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AGL: Company Overview


Compare and Contrast the two companies in relation to the Following:

A vision or Mission Statement

Values of the Organisation

Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability

Stakeholders mentioned in their Corporate Statements

AGL is the leading companies in Australia and is also one of the largest ASX listed owner, operator and developer of the renewable generation assets in the country.  The power generation portfolio of AGL includes peaking, base and intermediate generation plants as well as the renewable sources that further include wind, solar, biomass and landfill.

Lend lease is a company based in Australia that was founded in the year 1958 by Dutch immigrant and innovator Dick Dusseldrop . The headquarter of the company is in Sydney, Australia. It employees more than 12,000 employees internationally. The regional offices of the company are located in New York, London and Singapore. The core capabilities of the company includes constriction, development and investment across the property

The mission’s statement includes the purpose of the organization, company or person and the reason for its existence. It is a written declaration that includes the purpose of the company and the focus that remains unchanged.

The vision of the AGL includes creating energy solutions for the communities of today as well as tomorrow.  The company has a vision of being a pioneer City Gas Distribution Company .It is argued by the company that its brand promises the Actions and not the words. The values of the company include:

  • One Team
  • Authentic
  • Delivery
  • Sustainable and Safe
  • Vitality

On the other hand, the main vision of Lend Lease is to create better places. The company works very closely with its investors, clients and communities all over Europe, Australia, America and Asia so that it can create unique places (LendLease., 2012).  The company believes in creating the places that leaves positive legacy and further helps in enriching the lives of the people. The company puts safety first and hence delivers an efficient and innovative solution that provides long term sustainable developments for the various stakeholders of the company.

Environment is a very big concern for everyone and while operating in the environment, the mission of the AGL is committed towards:

  • The satisfaction and delight of the customers
  • Transparency in the policies and processes
  • Good corporate governance
  • Uninteruption in the supply of Gas(AGL, 2014)
  • Adaption of the best operational practices

Value are core to the organizations and they help the organizations to distinguish from other companies. The values underpin the objectives and policies. The values of AGL works on ethical compass that helps in guiding the people in their behavior and making the decisions along with that it helps in fueling the energy that helps the leaders in thriving their teams. For keeping its values on top of mind AGL believes in promoting a recognition and reward program that is known as ‘Living the Values’ that has a main attraction of $ 10,000 travel voucher for the employee of the year. While when we look in to the company Lend Lease we would come to know that the values of the company helps in guiding the behavior of the company and underpinning the code of conduct of the company . The company lives in the values of the company in its everyday operations.

Lend Lease: Company Overview

The corporate social responsibility includes the way in which the business describes its way it takes in to account the social, financial and environmental decisions that further impacts its actions and decisions of the company The meaning of sustainability is remaining focused on the investors, governments and consumers who has the main demand for improving the social and environmental outcomes. Sustainability for AGL means thinking about the various responsibilities of the stakeholders of the company that includes its employees, community, investors and environment.  The sustainability strategy of the company helps in managing, identifying and monitoring the material risks that further helps in affecting the ability to protect the long term value of the company. The framework around which the AGL works includes the ongoing reporting that further provides transparent, accurate, timely and responsive account for the commitment and performance along with the opportunities and risks of the company.  

On contrary to this the sustainability of the company Lend Lease includes the creation of the better places for the people and meeting the needs and demands of the people. While the government and the communities are working hard for seeking the partners that are trusted who helps in enhancing the urban areas that are healthy, efficient and resilient features (Hundloe, 2015).  The company has a proud and long history of always giving equal  emphasis to the social, economic and environmental outcomes that delivers the places that helps in responding the global forces that shapes the future of the company. The company eliminates the wastes’ from its business by using the clean energy  and creating more clean water along with giving equal respect to the nature (Dainty, 2013).

The Lend Lease Company acknowledges the Brunt land definition of sustainability. The company has a belief that the sustainable city is not just the green city, on the other hand the sustainable city is one that is livable , well managed, governed , financially viable and competitive.  By creating a good inbuilt environment through the various sustainable objectives helps in increasing the value of the company at regional, local and city levels. This value further helps in enhancing the economic viability of the (Kirsteen, 2009)company (Submission by Lend LeaseToHouse of Representatives Parliamentary Committee Inquiry , 2003).

The stakeholders of the company are the people who have some kind of stake in the company. The Stakeholders of the company can be affected or can affect the actions of the company, policies and objectives. Some of the key stakeholders are the creditors, government, employees, directors, unions, suppliers and the community from which the resources of the business are drawn.

The stakeholders of the company are very broad and they have diverse interests. The company engages in constructive and dialogue with the stakeholders so that the company can be responsive to the issues that are very important for the employees, customers, investors and the community (George, 2015). On the other hand the key stakeholders of the Lend Lease Company include its employees, shareholders, its investors and employees (Zaloga, 2013).

SMART is an acronym of

  • Specific: Where a specific area is targeted for the improvement
  • Measurable: Indicator for the progress of the company
  • Achievable: which also includes assignable objectives under which that will be doing the work is specified.
  • Realistic: Under this the results that are realistic  and can be achieved with in the available resources are specified         
  • Timely objectives: Under this the time in which the results can be achieved is specified (Henderson, 2013)

Mission and Vision of AGL and Lend Lease

The companies often prepare their objectives according to SMART format. The SMART format of the objectives includes various types of objectives like the process objectives, outcome objectives, personal objectives and Impact objectives. The objectives of the AGL limited includes the aspiration of the company for Safety, Health and environment by providing zero harm to the environment and the people in which the company operates. The objectives of the company are achieved by its HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental Management System).

The HSE policy objective of AGL includes:

  • Actively demonstrating the commitments towards the sustainable growth that includes the protection of the environment.
  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace and try to eliminate the injuries that are related to the workplace(Annoynomous, 2002)
  • Developing and fostering a compliance culture within the business.
  • Enabling the design and implementation of the compliance controls
  • Providing accurate and timely review, monitoring and compliance risks
  • Raising the level compliance obligation awareness (Compliance Policy AGL Energy Limited, 2011)

While, on the contrary the Company Lend Lease developed a committee who ahs the main motive to enquire in to the various policies and issues that are related to the development of the sustainable cities to the year 2025. At Lend Lease the company works internationally that allows it to bring different alternatives and contexts to the development projects and issues (Cooper, 2012).

While going through the history of AGL it has been observed that the company since its creation in 1837 has been one of the oldest companies of Australia (Pieterson, 2002). There were many developments by the company since its creation. It introduced gas purification in Australia. It pioneered the new pioneer pipe technology .  It is very well aware of its responsibilities towards the community and the environment. It is taking actions responsibly to reduce the green house emissions (View, 2004) by providing secure and affordable energy to the customers. It is committed to achieving the excellence in the environmental performance and management. It launched the Affordability initiative in December 2014 . The key commitments of the initiative are:

  • Improving the way of working with customers
  • Improve traspreacy and comparability
  • Delivering clear customer choice
  • Providing easy to find assistance
  • Supporting the policies that helps in enhancing competition (AGL, 2015).

On the hand when going through the history of Lend Lease Company it can be observed that it ahs won many awards for the excellence of its work.  The Queensland Building business of the company has won two awards for the centre of children’s health research (Lend Lease, 2015).


At last, it can be concluded that both the companies are performing quite well and when a comparison in regard to various thing are made of both the companies, it can be seen that both of them are on almost same platform and have same objectives (Annoynomous, 2008). The Mission and vision statement of both the queries though differs in words but is having same meaning. Both the companies are performing for the sustainable development and are having the corporate social responsibilities that can prove out to be advantageous for them in their future. It can be said that the companies shall work more hard for performing better and delivering great results in the future. AGL has been working hard to uphold the highest standards of transparency and ethical conduct in relation to its political engagement (Grenville, 2002).  It is committed to  building diverse workforce . As it is believed by the company that by valuing the diversity it can have better engagement and understanding with the customers, employees, communities in which they are carrying their operations.


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