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Discuss the consumer marketing behaviour.



Consumer marketing behaviour is the most significant factor that the organizations need to consider while marketing their products and services. The buying behaviour of the consumers actually symbolises the effectiveness of the market and the efficacy they show in the operations (Evans, Jamal, & Foxall, 2009). The choices and preferences of the people differ from each other and they look for products that are capable of attracting the attention of the people in various aspects. In this particular report, market analysis has been done in order to explore and acknowledge the perceptions and viewpoints of the different types of people regarding their travelling and tourism experience (Robinson, Lück, & Smith, 2013). The survey results of three respondents have been selected for the analysis procedure through which the different choices of vacation destinations have been identified. The factors related with the choice of the locations such as budget, accommodation, conveyance, holiday packages, etc. are being taken into consideration in the following report.

Analysis of the behaviour of the chosen respondents using personality theories

For this particular report, the survey results of three consumers namely respondent 1, 4 and 5 have been analysed and evaluated with the help of the personality theories in order to reflect on the personalities of the respondents regarding their marketing behaviour and choice of the vacation locations.

Difference in the rankings of evaluative criteria

It has been perceived while analysing the survey results of the three chosen respondents that their rankings in the evaluative criteria are different from each other. With relevance to the personality theory, it can be said that the rankings have been made owing to the different personalities of the individuals. It is quite natural that the tastes and preferences of the people will vary from each other due to their personality and as such their rankings will be different (Slottje, 2009). The personality theory focuses on the fact that any two individuals will not at all be comparable in context of having some traits absent within them. The vacation destination and the facilities opted by the chosen three respondents clearly reveal the type of personalities they bear within themselves.

Differences in the choices of vacation destinations

Personality theory also emphasises that different people look for different places according to their choices and level of comfort they are likely to adapt themselves in. With relevance to the tripartite theory, it can be said that the choices and decisions of the people differ from each other due to three personality factors such as ego, superego and identity. Some people have been observed to give importance to their own needs and necessities and do not care about the others. Their ego and the feeling of deserving everything good and better leads them to choose luxury and enough comfort for themselves that identifies their personalities (Solomon, 2007). According to the survey findings, the respondent 1, that is the Australian student of 19 years will like to prefer visiting Las Vegas as the vacation destination for his family as it offers all sorts of attractions to the people of all ages. The respondent 4, that is the Brazilian bartender, will opt for New Zealand that is within her budget and meets up her needs effectively. Thus the choices of locations change according to the personalities of the individuals.

Analysis of behaviour of chosen respondents using demographic theories

Demographic variables include age, gender, income level, family situation, ethnicity, etc. (Canavan, 2016). On the basis of all these factors, the choices and preferences of the people tend to vary from each other on considerable basis. According to the demographic theories, the people focus on their budgets and family situation as well as other factors and then decide on their expenses and choose the destinations they want to move on. On analysing the viewpoints of the chosen respondents, it can be hereby understood and evaluated that the individuals have made their decisions and choices based on their demographic variables.

Difference in rankings of evaluative criteria

The choices of the chosen respondents are different as their demographic factors are different. For example, the Brazilian bartender will think of her budget and will make expenses according to that. If she chooses New Zealand as her vacation destination, then it is quite obvious that she will look for the price of per head and will estimate the days with their staying duration which will make it easier for her to go for the trip. On the other hand, the 59 year old divorced office manager of New Zealand will tend to opt for her own country only as her income supports her affordability. The other respondent from Australia will prefer a vacation trip to Las Vegas as the place represents their ethnicity and culture and also matches their budget (Brown & Jafari, 1990).


Moreover family member is also an important factor that works in the decision making process. For the Australian student of 19 years, he takes his own travelling decisions. As he is single and does not have any kind of tension or stress, he can easily opt for the Las Vegas trip as this will suit his criteria and match his comfort level. He can also enjoy being there and experience a free and independent life. On the other hand the divorced woman is single and will spend her own expenses, but the bartender relies upon her partner for such decisions. The age of the three respondents is also a factor playing a major role in choosing the vacation destinations (Windham & Orton, 2000). For instance, the 24 year bartender will choose a place where she and her partner can explore the most exciting aspects of New Zealand while the 59 year divorced lady will definitely want a comfort and relaxing accommodation where she can just relax and get her mind refreshed with no worries. With all these factors in consideration, the people will choose their destinations and their comfort accommodations.

Differences in the choices of vacation destinations

As mentioned in the earlier sections, the choice of the places is strongly influenced by the demographic variables such as ethnicity, income level, gender, age, family members, marital status, etc. For each age group, marital status and gender specification, the preferences of the people regarding destinations change. For example in case of the Brazilian bartender, she is in a relationship with her partner which is not legal. As a matter of fact she and her partner will opt for an accommodation where separate rooms are available for both of them. Hence cost of two rooms will matter and accordingly they will choose their hotels and destinations (Pizam & Mansfeld, 1999). People go for holiday destinations to have new unforgettable memories and experiences with their partners. A family will not choose a place where his wife and children will not enjoy the trip whereas a middle aged man will not choose such a place where he cannot experience or enjoy the single independent life. Hence the demographic factors play a major role in the decisions of the individuals for choosing the holiday destinations.


Based on the survey analysis made with three respondents, it can be thus said that there can be numerous recommendations that can be provided to the marketers of the tourism departments which will make the countries and places even more beautiful and can attract the people (Dhaliwal, 2006). It has been perceived from the survey that the three chosen respondents did not actually prefer the other destination options. It might be because of higher accommodation or package rates, lack of proper transport system, etc. Thus the tourism industries must acknowledge these factors and develop the places in such a way so as to make the tourists attract. In this respect certain recommendations can be highlighted for identifying steps to improve in future.

Characteristic features of likeliest customers

After analysing the survey findings of the three different individuals, it has been hereby observed that New Zealand stood in great demand for the people. Two out of three have chosen it as their favourite holiday destination as the country provides enough facilities for the tourists at the competitive price that make it quite affordable for the people (Tsiotsou & Goldsmith, 2012). It is not so costlier and the carefree persons can easily avail the expenses of the country like the Brazilian bartender and the divorced lady. Thus New Zealand is liked by the majority of the individuals as per their likings and affordability.

Strategies for attracting people using learning and memory theories

The cognitive learning theory can be applied in case of attracting the potential tourists in the countries by promoting their attractions through media channels. Moreover the learning theory concerned will depict various auditory segments that can cater the best services and enjoyment to the tourists as per their needs (Slottje, 2009). People must be taught how to adapt to a new place and respond to a particular location. The information and package details of the countries must be provided to the tourists, from which they can learn about the best offerings of the countries.


The overall report depicted the varying perceptions and choices of the three different individuals who have expressed their desires and preferences on the basis of their demographic and personality factors. The theories indicated their reasons behind choosing such places. People choose places according to their likings and comfort (Pizam & Mansfeld, 1999). People have different types of likes and dislikes. Hence as a matter of fact, the marketers must aim at producing those products and services in the market through which they can be able to present before the consumers a wide variety of products and services which they will like to purchase.



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