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Constructive Management Relations At Top Trucking Company

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Discuss about the Constructive Management Relations at Top Trucking Company.



Moreover to this fact, below is an exhaustive discussion of how such change affects a business especially, when it comes to certain policies that touch on the traditions that have been around a particular place of work. The paper will elaborate into finer details how change in business is going to affect either negatively or positively a business. Using the whole idea of the Harvard Framework of Human Resource Management. As used in this paper the framework as explained by Armstrong is used to mean a central philosophy or a strategic vision, which can be provided by the general managers. Moreover, human resource management is likely to stay as a set of liberated activities that are guide using it’s the tradition practiced. In simple terms, this framework is founded on the notion that the challenges that face management can be sorted when the mangers establish a working visual of how they expect the employees to behave. This strategies should be with intentions to general good of the enterprise. The discussion keenly looks at a specific company as our model of reference, the Top Trucking Company. At the end of the discussion we will be able to understand the effects on change especially when it comes to human resource management. The paper also discusses the risks to sustaining change if its workers or the manager leave from service. Additionally it also compares the probability of workplace changes between the blue collar unions and of the public service.


The situation at The Top Trucking Company

Just like in any company, the human resource management team in the Top Trucking Company was used to manage, even source for the most important resource at any other organization, the human labor, Beer, et al (2015). The company’s human resource management team as of the discussion was on its transition stage. At the time of its transition, the company was well established that it got preference in terms of delivering its service within the whole region. Amongst its high performing contributors was their union representative, George Psaros. The Wollongong yard that was owned by the company was amongst the yards that were popular and high performing it the area it actually served. This was despite of the challenges the workers of the company faced.

Like any other company, The Top trucking Company had its own reasons that made it actually to resolve to this transition. In its case it was not the changing market preference but was on how to maximize profits by simply ensuring proper management and looking at its workers interests and working hand in hand with the workers unions. The old management was unlike our expectations, the manager was very ‘difficult’, he had a commanding aristocratic attitude moreover he was reluctant to tolerate the demands from the unions, hence was not a good manager for the company. As a result of his attributes, the workers could not give out their best since what mattered were the manager’s own interests, therefore making the company not a suitable to work in. the workers became so reluctant to any of the company’s need to transform Simply because of their past interactions with the former manager.


The changes that took place at the Top Trucking Company.

The company was later taken over with a major national transport company therefore there was that need to change the management of its operations. The new management brought in new changes of which it felt were important for company’s growth is realized. Moreover, the new management came up with the Harvard framework as it new of conducting a transition within the company. After proper analysis of the situation of the company’s ways of conducting its operations by that time being overlooked by the most of the company’s experienced workforce from the former management. With no further ado the new management was up to the task and started its operations.

Using the new framework as a reference to conducting its operations, the new management implicated the new changes within the company. The major change amongst all was the change of the old manager. The change was very instrumental for the other forms of transition to take place since the former management had made the workers of the company be very immune to any form of change that disturbed their known traditions, Hoon, et al (2012). In as much as the new manager had no experience in managing the workers in the company, he had the desired attributes that could push the agenda of transition across.  The manager had known of the former conflict between the former management and the unions, therefore he worked very closely with the unions to ensure that the company’s workers had a good working environment. The manager, conducted  frequent talks with the drivers , was very open minded and had a very calm and critically analyzed his design to suit the needs of the company’s workers. The new manager created suitable environment to ensure that the transition process was a success, Fayol (2016).

Second important change that the new management had to do to ensure under the new framework was to ensure it looked at the affairs of its employees. To begin with, the new management provided for training and development of talents of its workers, Elnaga and Imran (2013). The management, initiated training programs to its drivers and its client serving department. Since there is need to promoting the company’s goals and realization of its visions, the workers had to have more expert knowledge so as to realize their maximum potential.  Another way at which the new management looked at the affairs of its workers is by ensuring the safety, hygienic and healthy environment of its workers. The company invested sufficient resources to clean the docking yard so as to ensure proper hygiene and safety of the workers in their place of work. This moreover could help promote the workers loyalty to the company hence promoting the company’s profitability.


Another major change the company adopted it the improvement of infrastructure. The new management spent a fortune in ensuring that the infrastructure of the company is improved. The company acquired new fleet of trucks. This suggestion was however amongst the demands of the drivers in one of their meetings with the new management. The management also bought new uniforms for all the drivers. Lastly the management invested in acquiring a new computer system in the yards warehouse it boosted growth of the company, Bharadwaj, et al (2013).  The infrastructure combined with proper training of the workers insured that the company had maximized it potential by proper investing in infrastructure that is necessary to ensuring that the company meets its targets and achieves its vision, Johnston and Marshall (2016). In as much as the change was not accepted at first, the workers saw the need to adapting with the new system so as to ensuring that they reap its benefits Hoon, et al (2012).

The risks that occur case of not retaining employees.

If there is a change of management or of the key workers during a process of transition, there is a possibility of a risk of insecurity pertaining the nature of operations of the company. The company will be at risk of going into losses since most of the important assets of transition will not be at use. During the transition most companies fear to bring up new set of workers since it would take time for such people to learn on the operations of a company, Festing and Schafer (2014). There will also be the aspect of incomplete transition when there is a change in the human resource during the transition period. It is for this reason that the Top Trucking company, was not going to see some of its elite workers as George leave.


The blue collar unions versus the service workers unions.

In my own view, blue collar unions are unions that represent workers who engage in more physical labor for instance the workers working as drivers, firefighters, shop floor workers amongst others. These workers are paid on different basis either hourly, monthly or even weekly depending on the work done or the structure of the company. The workers have less interactions with the management hence appoint representative who air out their issues to the management. For instance of George in the case of the Top Trucking Company.  As compared to the workers in the service industry, workers in the blue-collar unions such as the union transport workers are easily going to adapt to the changes. The workers in the transport sector have no influence in the policy making decisions of a company. For instance the workers at the Top Trucking Company had no influence of the decisions that were made by the management, this made the scope of their negotiations have minimal procedures hence making them easily adaptive. On the other hand, since workers in the service sector are more skilled, have more academic qualifications compared to those in the blue collar unions, they participate largely in the policy making processes. Their participation in the processes of policy making them have a larger scope of negotiations. Therefore they take a lot of time to effectively adapt to a change in the terms of working.


As in the case of the Top Trucking Company, both the management teams and the work force are important to ensuring that the transitional process is a success to the relevant goal of the business. A good human resource management department will ensure that the affairs of the workers are prioritized so as the company can be able to maximize on its potential. For instance, when the affairs of the workers were properly looked at in the Top Trucking Company, the transition stage was a success. To sum up, the changing market pattern are aimed to eliminating the businesses that are reluctant to accepting change. It is therefore that the due procedures are followed to ensuring that the phase is a success. Moreover the changes processes must look on efficient frameworks that promote the workers affairs first so as the intended changes are realized.



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