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Computer Capstone Project: Assignment Add in library

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1. Write a proposal on Test Automation using Selenium  

2. Write an Analysis of STRATEGIC Context on Test Automation.

3. Write on Recommendations, Issues while doing Capstone project.


1. Test Automation using Selenium proposal

Test automation may be defined as the appropriate use of software. In respect to the automation method it could be said that the software makes use of the set of methods and techniques that is to be used in the test precondition. In other case it is used to control the test execution. This helps in gaining the knowledge and the then to the comparison that is drawn in between the predicted outcome and the actual outcomes. Finally it reaches to the concluded status of the execution. Test automation technique is used to automate a process that already manually exists. In case of frequent testing method there is use of regression testing (Deans, 2009). Apart from this there is need of repeated execution of the test case along with the test acceptance of the users. The feedback that is important is from the developers to receive the feedback at a faster rate. As this is the use of the software the most important factor is to reduce the effort that is included by the humans. The same test can be carried out in different scenario with the help of the software. The best test automation tools that can be used may be a number of ones like the ones that has been created by giant companies like HP, IBM, Borland along with open source tools as well (Alshayeb, 2009). Test automation can be supported with the help of a tool like Selenium. Selenium is used to for the purpose of testing any of the web application the use of the same is flexible without the options like that of locating elements and also for the comparison. The comparison in this case is drawn in between the actual behavior of the application and that of the test results that has been received (Chavarriaga & Maca, 2009).

Deelstra et al. (2009) opines the major features of Selenium may be that of the test that is allowed through the method of cross browser. This test can be used at the same time to a number of browsers. The scripting option is allowed in languages like that of C#, Python, PHP and Java. Apart from this there are major assertion statements that help in comparing the perceived rusilut with that of the actual. This software also has the feature of inbuilt reporting. Itoi (2009) put forward the major components that can be received from the Selenium may be Selenium remote control, Selenium IDE and the Selenium grid. The IDE is the one that may be used for the integration of the different surroundings on which the test is to be carried out. In case of IDE the Firefox acts as the extension which helps in edit, record and replay. There may be different formats that could be used in case of dealing with the saving like that of Html, ruby scripts, java or any other format. Assertion could be added based on the same along with statements whenever required (Feng, 2009). The installation process of the selenium IDE is easy and feasible and could be used at any place and at any point of time. Being an open source project which is the motto of the company it is to make it the usual open source software for proprietary. The most important feature that is attached to the present one is that selenium is good with GUI. Erdogmus (2009) mentions it is easy to track the projects wherever required to make it easy and to help in continuing with the selenium tests that is even linked to Wiki. The integration process of selenium and FitNesse was done even after facing certain problems that the company was facing for the coordination of Wiki by the team. The integration process is done by the cruise control along with Cobertura. However, Galinac (2009) argues it may be said that selenium cannot be the one that can be used as the ultimate solution. It has helped in getting the satisfaction of the customer to some extent. The regression value that was gained helped in getting the comfort to the team. The better part of the software is that it is the relatively easy in dealing with the UI test and to automate the web. Apart from this there are regression tests that is recorded or relayed (Ingram, 2009). The integration process is important and deals with the method with the most effective output. Besides the loopholes that were faced by the team members there have been certain advantageous changes that have been incorporated by the team to make the software much better along with the usefulness of the same (Hibbs et al. 2009).


2. Analysis of strategic context on Test Automation

The strategies that are major and are used in case of test automation may include the using of the software tools that is necessary to control and understand a particular situation. Jadhav & Sonar (2009) refers the preconditions in such cases have to be determined. The execution of the tests in such cases has to be particular and there has to be the comparison. The comparing attributes being the actual outcome and prescribed outcome. Automate testing is the method that is used in getting the efficiency and the enhancement of a software. The test automation helps in understanding the methods and the motives to improve the software (Leckie & Buschman 2009). The main problem or the setback that is faced any of the software producing team or company is that of poor strategy, poor effort in the generation of the test case, test delay and the final maintenance of tests. The development process of the software could be analyzed with the help of the automation process (Kandt, 2009).

The test that is to be carried out is such that most of the software is effective and maintains their longevity. Li et al. (2009) opines in case of the understanding and the method of work of the software it is seen that most of the changes are brought about to make the improvement as per the perceived quality and environment. In case of both the manual and the automated system the progress of the software depends on modification. It is in this regard, that it may be said that the in case of the automation test it is the most unrealistic method that may come across. In case of deciding the test it is important to note the fact that the relationship that is in between the value and the effort is to be analyzed (Lewell, 2009). The test cases that include high value and the use of less effort are to be automated. Test cases with moderate or low effort it is to be understood with the method of automation of the project. Automated regression tests help in getting the best searched result and to ensure the stability that is required by the software. It is though this method that better quality is to be analyzed with the quick testing of the software. This helps in optimization of the efficiency, speed, quality and then helps in decreasing the cost with the help of quick test.

Peter (2009) in of the opinion in case of manual testing there may be major problem with the errors that is important in dealing. The test automation system is useful so that the problems and the errors that may be faced could be helpful in dealing the system. The software could be updated in such method and improved. In case of test scenarios the test scenarios could be helpful and relevant. There are certain tests that may be time consuming and could not be done or run at the same time (Pendharkar & Rodger 2009). In case of the automated method there the problem relating to the same is less, it is error free at the same time the there could be a number of software that could be run at the same time. In case of the test coverage, it may be said that the same is increased with the help of automated system. Liu (2009) indicates there may be regression test that may be used with the debugging or the software development. The software is tested on different scenarios and to know about the different conditions that may be needed. This makes the software a multi choice so that most of the work is developed as per the specific requirement of the software that may vary from one condition to another. The data driven testing is another method that could be used in the automated technique that helps in creating similar actions but with the use of different inputs (Man et al. 2009). In this regard it is important to denote the fact that there are certain benefits that may be drawn with the strategy which includes the increased confidence of the team that has built up the software. Apart from this there is greater test coverage that is to be ensured along with the analysis of reduced costs. It is important in this regard that most of the automated methods have to be effective that the manual ones as the labor and the time that is consumed have to be effective (Mahadevan et al. 2009).

3. Recommendations

Rech and Bunse (2009) indicate the major problem that has been found in the case is that there are certain issues that have been faced. The major issues were that most the advantages that were found in the technological use and the use of the software received only after much of study (Rashid & Ossher, 2009). Apart from this the information related to the same were found through secondary data collection methods like that of books, journals and the websites. In such case there was a rigorous study that was carried on so that most of the information could be derived. In such case it was time consuming as the study and the conclusion were drawn from the study and the method of understanding the same (Schiel, 2009).

In case of the understanding of the same there were various attributes that was drawn from the complete understanding of the project and the detail understanding of the difference between the automated method of analyzing and the manual method of the same (Stober and Hansmann 2010). It was derived from the same that there were a number of methods that were used to differentiate between the usefulness of the two methods. The issues that were faced in the same could be mentioned to be the trouble to collect the information and to understand the specific techniques of the automated method the manual method (Si, 2009).

Wohlin (2009) is of the opinion it may be recommended that after carrying the study it was clear that automated method is far better to understand the loopholes of any software (Wang, 2009). In such case it is necessary for any of the team to try out the automated technique so that all the positive aspects could be utilized to the most (Vanoverberghe and Piessens, 2009). The time required to understand the issue of the software is far less than that of the manual method. In automated method the process is error free and the software could be run ample number of times (Testa, 2009). This helps in creating the perfect software that has been tried by the team. This enhances the prospect of the software in the market and gains the competitive advantages in the modern day technology. However, it may also be said that there could be changes and amendments that could be made based on the issues that has been found in the software. The software that is the major problem in the modern day technology is made flexible by reducing the complexities to the maximum level possible. The various methods that could be incorporated with the automated method are at par with the need of the present day and this would enhance the benefits of the software.



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