machines 2017). The company is accredited to CSR standards body based on ethical as well as social criteria. ALL is the gaming operator company who aims at meeting the predetermined criteria and then displaying CSR certification just like that of ISO. ALL should develop privately funded problem gambling treatment centers for giving back to the community (Peñaloza, Toulouse and Visconti 2013).

FMG commits to deliver positive social changes by contributing to ending limitations amongst Aboriginal people so that they can promote diversity in the workplace as well as addressing environmental challenges like climate change that is essential elements of the Corporate Social Responsibility for the company ( 2017).

ALL should conduct annual assessment of their company performance against Corporate Responsibility Index like development by the business in the present community (Aristocrat | Gaming Technology | Poker Machines 2017).

The values of FMG sit at the apex of the approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. The values of FMG set the ethical as well as moral aspects where the company undertakes the business activities ( 2017). The Code of conduct of FMG establishes the important standards of personal as well as corporate conduct and behavioral aspects. The company endorses joined a number of initiatives that promotes highest level of standards in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility with the United Nations Global Compact

Stakeholders mentioned in their corporate statements

Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ALL)

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)

ALL need to identify their stakeholders as well as conduct open and frequent dialogue with them for ascertaining their expectations and mutual agreement as to how these expectations can be viably meet within the assigned time frames (Aristocrat | Gaming Technology | Poker Machines 2017).

Companies like ALL who operates in gaming industry employs triple bottom line accounting as well as incorporate community concerns in relation to profit and mandated social impact assessment requirements (Nordhielm and Depena-Baron 2013).

FMG believes in maintaining long-standing relationships with customers as well as stakeholders in China and contributes to remarkable economic development as well as ongoing urban growth ( 2017).  

The marketing manager of ALL should make sure that their company employs strict corporate governance practices (Dekker et al. 2013).

FMG is a West Australian company that believes in valuing relationship with key stakeholders by working together by managing and creating opportunities for Aboriginal people, protecting the environment, community building and strengthening the broader Australian economy ( 2017).

Analysis of SMART objectives

Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ALL)

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)


Meeting monthly quota

Implementing new business intelligence tool (Aristocrat | Gaming Technology | Poker Machines 2017)

Developing a fit-for-purpose technology strategy that aims at enabling it for delivering business strategy ( 2017)

Information for tailoring product specifications to better match customer demands (Hollensen 2015)


Training entire analytics team

Strict cost disciplines measures that delivers substantial positive results that contributes to an all-in average cash breakeven point ( 2017).


Launching new marketing campaigns for increasing number of leads

Creating a project plan that ensure successful implementation

Developing new program designed to improve the score (Aristocrat | Gaming Technology | Poker Machines 2017)

It is gratifying to look for achieving without any of industrial action that believes reflecting the quality of the relationships as well as dialogues between management and employees.


Important financial metric for the company

Core operations requirements for analytics team

Revenue increases when customers are loyal to the company (Aristocrat | Gaming Technology | Poker Machines 2017)

Making significant structural changes to cost base after achieving substantial savings on overheads as well as study costs (Keller and Kotler 2016)


Before September 23, 2017

Before September 17, 2017

Believable and add value

Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ALL)

ALL is an Australian gambling machine manufacturer that has its own administrative center in Sydney and most of the research had been done at its North Ryde site. The value-added services delivered by ALL are rendering gaming technology to the clients. The company has interest in gambling systems as computerized network systems that manages the slot machines, electronic table games as well as linked jackpot systems and computerized card game simulations (Meffert 2013).

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)

FMG is an Australian iron ore company that is larger than both BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. The value-added services provided by the company had achieved its target of awarding $1 billion in contracts to Aboriginal business within the year 2016. The company has made the commitment to award $1 billion in contracts for business at least 25% owned by Aboriginal Australians through its billion opportunities program (Keller and Kotler 2015).


At the end of the study, it is concluded that both the companies belong to different sectors that make it easy to differentiate its values in terms of vision statement, mission statement, corporate social responsibility, stakeholders, SMART objectives and adding values. The above analysis differentiates between two companies and justifies the reason at the same time.


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