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Counseling Ethics: Individual Experiences

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Discuss about the Counseling Ethics for Individual Experiences.




An ethical dilemma emerges when any individual experiences get confused in selecting among the two choices, each of which appears to have similarly solid platforms to be picked, but the individual can't pick both or more than a solitary option (Bond, 2015). The medicinal services specialists frequently experience genuine ethical good issues in circumstances which include offering an incapable life-maintaining treatment to an in critical condition individual, or applying willful extermination to a diminishing patient.

In any case, the instance of Susan Lee was in reality an exemption. The 57 year old Singaporean specialist had been developing as truly newsworthy in the step by step papers since 2011, as she was being reproached for charging an absurdly high rate of cash for the treatment of the sister of the Brunei Ruler. The ethical bind ascending here is that ought to a specialist charged a significant measure of $24.8 million just in light of the way that she was in the treatment of a man from the superb family, or should she have charge the precisely equal cost for every patient, free of the financial or social complexities (Christensen et al., 2014). Obviously, the clashing of the counter here is that a specialist ought to have an obligation based on the ethical of nursing and curing her patient instead of attempting to lay out a regard based association with her. Notwithstanding, the motivation driving the article is to choose the inherent good inconvenience that Susan Lim is helping and confronting her for settling her condition with the assistance of the 8-stage of the decision based on the ethical grounds (Heyler et al., 2016).



The 8-stage model of ethical decision is an exceptional model that lets anyone to determine any quandary by separating an issue by each progression, looking at the outcomes, evaluating the gravity of every result on the general population included, and in this way at last picking the most suitable arrangement. The initial move that should be concerned in this model is the issue‘s recognizable proof. To the extent, the case of Susan Lim is concerned, it has been watched that Susan Lim, the Singaporean specialist is experiencing a difficulty in selecting two potential choices.

The following stride here is that the recognizable proof of the probable issues included. The key ethical issue required for this situation is that notwithstanding being a social insurance master who is endowed with the obligation of ensuring patient’s life, Susan is slanted to concentrate more on the materialistic advantages of her calling, as opposed to the expert commitment. She trusts in cheating the therapeutic expense from a regal family that is unsatisfactory. Then again, there is no unbending principle with reference to how much an expert can charge from his patient, on the off chance that he is treating him on an individual premise (Give Kel et al., 2016). Subsequently in this case, the additional issue who is going for deciding the ethicality of the circumstance, as there is non-existence of stringent ethical regulation in the human services industry concerning what amount can a doctor charge his customer for, in place of the administration he is giving (Anderson and Anderson, 2014). Whilst the expert ideals are an essential issue here, the industry thought is similarly a critical issue. For Susan, offering human services administration is her job, and she was making her living beyond that.


The third step is examining the moral tenets. According to the degree of the moral qualities, there is no deciding being assumed that can discard the commerciality of the specialists. Notwithstanding the way that the Singaporean High Court has twice announced that each the third step here is exploring the moral rules. To the extent the moral rules are worried, there are next to zero rule is being detailed that can dispense with the commerciality of the wellbeing experts. In spite of the fact that the Singaporean High Court has twice declared that every wellbeing professional has an essential commitment towards the prosperity of the patient, and in this manner he ought to abstain from over-charging a patient, there are no strict laws about the similar. The moral rules of the human services industry express that a wellbeing professional will dependably have a superior moral obligation towards the prosperity of his patient, which ought to dependably victory over his acquisitive contemplations (Jonsen, 2015).

The forth step for considering here is, that it is important for knowing the significant laws and controls worried here. In spite of the fact that there is no firm law against cheating, and it is accepted that a patient would accuse insignificant measure of out his self agreement, if a doctor is as a rule ceaselessly blamed for cheating the expense, he would be sued for expert unfortunate behavior and wind up paying an enormous measure of cash as a feature of the punishment.

The following step required in this model, which counsel must be acquired from different specialists about the ethicality of the choice to be considered (Doval et al., 2015). The Court and also the Therapeutic Gathering Leading group of Singapore has plainly expressed that a specialist can never charge an expense advanced than the rate of the market. Regardless of the possibility that the patient consents to the higher medicinal cost included, the High Court of Singapore forms it, an order that the moral commitments of a patient ought to under different situation get a high ground over any legally binding commitments.

In the sixth step, it is imperative considering the probable game-plan, and act in like manner. Here, Susan was left with two different options it is possible that she can contemplate the choice of cheating the patient, compelled by her yearning to accomplish more prominent benefit in her calling, or she can regard the ethical sets of principles of her business, and charges the market expenditure, ignoring the patient that has a place with a well-off family.


The seventh step is for considering here is to weigh and review the result of each and every possible methodology. To the degree the essential methodology is concerned, it is being watched that the patient's family can point the finger at Susan for having duped the helpful charge, and that is most likely going to wreck the reputation of the specialist, and can in like manner harm the all-inclusive community attitude towards the moral respectability of the experts. Furthermore, the essential alternative had a probability that is high of landing him amidst honest to goodness bothers as well (Chattopadhyay, 2015). On the other hand, if the choice that second that is for be picking it up, that is, if Susan is kept from picking the decision of bamboozling the patient, the family of patient's would not point the finger at her or her family to anything mistakenly, and she would not have for encountering any legitimate discipline for having broken the codes of moral of restorative moral. She would have the ability to remain reliable with her master responsibilities as well.

In the wake of considering and evaluating the conceivable outcomes of each activity, it has been watched that Susan has two conceivable contrasting options to follow up on, and given the decision to pick the correct one, she ought to dependably pick the second option. The explanation for picking the second option lies in the way that Susan would confront objectionable lawful concerns on cheating a patient. The Singaporean government has commanded that a specialist should only charge reasonable and sensible expenses from their patients, and he ought not organize his benefits of business over ethical duty towards any patient. In spite of the fact that there is no ethical restrict, concerning what expense ought to be charged, if the patient's family blames the specialist for cheating, she may wind up paying $10000 as punishment. Moreover, if Susan would be lawfully sued, this may negatively affect her vocation prospects too. Considering this, she ought to pick not to cheat her patient, and regardless of the possibility that she plans to charge high thinking of her as skill, the sum ought to be reasonably high (Weaver, 2016).

Susan Lim's reaction on over-charging a patient, disregarding her ethical commitments towards a patient can't be legitimized to be ethically a correct option by any stretch of the imagination. Be that as it may, on the off chance that one needs to protect her activity, and appreciate the motivation behind why she picked the choice, the hypothesis of Moral Subjectivism ought to be picked. As per the hypothesis of Moral Subjectivism, an activity can be respected to be ethically right or wrong as per what the subject, or the culprit of the activity considers being correct or off-base. Along these lines, no activity, as indicated by this hypothesis is inherently right or wrong, and if the subject esteems his activity to be ethically right, the activity is correct, paying little mind to what the social standards assert. Susan Lim herself was very much aware that she was not charging an extravagant measure of cash from a devastated or fiscally bankrupt individual, yet rather she was charging a robust sum from an individual from the Illustrious family. The patient or her family, as per Susan, was fiscally sufficiently effective to bear the cost of the doctor's visit expense, with no trouble (Barker, 2013). Another major reason with respect to why Susan may have done this, or experienced the ethical problem is that the doctor was a standout amongst the most perceived specialists of Singapore, and henceforth she esteemed it consummately ideal to charge high, thinking of her as higher abilities and more recognized skill. Susan herself may contend also that notwithstanding being included in a business that serves the welfare of the general population, she simply like whatever other individual plans to procure penny through her calling. Accordingly, while a private guide may offer his administration at a higher charge, or an agent may offer his treats at a higher value, she likewise needed to offer her administration in lieu of a higher sum. The hypothesis of good subjectivism guarantees that the rightness of an activity exclusively relies on upon the contemplations and sentiments of the culprit. Subsequently, in the event that one takes a gander at Susan, one can find that Susan's contention can well legitimize her position and the reason of her activity. As per this ethical hypothesis, it is vain to condemn and judge the activities of other individuals, was not just every one demonstrations to their greatest advantage, however each man works as per what he feels to be a correct activity.

Despite the fact that along these lines, with the assistance of the above hypothesis, one may effectively legitimize the ethical position of Susan Lim, it is essential to observe the constraints of this hypothesis also. To the extent the hypothesis is concerned, the rightness of an activity is resolved I terms of what the subject esteemed to be correct. However, the real restriction of the hypothesis lies in the way that to every culprit of an activity, his own point of view is correct. Not very many individuals experience the ill effects of a feeling of repentance and acknowledge that his activity wasn't right. Presently, in the event that one needs to consider the rightness of an activity as far as the point of view of the practitioner, practically every activity, including the wrong ones, must be esteemed to be correct. Each activity in that capacity would need to be thought to be simply. The cheat taking another person's property must be defended on the off chance that one needs to consider that his point of view was ideal, as he needed to convey cash to his home to the detriment of the diligent work of other individuals (Tan, 2016). 



To finish up, it ought to be noticed that cheating a patient in any means, is illegitimate and ethically improper. It ought to be noticed that Susan or alike specialists on a frequent basis confronts an ethical dilemma, as it essentially charged high being knowing that the activity is not an ethical choice at all. It is however imperative to determine the dilemma in the field of ethics and Susan ought to recall that she had to consent by the ethical commitments of her calling, or there is a possibility where she will be punished jail time for 3 years. Bearing in mind this incident, Susan is being encouraged to terminate over-charging patients.


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