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Conflict Resolution In Business Organizations

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Discuss about the Conflict Resolution in Business Organizations.



Conflict resolution is a procedure that helps in resolving the conflicts in business organizations that occurs through negotiation, mediation or arbitrage. Conflicts may arise due to several reasons between employers and employees, superiors and subordinates or management or workmen. Accordingly, there are procedures and policies that organizations consider to support the development of effective work relationships in terms of conflict resolutions (Deutsch 2015).

In case the conflict involves employers and employees covered by the agreement of organization then the regulations under National Employment Standard (NES) would be applied. This policy requires the organization to consider the resolving procedure by conducting communication sessions between the management and employees. However, in case the conflict arises between employees and management and if there is no organization agreement at the workplace then the procedure of modern award may apply. As per the Fair Work Act 2009, procedures to resolve the disputes include direct supervision of employees and management to converse the grievances. Further, the procedure also includes communication of discussion of the matter to the senior level of the enterprise jointly or at individual level. If the conflict remains unresolved the conflicting parties may approach to the Fair Work Commission in the written form to discuss the grievances (Stepanova 2015).

However, the conflict resolution procedures are required to be in accordance with the conflict resolution policy which consists of authorized person to consider the matter of dispute. Additionally, the policy should include the clause of “model dispute resolution” with respect to Fair Work Regulations Act. Some of the business organizations in Australia formulated a procedure for information complaint that assists the workers and employees to communicate the work culture problems unanimously to resolve the issues. It also includes the supervision of one- up review to discuss the individual employee grievances with respect to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 or Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Porat, Halperin and Tamir 2016).


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