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Computer Science ER Diagram Add in library

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To give  you  practical experience in using Entity-Relationship and Relational  Database  modelling techniques
Project Specification: Alan Counting  Edward Quals and Peter  Rofit are in partnership in an accounting practice  CQR. tHE   practice  specialises  in taxation auditing  and financial  advice  for small to medium  sized clients. They started  the pracitce  in 2005  and it has grown to now employ 25 people . These employees include  other accountants and office staff.Alan, Edward  and Peter believe the practice  is headed  for  a period  of significant growth  and have  come to you to help them redevelop their client billing system so that it copes with their workflows  and supports future growth  opportunities.


ER diagram

      Attached as PDF document.     

 Relational DataStructures

  1. It contains the different structures provided by CQR to the clients


                                      Structure       varchar(50),

                                      Description    varchar(200)



  1. It contains the different sectors provided by CQR to group the clents


                                      Sector           varchar(50),

                                      Description    varchar(200)



  1. It contains the different services provided by CQR to the clients


                             Service         varchar(50),

                             Description    varchar(200)






  1. ParentClientID is just to have link for individuals who are part of any private client     CQRClientsInfo(

                             ClientID                 varchar(10),

                             Name                     varchar(20),

                             Address                  varchar(100),

                             ContactNumber        varchar(20),

                             ABN                      varchar(20),

                             TFN                       varchar(20),  

                             Structure                varchar(50),

                             Sector                    varchar(50),

                             Service                   varchar(50),

                             ParentClientID         varchar(10)


                             primaryKey(ClientID, Sector, Service)

                             foreignKey(Structure) referenced by CQRStructureTypes(Structure)

                             foreignKey(Service) referenced by CQRStructureTypes(Service)

                             foreignKey(Sector) referenced by CQRStructureTypes(Sector)

  1. It contains information about different domains CQR supports


                                                EmploymentDomain   varchar(20),

                                                Description             varchar(200)





  1. It contains information about different employee types CQR supports


                                      EmpType       varchar(20),

                                      Description             varchar(200)





  1. It contains emploees information  CQREmployeesIn
  2. EmpID                    varchar(10),

                                      EmploymentDomain   varchar(20),

                                      EmpType                varchar(10),

                                      BillingRate              float,

                                      SupervisorID           varchar(10)


                                      primaryKey(EmpID, EmploymentDomain);


                                      foreignKey(EmploymentDomain) references to                                                                                 CQREmploymentDomains(EmploymentDomain);

 foreignKey(EmpType) references to                                                                                               CQREmpTypes(EmpType);


  1. It contins the employee hour rates history


                                      EmpID          varchar(10),

                                      StartDate      Date,

                                      EndDate        Date,

                                      BillingRate     float


                                      foreignKey(EmpID) references to CQREmployeesInfo(EmpID)


  1. It contains the work categories those can be done to client


                                      WorkCategory                   varchar(20),

                                      Charge                             flaot      primaryKey(WorkCategory));


  1. It contians the Client billing information


                                      ClientID                 varchar(10),

                                      EmpID                    varchar(10),

                                      WorkCategory                   varchar(20),

                                      StartTime                Date,

                                      EndTime                 Date,

                                      Bill                        float


                                      primaryKey(ClientID, EmpID, WorkCategory)

                                      foreignKey(ClientID) references to CQRClientsInfo(ClientID)

                                foreignKey(EmpID) references to CQREmployeesInfo(EmpID)



 Normalisation of relations which identifies


          Many clients can be mapped to same strucure type

 CQRClientsInfo ----many-one------> CQRStructureTypes

 b. same clients can be mapped many sectors and many clients mapped to many secotrs

  CQRClientsInfo ----many-many------> CQRSecotrsTypes


same clients can be mapped many services and many clients mapped to many services

 CQRClientsInfo ----many-many------> CQRServiceTypes

d. same employees mapped to many domains and many employees mapped to many domains

 CQREmployeesInfo ----many-many------> CQREmploymentDomains

e Many employees mapped to one employee type

  CQREmployeesInfo ----one-many------>   CQREmpTypes

f. One client mapped to many works and many clients mapped one work.

CQRClientBilling ----many-many------> CQRWorkCategories

g. CQRClientsInfo is not in 1NF as address field is not atomic

CQRClientsInfo key (ClientID, Sector, Service), rest of the columns depending on ClientID           which is part of the key. It is not in 2NF.

CQREmployeesInfo key (EmpID, EmploymentDomain), rest of the columns depending on                EmpID which is part of the key. It is not in 2NF.

CQRClientBilling key (ClientID, EmpID, WorkCategory), rest of the columns depending     on ClientID which is part of the key, it is not in 2NF.

Rest all other relations maintained in 3NF.

  Relational schema corrected to 3NF:

  CQRStructureTypes(Structure, Description,


  CQRSectorTypes(Sector, Description,                      


CQRServicesTypes(Service, Description,


CQRClientsInfo(ClientID, Name, StreetName, City, Country, ContactNumber,

                                      ABN, TFN, Structure, ParentClientID,


                                      foreignKey(Structure) referenced by CQRStructureTypes(Structure));       


CQRClientsSectors(ClientID, Sector,

                                      primaryKey(ClientID, Sector),

                                      foreignKey(Sector) referenced by CQRSectorsTypes(Sector));

CQRClientsServices(ClientID, Service,

                                      primaryKey(ClientID, Service),

                                      foreignKey(Service) referenced by CQRServicessTypes(Service));

CQREmployeeHourRatesHostory(EmpID, StartDate, EndDate, BillingRate,

                                      foreignKey(EmpID) references to


 CQRWorkCategories(WorkCategory, Charge,


 CQRClientBilling(ClientID, StartTime, EndTime,


CQRClientWorkCategories(ClientID, WorkCategory


                   foreignKey(WorkCategory) references to


CQRClientEmployees(ClientID, EmpID


                   foreignKey(EmpID) references to




          Studytonight, 2014, DataBase Management System

          Vangie Beal, 2014, Normalization




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