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Concepts And Principles: Oporto Restaurant Add in library

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Describe about concepts and principles on Oporto Restaurant?


Essay and Critical Reflection


The current essay will be concentrating on the issue that I have witnessed at my working place which has its serious impact on my professional as well as personal life. The issue that I noticed at my workplace was related with the prejudice which hit on my confidence level and morality. The organization that I was associated with is Oporto Restaurant and I worked as a Food Servers where my job was to provide beverage and food to the arriving guests in the restaurants, cleaning the table and meeting the request of all the guests. The problem aroused when I found that one food server were not ethically performing their job and quality was not acknowledged by him and in spite of that he was paid higher salary than me.  I asked about it to my Shift Manager but he did not responded and revert me to focus on my job. Besides that shit manager role was to submit my report to the manager and have a track about the operation of the restaurant. However, shift manger replied me that the person is working in the company for past 8 months and I was just four months old. This left me feel like injustice has been done to me which led to depression and due to that I was not able to concentrate on my work which hampered my professional life and some way also affected by personal life.

Feelings and Emotions

Key Experiences

Personal Response

Faith and Trust

The prejudice in the workplace was the major issue and due to that I felt I am being discriminated on the basis of work. As the senior food server was not said a single word as he had a good rapport with the manager and with several guests. Therefore, it broke my faith and trust over the company and their ethical code of conduct.


On the other hand, I was feeling helpless as I was not able to do anything towards the issue I faced. Moreover, I had a fear that if I report it to the senior manager of the restaurant then I could be assaulted or harassed by the senior food servers or other workers. Thus, it made difficult for me to work in such environment.

Anxiety ridden

Furthermore, I also felt as to communicate with that employee and as an outcome I was slowly lacking interest in performing my due responsibilities. On the contrary, I also noticed that particular incident affected me so hard that it hampered my productivity and I was not able to contribute as per my expectation. The discrimination between employees on the basis of seniority and junior by the senior has changed my opinion towards the act of the senior management against such employee. Therefore, it emotionally hurt me and I felt like cheated even if I was providing superior and quality service to the guests.


Self Esteem

Apart from that, I did not understand why the salary of that food server was higher even if the person did not possess any previous experience. This let me feet that the manager of the restaurant is discriminating among us due to nationality issue. I was from South Africa and that person was from Australia itself which can be the reason for his higher pay. Therefore, I was feeling low and I also felt certain decline in my self esteem.


On the other hand, the situation led to lack of motivation and emotionally breaking. I was not feeling active while performing my work. The issues had a severe impact on my mind and I was feeling depressed but still I tried to work hard and serve well to the guests. In spite of my hard work, I was not paid well.

Angry and Annoyed

Apart from that, I was feeling angry and annoyed at some point of time but I was not able to release my anger as it would have hit back to me only. Therefore, this situation can be considered as cognitive theory of emotion which suggests that anger is a part of emotion which may arise from different situations and people may sometime are able to show such emotion and sometime they are unable to (Waldron, 2012). Therefore, I was in that particular situation that I was not able to show my emotion about the salary and people discrimination.



On the other side, I also felt bit of frustration as I did not thought at any point of time that I can be discriminated on the basis of salary even if working on the same level with the other employees working as food servers.

Apart from that, when such incident aroused and get over, I felt like I am foolish to work in such environment and follow the norms and regulations of the company. On the other hand, I found that there are other employees that belong to other nation and were performing their job effectively without having any hard feelings against other employees or management. Therefore, I felt some calmness that I should concentrate on my job and impress the management with my effort and performance so that they can acknowledge my hard work and contribution in the restaurant. Thus, if overall feeling is to be discussed about the occurred issue, I was disappointed and was not feeling emotionally satisfied with the arrived situation.



The salary discrimination issue affected me emotionally as I never thought that I would be discriminated on the basis of nationality. The particular situation aroused when I found that an employee belonging from Australia and was just four months experience than me and was getting higher pay around $300. Therefore, initially I was shocked why there is such gap in salary between me and him. I knew that people that have previous experience are bound to receive higher salary but the Australian food server were not experience and was also not performing his job with superiority in comparison to me and other new employees. The person was acting as food server the role which I was also playing. Therefore, we were on the same level. The only difference was the four months gap in the service. On the other hand, I found that the shift manager has a good bond with that employee and due to that he was not questioning on his performance as he usually questions other employee working at similar level. Therefore, I strongly felt a case of discrimination which affected me morally and emotionally.

Moreover, the restaurant lacked ethical environment where employees were not treated on ethical basis and injustice was done to all other employees that was performing their duties with highest productivity. The organisational theory of ethics focuses on the ethical, discretionary and legal norms in the working environment (Branham, 2012). The theory represents that, a fair play environment has to be developed for each employee working in the organisation so that they can contribute more and feel satisfied with their job and position. Apart from that, the theory highlights on the transparency factor in context of the business practice so that every employee can know the prospect and operation of the organisation (Dillon, Hass and Dillon, 2012).  This helps in arranging and coordinating the workers towards the goal of the organisation. On the other hand, if I consider the theory in relation to the situation I witnessed then I found that ethicality was completely sidelined and there was no fair environment and the employees were treated on the basis of nationality. Thus, it affected me and I am sure that it may not be acceptable by other employees too. Moreover, the discrimination in salary due to nationality difference was not at all acceptable and it de-motivated me. Apart from that, transparency factor in the workplace ethics was not also accounted and the employees were not involved in any decision making process which made the employees feel ignored and separated. Therefore, as a result, I and other employees were not able to contribute effectively towards the productivity of the restaurants.


On the other side, the theory of workplace ethics requires that the senior manager has to treat all the employees as one unit or as a team without discriminating on the grounds of caste, culture, race, religion or nationality (Ewing, 2012). However, the employees that belonged to other country were not treated. Therefore, it hurt emotionally to those groups of food servers and they felt that they are not treated on the ethical grounds. The employee reacted to the situation as they demanded that they should also be paid equally as Australian workers are paid. The food servers were doing the same job as I was doing but the only difference lied on the discrimination in salary which was not acceptable by the employees. On the other hand, I have known that industries whether it is big or small has to treat equally with all the employees and provide respective support and other attributes so that they can have job satisfaction and strong belief and trust on the approach of the organisation (MacCormack, 2012). However, the management of the restaurant too adopted equal treatment function but only for the Australian employees and not for the employees of other region. This point was too accepted by the employees and they wanted that the restaurant should stop doing such unethical practice and become a good example on following ethical grounds for other businesses.


Personal Conclusion or Application

The situation that aroused was quite a good learning process for me. I was able to get a chance to have an insight knowledge or understanding of the issue. I found that, if the employees are not treated equally and provided equal salary then it can turn the employees against the behaviour of the company and their management. Therefore, it can affect the image of the company and the society can consider such company as non responsible entity. Moreover, the productivity of the company can decrease and it can lower down the income and sale of the company (Waldron, 2012). As a result, I felt that the people may not prefer to join such company where the employees are not treated evenly. Overall it can affect the image of the company on the basis of ethicality and social responsibility. On the other side, I found that if the workers are treated uniformly then they can be satisfied with their position in the company and can be pleased with their job role (Sun and Zhu, 2012). Further, the employees can supply their best effort and feasible environment can be developed where the employees can share their thoughts and views about personal life or about work.

On the other hand, if I again fall into such situation again, then I would prefer to leave the organisation or may communicate with the top management about such issue so that issues can be carefully monitored and necessary steps can be taken against the employee that is giving rise to such issues (Oxenstierna et al., 2012). Moreover, I will not keep quiet if I found such experience again I would raise my voice which can benefit the other employees that are affected by the any particular workplace ethical issues. Apart from that, I will seek viewpoints from the employees that are affected by such situation so that their opinions can be sought about what they actually desire from the organisation. Therefore, their viewpoints and my thoughts can be presented towards the top management of the company so that whole situation can be studied by them and better policy can be implemented that can benefit all the employees (MacCormack, 2012). Moreover, from my viewpoint, the support from the employees can be effective in putting forward the viewpoints of the workers so that no one feels that they are not considered while analysing the situation. Therefore, if discrimination issue is to be solved then top management has to regularly monitor the working environment and employees in performing assigned job in order to treat and guide employees on equal level (Caldwell et al., 2012). Apart from that, if I had to adopt other step then I would suggest the management to fire those employee that are ignoring ethical code of conduct so that more healthy work environment can be provided to all employees that belongs to different regions. Thus, I conclude that ethical behaviour is necessary for the growth of the people and the organisations.  



Effective suggestion can be proposed and healthy and sound environment can be developed by thorough analysis of the workplace and the behaviour of employees in performing task.. Therefore, in order to solve the issue that I have faced in my workplace, I have proposed some recommendations that can not only benefit me but also to others, like me that have gone through from similar situation. The behaviour of the employees has to be changed by providing training or coaching so that they can have right thought towards the employee belonging to other regions. The training will not only help in enhancing the behaviour of workers but can be effective in changing the perspective of the workers towards other and they can be able to jell strongly with others. Moreover, it will help in building bonding with employees and they can share their feelings and opinions that will be useful in developing feasible environment. On the other hand, the company may need to develop effective policy for employees so that no employees fall into unfair means and feel satisfied with their role in the organisation. The code of conduct has to be set so that guidelines can be followed and expected engagement from the employees can be received.

The employment equity policy can be useful that can ensure that employees are treated equally and if any discrimination is enforced then strict action can be taken to that person like firing from the organisation or changing their job role. Apart from that, employees working on equal level have to be provided same level of salary so that they do not feel that they are cheated. Moreover, the company has to hire the manager that can lead the team as one unit without undertaking any discriminating factors. Therefore, it will help the employees to trust the manager and follow their guidelines and direction.

The theory related to workplace ethics training can be useful in engaging the workers and addressing any ethical dilemma occurs in the working place. Therefore, an ethical environment can be formed for the workers and they can highly contribute towards the growth of the organisation. Apart from that, the theory of workplace learning can be effective in enhancing the workplace environment and the employees can learn how to perform their task in impressive as well as productive way. On the other side, the employees can be able to handle the situation without seeking to consult with the senior management. Therefore, the chances of conflict can be minimized and more effective atmosphere can be formed. The workplace learning will teach the employees to build a good rapport with the employees of different regions and seek experience from each other.



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