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Contemporary Labour System Trends

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Discuss about the Contemporary labour system trends for different Countries.



Negative customer reviews reflects badly on any contemporary brand. Modern labour laws explain the reason for tightening and loosening labor market trends (O'C'onnor, 2017). Nandos as a multinational with branches across the globe needs to be aware of different contemporary practices such as online customer reviews, which affect brands. It is fruitless for Nandos Qatar to mobilize its workforce for strategic performance yet fail to respect employees’ rights (Nandos, 2015). Management practices across the globe reveal different strategies that focus on attracting competent skills as well as retaining them. Global organizations with operations in cross-cultural locations experience challenges of sending employees to foreign countries for work due to poor government laws. Top-notch professionals prefer to work in competent organizations because of the benefits offered. Such work environments have job security and competent salaries as well as non-monetary benefits like professional development. Government policies also influence the implementation of competent strategies. The adoption of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) integrates different elements in the development of a competent workforce. This discussion shows how competitors in the market obtain different results when operating in the markets. The result is different because employee factors determine success and failures of organizations (Cummings & Christopher, 2014, p. 265).

Talent planning in different countries

Research shows that the cost of hiring new employees is high and that such employees often deliver less than expected (CIPD., 2017). Mc Donald Qatar has an organizational culture that fosters the personal and professional progress of its employees. Employee review indicates favorable working terms, pay and benefits (Indeed, 2017). This lower constraint of importing workers from its headquarters and foreign employees are happy to work at this McDonald Branch. Designed for the 21st Century, these competencies makes employees part of the team and they are happy to serve customers. Among the unique competencies that a professional in a global environment needs are cross cultural communication, IT and problem solving skills (Davidson, et al., 2012). McDonalds hires the best in academic, professional and personal training.  

In the same location, Nandos Qatar receives negative reviews because of its employment policies (Glassdoor, 2015). As a result, it loses employees every now and then. The brand needs to find ways of retaining its workers using the most effective tools, techniques and practices. Workers from within Qatar and outside look for growth opportunities. Contemporary management practices include improved:

  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Planning
  • Staff retention
  • Training
  • Succession planning
  • Retirement
  • Job dismissal among others

Contemporary Labour Trends across countries

The contemporary labour market supports the recruitment of talent through digital platforms like websites and social media (Ledermaier, et al., 2013). McDonald maximizes on social media portals such as LinkedIn for networking and finding the right talent for specific tasks. The presence of numerous jobs for the US is an indication of favorable labour laws in the country (McDonalds Corporation, 2017). Niche training saves on unnecessary costs and its returns are higher. Different organizations and countries concentrate on the development of human capital.  In the case of Nandos Qatar, the National laws influence business operations. Qatar has been in the limelight for the unfair treatment of foreign employees (Aljazeera, 2016). Its labour ministry agrees with human rights organizations that there is need for reforms. The management at Nandos needs to be aware of new laws that allow employees to enjoy both tangible and non-tangible benefits such as free professional training, medical care, retirement benefits, and vacations. Organizational development starts with a plan to change (Cummings & Christopher, 2014, p. 28).


SHRM contributes to the development of the employee’s interpersonal, intrapersonal and professional skills. Resource and talent planning in the UK explains the success in the industry as organizations maximize on employee retention as a strategy for organizational development (Allen, 2017). As a result, Nandos UK shows better performance than Nandos Qatar (Wallop, 2015). An analysis of the differences shows that national and regional laws influence HRM strategies.  McDonalds is a key player in the industry hence it appreciates this diversity in employees as much as it does of clients. As a result, its US branch shows success in all regions including Qatar. Blending the corporate culture with the national culture helps organizations to develop values that shape self-identity in individuals. Multinationals in the service industry show brands with a global presence in different parts of the globe (SHRM, 2017).

Tightening and loosening the Labour Market

Many global organizations face the challenge of attracting the right talent (PWC, 2014)  Niche training compliments target marketing in the McDonalds case because it focuses on specific abilities of employees. Sometimes a brand recognizes the futility of training employees only for them to leave without the organization feeling the impact of the training. Tightening the labour market also affects recruitment because business organizations have a difficult time recruiting. The market shows drops in unemployment and organizations strive to pay employee more in order to retain them. This is the case with developed nations like the UK and US (Bank of England, 2016). This is different from an economy such as China where loosening the market forces led to an influx of foreign workers and MNC brands (Wong, 2016). Brands like Qatar Airway strive to recruit more skills within and outside its region. The brand is aware that most employees change jobs in search of greener pastures. Better pay, greater benefits, opportunities for growth, flexibility, and job security are some motivating factors (Qatarairways, 2017). 

The government has a role to play in this effect. In the UK, the government places restrictions in labor market processes such as hiring and firing (The Economist, 2017). When there are reports that Nandos Qatar mistreats its employees, its competitors like Time out Takes advantage of this (Timeoutdoha, 2016). However, the capitalist nature of the business market is highly monetarized leading to dissatisfaction of the workers as seen in the U.S markets. When employees find motivation in money instead of personal development, business ethics is at stake (Tyson, 2014).

Loosening and tightening the employment market influences changes in the labor market. The emphasis on key performance expectations and responsibilities adds value to the UK market for a surplus of skills. This leads to a loose market with flexible recruitment and retention capacities. Most jobs today require professional skills since employers are reluctant to spend time and money training new recruits. On the job, experience is a critical success ingredient for professional jobs. However, the employer may also require additional training as a form of branding for business excellence (Breaugh, 2017).

In a tight labor market scenario, there is a deficiency of skills. Competency based selection in this case may require specific capabilities and employees do not have the freedom to choose working conditions. Recent reforms in Qatar’s Kafala laws is a relief for foreign workers who can now leave at will (AFP, 2016). In the UK numeracy and literacy, based exams encourage competency in general abilities. Personality or aptitude testing, teamwork and problem solving skills are also important. Some companies also have online interviews but technical jobs require a demonstration of practical skills. Modern technology gives cross border organization a chance to use videoconferencing facilities for interviews (Ward & Peppard, 2016, p. 39). Besides the face-to-face interviews, the telephone interview is also an ideal tool for checking communication efficiency.  

Government laws influence approaches adopted by recruitment partners, learning institutions, private sector (business organizations), government institutions, and professional bodies (CIPD., 2017). In Qatar, outsourcing is a new employee has become popular especially for the skilled workforce.  Foreign workers from regions like Africa flock Qatar in order to offer skilled labour as well as professional services. In this case, Qatar organizations use recruitment firms to advertise for vacancies in their host countries. The UK also allows employment agencies but there are restrictions for any violations of the laws with up to 10 years jail terms (Lawrite, 2017).

Strengths and Weaknesses of Talent Retention

An organization becomes an employer of choice because it attracts the best professionals with its financial opportunities (Marescaux, et al., 2012). This explains why employees trained in the hospitality would rather work for Qatar Airways than Nandos. In order for any organization to achieve the objective of job satisfaction, it needs to use proven approaches to employee motivation and job performance. These include performance reviews designed using psychosocial theories of motivation and employee behavior (Marescaux, et al., 2012). Different stakeholders contribute to the creation of a conducive work environment.

In the UK, the government participates in the creation of policies by preventing illegal immigrants and encouraging favorable labor laws (Home Office, 2016). Some employees are reluctant to work in foreign countries because of unfair and politicized laws. The market place competition determines whether Nandos will incorporate medical benefits as a tactic to entice foreign workers. The CIPD (2015) highlights ways in which employers can improve their brand. Qatar Airways uses its website to improve the brand elements. This digital communication portal is favorable for prospecting employee’s job search. Employee experience is also an important motivational factor because new workers rely on word of mouth information. The government needs favorable laws that encourage organizations to develop strategies through value proposition, reviews, and CSR practices for better brand reputation. Diversity and inclusion gives multinationals respect as workers seek for exposure. Therefore, the work practices, organizations image and market place perception are critical.


Challenges in managing recruitment include failure to get the required skills in the host country. This forces a multinational organization to send its workers into foreign countries as expatriates. Governments in developed countries have adopted a liberalized approach to the management of labor. This is favorable for globalization and privatization (Armstrong, 2014, p. 309). Intervention helps to reduce the cost of training new employees and importing employees. Qatar policy that stops employees from joining competitors reduces competitors wars (Pathak, S;, 2017). Globally, finding a reliable and trusted recruitment agency is a challenge because the hiring firm has different objectives from the one recruiting (Economist, 2015). Globally recognized agencies like McKinsey have a reputation for providing quality cross-cultural services using modern talent strategies.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Labour Market Competitors

Data based research helps to determine the existing gap in the organization (Smith, 2012). As part of best practice, modern organizations follow the market trends. Strategies used by some brands may not succeed in other. McDonalds uses technology tools for training in order to reduce on costs. Nandos Qatar faces challenges of providing interesting job assignments to inspire employees therefore it finds ways to targeting the right workers for the right positions through relevant jobs. In essence, the job specifics need to have a demographic profile showing different levels of talents across its workforce. The government has a responsibility of ensuring that all business organizations offer equal opportunities (CIPD, 2015).

Niche Targeting

Good job metrics identify gaps and obstacles in an organization before initiating the strategies. The UK government undertakes surveys in order to create a skill balance (Deighton, 2017). Niche targets used by McDonalds Qatar stands out from Nandos Qatar because it seeks the appropriate skills. The management has to put in place mechanisms, which create change in structures as well as employees abilities. The implementation of a clearly defined plan involves benchmarking strategies for progressive acquisition of skills that the organization requires (Thunnnisen, et al., 2013). Consulting organizations such as Price Water House Coopers carry out interviews in universities in order to tap into intelligent and gifted learners. Niche targeting helps brands to recruit through resourceful information for the job market (PWC, 2017). The deficiency of domestic workers in Qatar led to its government’s plan to outsource from developing countries (NATFLEX, 1962).

Appraisal, deployment and downsizing

Qatar Airways makes use of performance appraisal to give feedback on employee performance (CIPD., 2017). This is a good way to involve the employee in organizational goals and plans and it has confidentiality. Some organizations may use alternatives like the 360-degree feedback, which encourages team members to approve or disapprove their workmate’s professionalism. However, there are challenges with this tool because it is subject to misuse, and may not give substantial information for constructive development (Jackson, 2012). Progress reports also helps the organization to understand the strengths and weaknesses as well as the available opportunities for growth. A good working environment encourages good interpersonal relationships and teamwork.

Some organizations in Qatar value and consider personality and skill abilities instead of hiring any workers (Bollier, 2014). Giving equal opportunities prevents discrimination. Globally successful organizations have lost their public image due to unfairness in the workforce. Among the malpractices are racial and gender discrimination. Effective placement of employees in the right jobs motivates the team because they get good leadership and talent. It should also focus on skill balance so that the team members strengthen each other. In the event of a retrenchment, the implementation of proper procedures is necessary in order to prevent legal battles (ILO, 2016).

Employment Termination

Downsizing is necessary if the organization plans to deal with redundancies and financial crisis in economic recession. Global companies like Goldman Sachs face financial crisis which hiders the profitability (Gandel, 2016). However, it calls for strategies in order to target the right size and skills to reduce. Employment termination should be within the required procedure. There are national and ILO laws on dismissal, redundancy, and retirement. For example, the UK laws recommend negotiation as a solution for redundancy and prior notice termination of employment (The Economist, 2017). However, questions arise when an organization cites lack of funds during downsizing yet it increases the salaries of other workers.

 Competence and technical skills add value to the organization especially in decision-making processes (Ward & Peppard, 2016, p. 359). Competent organizations focus on people, the right attitude, motivation and professional qualifications. When the staff turnover is higher than it should be, the company needs to redirect some resources towards retaining the employees. Reducing this staff turnover starts with identifying the reason for staff leaving. This will determine the adoption of a solution to improve the situation. Retirement should also be lawful and employees deserve their compensation. Organizations that release employees from work respectfully give new and existing workers the motivation to become part of the team (Simon, 2014).

In order to maximizing employee retention, the HR manager needs to understand the market trends such as adding value to employees. Developing nations like Africa have constantly complained of brain drain but organizations in developed nations understand how to attract these professionals. Qualified employees look for job opportunities overseas because of the career opportunities available. An employee retention plan includes effective management practices. In a case where Nandos’ Qatar employees complain of unfairness, the government needs a new approach to supervision, improved working conditions and reward systems. In such cases, psychological contract gives HR a human face (Cassar, et al., 2015).

Alternatives to redundancy

In Qatar, there are legal requirements about good practice. The national laws concur with the International Labour laws on employee rights, benefits and work contracts. These laws also encourage employees to perform their duties because basic salary pay corresponds to the fulfilment of duties (Socialite, 2013). Chapter 4 of the ILO National Laws on labour, Social security and Related Human Rights (NATFLEX) explains more on the end of service compensation, which should cover the cost of living allowance for short-term employees and full rewards for long-term workers (NATFLEX, 1962).

Both the UK and Qatar hospitality industries have laws governing contracts and permanent employment for foreign workers. Signing a contract provides legal proof of the agreement in case of a breach of contract. It is important that the organization consider the renewal of a contract in order to avoid exploiting the worker. There have been issues about certain controversial laws such as change of employer, which have led to reforms (Bollier, 2014). Working groups comprise of the aged employees and they need flexible terms that value their effort. In some cases, older employees could offer their services as part time workers or on short term. This is the flexible plan and it reduces the feeling of worthlessness in the retirement period. It is unfair to penalize employee’s retirement benefits.

When employees choose to retire gradually, the phased retirement plan is applicable. Global organizations have adopted flexible approaches to retirement as SHRM. This allows employees to withdraw their pension plans and benefits when they are still strong. In the U.K, this gives a solution to economic redundancy because it allows the worker to make alternative investments in advance (Feldman & Terry, 2011). The phased retirement is a tactic that enables the organization to retain employee skills and knowledge. Making the employee aware of such plans influences them to plan their lives effectively.


Some of the challenges faced by developed countries like the UK involves limitations in alternative retirement options for younger employees who may have an interest in early retirement (Population Patterns, 2016). Improper planning, resource challenges and lack of cooperation from employees hinders the effective implementation of these approaches. Despite these suggestions, retirement patterns determine the trend in a country. Complaints about employees choosing to delay retirement are common all over the world. As a result, many employers are at a dilemma. The phased and flexible retirement packages help to bridge this gap (Sanicola, 2016).

Role of government, trade unions and employers

The development of human capital is a national agenda involving employees and labour unions as stakeholders. The government creates an environment that facilitates for the development of talent capacities. It provides resources for learning within the institutions and a system of evaluating the employees. It also ensures compliance to regulations that fosters learning and professional development (Agarwal & Green, 2011). The government also carries out surveys on the impact of learning that the government. The role of trade union keeps changing to show partnership between the government, employees and union. Collective agreement in contemporary organization has a legal bearing that gives unionized workers an upper hand in contract negotiations, health and safety issues, as well as pay packages (Barrientos, 2013). These have led to reforms in different industries. Employers make the necessary contributions to the union and they have a role of cooperating in the implementation of union agreements (Laonnou & Serafeim, 2012).  



Loosening and tightening the market affects organizations talent development plans. The secret behind the success of contemporary global organizations is Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). These are policies, practices and approaches that give an organization a human face. Effective strategies in the management of employees enhances performance. Resourcing and talent management covers a significant part of SHRM. It gives ideals for proper recruitment procedures and it offers suggestions on how an organization can retain its staff. However, organizational strategies succeed in an environment where there is government support. Organizations, which are keen on market trends, adopt smart tactics based on government strategies like loosening and tightening the markets. In the developed nations like the UK, mistreating workers is unethical and it destroys the brand image. Making relevant changes in policies and practices streamlines the organization for a better outlook. Investing in the employee through target or niche ensures that employees with the relevant skills are in the right position. A good recruitment plan needs to consider contemporary changes like technology use, succession plans, as well as legal procedures in an environment. This provides risk management options to avert any impending legal crisis. It is important to remember that organizational policies are subject to scrutiny by the government therefore a HR manager needs to make plans in line with the legal stipulations. Paying attention to regulations regarding termination of employment saves organizations from legal suits worth millions by trade unions



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