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Corporate Communication And Public Relation

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Discuss about the Corporate Communication and Public Relation in Hospitality Industry.



This report is focused on exploring the concept of communication ability and public relationship particularly in hospitality industry. Specifically, this study has been explaining the aspects of importance of effective corporate communication skills and public relationship in tour and travel industry.  Articulation of information effectively and efficiently in tour and travel industry is a must, because it is the only way to facilitate tour and travel services to the foreigners and people from different backgrounds (Martin and Chaney, 2012). Moreover, public relationship is a vital aspect that enhances the quality of services and performance of tour and travel organisations though prominent communication skills. On the other hand, it is very important to consider two main elements that is required to offer effectual travel and tour services to the client that is first, valuable organisational culture and second, understanding of intercultural communication. Organisational culture solves the standard and vision related aspect of the company and motivates employees to cater their duties and responsibility in the most efficient way (Martin and Chaney, 2012). Likewise intercommunication communication describes the nature, attitude and behavioural pattern of the clients which provides an experienced and professional service to the client. Thus, this report is mainly exposing the information and benefits of having a successful organisational culture as well as intercultural analysis.


Communication is basic requirement of any business especially when it is related to the hospitality or service sector. It helps in planning, organising, motivating, directing and controlling of the business functions. It is the foundation of information which provides effective decision making ability associated with the business operations. It helps in building strong culture in the organisation which is necessary to benefit the stakeholders of the company special internal that is employees (Martin and Chaney, 2012). Communication also helps a company in measuring, finding faults and altering the choice of actions accordingly. Likewise interpublic relationship delivers best team work of employees and employer of the organisation. It also strengthens the internal environment and bond between staff and management that directly affects the productivity and performance of the organisation. Interpublic relation is profoundly responsible for the organisational culture that influences the employees and their working behaviour and delivery of services to the customers (Martin and Chaney, 2012).

This report enables john’s Outback Adventure tour to carry out efficient communication skill and public relationship training aspect to improve the services and performance of the organisation (Martin and Chaney, 2012). Furthermore, the company situated in Sydney, Australia mainly has a clientele of Chinese people as they have the highest numbers in visitors in Australia from past recent years. Company offers various activities as an adventure trip and tour services in Australia which also includes tour of the outback. Thus, the training and recommendations regarding the convalescent the performance and quality of the services offered by John’s Outback Adventure is emphasised on the two main elements of communication and public relationship which is intercultural and organisational culture (Martin and Chaney, 2012). The main reason behind the chosen two of the elements is that it covers all other aspects of communication and interpublic relationship management within itself. 

The necessity of effective organisational culture caters a company various advantages such as increase in productivity, augmentation in employee’s loyalty, minimising the conflicts between employees and employer, it also strengthens the relationship and value of staff and management for each other (Alvesson, 2012). Furthermore, it helps in inspiring and encouraging the employees to implement new ideas and creative ways to finish a task that provides better performance in return plus it assists the management to delegate the work easily by setting goal and objectives clearly to the employees. Foremost, it accumulates equality and fair workplace environment between staff members (Alvesson, 2012). Therefore, lastly, accelerates effective communication articulation in work environment of the organisation.   

Along with this, today every business is providing their services worldwide especially tour and travel industry where foreign services are very essential for its growth and development. Every globalised service has a main element related to cultural exchange which cannot be ignored (Martin and Chaney, 2012). Communicating with other people with distinct background is difficult and could be failed if proper knowledge and information of their culture has not been taken. Thus, cultural differences can be minimised with the proper training and focused cultural program to deal with the different customers with dissimilar backgrounds (Martin and Chaney, 2012).   In this case, company deals with majority of Chinese clients who are from different background and has various other attitude and etiquettes on corporate communication and business management. Thus, there expectation from the company as a tour service provider is also different and unlike Australian culture (Alvesson, 2012).


Intercultural communication analysis pertaining to Chinese people

Every business has some pivotal and special clients which Chinese people are mostly travel in the groups and with family and their perception for distinct experiences and adventurous outback’s are very different from other country citizens (Martin and Chaney, 2012). Thus, their behaviour, attitude and values are very different and should be acknowledged before offering them services. In this case, Chinese people are the key clients of the tour company. For this reason, Chinese culture and background knowledge is very essential for the employees who directly deal with them (Huang, 2011). Australian landscapes are plan and natural that provides great experience of road travels and famous as driving destination and offers various adventurous facilities like scuba diving, sky diving, jet boating, surfing, bungee jumping, camping, Wing suit flying, cave diving and hiking in the pleasant, diverse and natural beautiful places (Australia,  2017). This flexibility entices Chinese travellers to travel the country more often.

People in adventurous travels are the independent Chinese travellers who enjoys adventurous and unlike experiences in Australia. Chinese people use heavy technological gazettes when they travel alone or in groups while travelling along with this they communicate with their group and community on a daily basis while travelling (Commisceo Global, 2017). Chinese people like to travel blogs with detailed information and try to make comprehensive understanding of travel sites and adventures. Thus, it can be depicted that they are prone to use online all the time and gives their massive time and money in internet interactions. Hence, providing high speed internet through Wi-Fi or local network is one of the most important aspects which have to be met when dealing with Chinese people (, 2015). Basically Chinese travellers that enjoy adventurous trips are from middle age group and young middle class which travel independently. They travel with their close relatives and family together or their self organised group of same community. Through researches this has been explored that they travel for mid-longer period of time as around 20 days n so. Chinese people prefer rented campervans, motor homes from travel agents to roam around the Australian travel destinations as an adventure trip. Moreover, they prefer to be insured while travelling (, 2015). In addition to this, Chinese prefer quality and luxurious facilities such as caravan parks and other high standard facilities in their trip.


Apart from this, Chinese people believes in lucky and unlucky numbers plus colours also symbolise that can bring bad luck and good luck. They are specific about certain animals and flowers characteristics that decide their choices and preferences. As an example they prefer same colour combination of containers with flower in the hotel room. The flower should be bloomed and attached with a budding flower (, 2015).  The most preferred and understandable language by Chinese is Mandarin language that covers majority of Chinese tourists. Number ‘8’ is considered as a prosperity number, whereas ‘4’ number is denoted as bad luck. Similarly, red, yellow and orange colour is the indication and celebration and joy. On the other hand, white is used as a mourning or death symbol. Affluent Chinese travellers fascinates for grate and luxurious services (, 2015). They use humble and gentle worlds and prefer to be active and attentive services with good etiquettes and behaviour.  They have addiction of hot tea as a daily routine and want cattle in there room services as mandatory facility. Apart from this, slippers in every room with breakfast menu and entertainment or recreational TV stations videos in Chinese language plus any newspaper or magazine in Chinese language is also necessary as good hospitality to them (, 2015). They never travel with their toothbrush and toothpaste and demand from hotel as basic facility. They always give full attention o cleanliness and hygiene anywhere they travel. 

Golden week also known as October first week is best time, Chinese tourists travel around the world (, 2015). Chinese travellers buy expensive and branded stuffs wherever they go (Commisceo Global, 2017). They have special attachment with souvenirs to gift their close friends and family. Besides this, communication differences in the culture of Chinese and Australia is also wide. Chinese people are very punctual and give importance to time management. Appointments are necessary for the Chinese traveller and they book in advance for any trip and pay full attention to their itinerary.  They have patience in their behaviour and keep great consideration to reviews and slow at negotiation pace (Commisceo Global, 2017). They tend to choose the best service according to their requirement and ratings and rank. They never ask direct question as they use intermediaries and gentle language. They are bit conservative in terms of cloths and information sharing (Commisceo Global, 2017). Chinese travellers give high inclination to business cards.


Developing an effective Organizational "Culture"

Organisational culture is a vital aspect of hospitality industry because of direct interaction of staff members with the customer. To ensure the best quality of service it is mandatory for the service provider to emphasis on the valuable and efficient organisational culture which is rich in effective communication system and flexible interpublic relationship with the employees. It is a committed effort by the staff and management to provide best and quality service to the customers. The organisational culture of a company focuses on the delivery of quality service to the customers by reducing problems, hassles and deficiencies. The long term survival of the company is ensured on the organisational culture of the company. Organisational culture facilitates in attaining the long term goals and objectives of the company. It stimulates policies and standards of the company entailing the vision and mission to cater quality service to the customers (Hanania, 2012). Organisation culture helps in creating positive environment for the stakeholders and makes the company more reliable and credible towards its internal stakeholders. It makes the appealing environment for the customers as well as vendors and suppliers to deal and negotiate business.  

In this context, travel and tour agencies or organisations also needs effective and affective organisational culture to endow their quality services (Hanania, 2012). The organisational culture in the travelling agency is associated with the behaviour of management towards employees and employees with their customers. It is not a one day process but it initiates with the practices and standards set by the management. The customers should be treated as priority basis and their problems or enquiries should be considered as a prime obligation (Hanania, 2012). The culture difference and treatment of the customers should also be predefined by the members. The roles and responsibility of the employees should also be already explained to their respective staff member so that the confusion and problem of communication cannot be arising. In addition to this, the communication system of the organisation should be clear and sound which will also help the ultimate customer in acknowledging the information (Hanania, 2012). The operators and business dealers should know about the business etiquettes and attitude of different backgrounds of customers. As tour and travel organisations are meant to deal with local as well as international customers, the code of conducts and business communication system should be predefined by the staff members.

Not only the front desk services should be provided as quality performance but also internally management should share same values and morality (Alvesson, 2012). The flexibility in the communication between the management and employees should be considered as key to solve queries and improving the customer’s services. Along with this, the employee’s benefits are considered coordinal so that internal satisfaction enhance the productivity and performance of staff members. Additionally, the motivational approaches and strategies should be implemented in order to inspire and boost the employee’s loyalty towards the company. Motivational techniques should also be use as a change in the policies and standards in case of improving the internal environment of the company. Furthermore, leadership skills are also use to influence the direction and vision of employees in achieving the aim of the company (Alvesson, 2012). It has also been observed that successful organisational culture helps the management in negotiating skills with the customers as well as its employees. It creates a favourable environment for the organisation that incorporates cultural difference and marketing of the organisation in prominent way. Organisational culture assists the company in collaboration and corporation with the employee’s and customers. As well as it aids the team enthusiasm in the workforce to achieve the same goal and objective (Schein, 2016).  It also encourages time orientation in the management and influences the way of thinking optimistically.



In the above discussion, it can be concluded that an organisation with a hospitality background, communication and interpublic relationship aspects are very important. Communication is the most influential tool that can fail and provide success to the organisations. Services are improved with the certain changes in the communication system and public relationship to develop and growth of the company. Along with this, this report provides wide comprehension of the two aspects of travel and tour organisation to change the business operation. The improvement in the organisation can be made with the help of acknowledging the concept of intercultural communication where the agency deals with majority of the Chinese tourist. It includes their behaviour, beliefs and attitude that should be considered as a standard to deal with them.

Additionally, effective organisational culture is a predominant element that provides motivation to the employees. The organisational culture is responsible for the quality of the services and productivity with increased performance of the staff that directly influences the customer’s service. Similarly, it helps in betterment of the relationship of employees and employees and ensures employee’s loyalty to the company. Thus, with this study it can be illustrated that role of communication bestows the enhancement in the quality of the services given by the tour and travel organisation. Nonetheless, this acknowledgement of information regarding intercultural communication aspects for Chinese people and building strong organisation cultural facilitates growth and success to the company. The company will be able to handle its operation more efficiently and effectively.   


The above mentioned information is being used to develop a system that will help the company in maintaining its relationship with employee as well as customers of the company (Martin and Chaney, 2012). Tourist of Chinese background and culture are particularly kept in mind to ensure best quality services to them. For facilitating a secure and safe environment to the employees that will increase its productivity and performance is also described in this report. For the purpose of effectual and betterment of the systematic incorporation of communication and public relationship some of the recommendation are given below:

The Chinese culture is a different type of other culture hence staff should be hired on the basis of familiarity with their Chinese culture. Along with this, the focus and mission of the organisation should be set clear with the employees so that their services will be directed in the same direction (Martin and Chaney, 2012). Moreover, need of the customer should be given as priority to increase responsive behaviour in the staff. Furthermore teamwork with the help of training and programmes are being enhanced. The knowledge about respective cultures and background of the customers should be cognized by the staff members. An environment which listens to their employee’s suggestion should be made to bring creativity and ideas in the strategy incorporation (Schein, 2016). Besides that, attending guest by the experts and experienced staff will high rank the agency (Schein, 2016). The response of the staff to the customer should be based on mirror technique that embroils dealing situation according to the behaviour of the customers.

The services of the company should also be enhances with the integration of effective and advanced information technology to understand and offer services fast and reliable. This also enhances the clarity and credibility of the operation and helps in enhancing the communication more accurately (Schein, 2016). The motivational and leadership strategy should also implied by the organisation to boost the morale of the employees. At the same time, employees and employer relation should be maintained appropriately.



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