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Created Image And Written Reflection Add in library

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Using an original image that you have created, reflect on the relationship between person, occupation and environment?


The image that has been provided at the appendix may be named as “Environment: Start Today Save Tomorrow”. The image reflects on the need to save our environment with a very small step of keeping our surrounding clean and healthy. The image is an important one as it concerns about our mother earth. With joint effort of every human being of the globe, our environment can be saved from major destructions. The great act may start with a very basic and initial step of keeping our surrounding clean.

Explain the philosophy, theories and value base of occupation. 

The image that has been created depicts about the occupation of land mowing. In the image, there is a man who is engaged in the activity of land mowing. Land mowing refers to the activities that deal with the cleaning and maintaining of the land, particularly the grassy areas in the residential garden of any other places. Land mowing involves trimming of grass lands and also cleaning those to keep away dirt and unhealthy factors. The philosophy behind the creation of the image is environmental cleanliness. As environment health is the most concerning issue in present times, so the philosophy of environmental cleanliness is the ruling philosophy here. The theory that may be mentioned here is that of environmental ethics. It is mostly concerned with human beings and their ethical relationship with the natural environment (Occupational Therapy Research Agenda, 2011). It has become increasingly important to be concerned about environmental health as such environmental aspects have been impacting upon our environment in numerous ways. The image depicts that the individual is concerned about his surrounding environment and emphasizes on maintaining cleanliness of the area. This ethical consideration persuades him to clean dirt from the grassy regions and maintain healthy environment. The value base of the occupation is that the occupation is based on the environmental ethics and it is a much appreciated occupation as it aims at maintaining healthy environment by means of regular cleaning and mowing.

Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the person, occupation and environment. 

With reference to the created image of an individual who is engaged in the activity of land mowing with the help of a land mower, we find a deeper interrelationship amidst the three factors: the individual, the occupation and the environment. To demonstrate the relationship among the three identities, it is important to highlight on the concept first. The idea of environmental ethics is much emphasized (Li, 2012). This concept of environmental ethics depicts the sense of responsibility of an individual towards the environment. As referred to in the image, the relationship as demonstrated here is that by the means of the occupation of land mowing, the person is dedicated to the environmental health and safety. He has been undertaking the activity of trimming and cleaning the grassy field, probably of his garden. This is surely the first step to environmental cleanliness and ethical consideration. The interrelationship among the three factors can be represented in the following diagram.

Source:  (Occupational Therapy Research Agenda, 2011)

The relationship can be better understood by reflecting on each of the three components:

Person – The individual as depicted in the image is a unique being and takes up his role and cannot be separated from contextual differences. He brings in a set of specific skills, attributes, experiences, and knowledge (Jonsson, 1994). The focus is upon the individual behavior of the person like his interest, and cultural relevance of his occupation. The assumption taken here is that the person is intrinsically motivated to serve the environment.

Environment – It is the context where occupational performance takes place, and it is categorized into socioeconomic, physical, cultural, and institutional. In the image, the environment refers to the household, neighborhood or the community where he had undertaken his job of land mowing.

Occupation – As referred to in the image, the occupation the person is engaged in is related to satisfaction of one’s intrinsic needs for life satisfaction, self-maintenance or expression. In the depicted image, it is identified that the person is more engaged into the occupation of land mowing with the concern of self-satisfaction of incorporating environmental well-being. The fact that he is cleaning the grassy field gives an idea that he is increasingly concerned with environmental health, safety, and personal hygiene.

Use literature and virtual environments to enhance learning development and experience. 

Occupational therapy emphasizes upon complex dynamic link amidst people, respective occupation, and that of environment. So, therapists should clearly communicate their practices as well as in what manner these practices impact outcomes. The learning development as well as experiences can be enhanced by setting up virtual environments. Occupational performance or optimal function results from a perfect fit amidst the three components. Various avenues exist from which occupational therapists may focus or target, from occupation, person, or environment perspective for eliciting change (Bair, 1999). Learning and experience may be enhanced once an individual is placed at an environment and made to exhibit performances with respect to the environmental needs. When an individual takes up tasks or occupation that satisfies his personal needs and desires, it creates a bonding between the individual, occupation and the environment.

As depicted in the image, the person may enhance his learning and experience by imagining all the good work he is doing for his environment. It is very important for all of us to realize the growing need to be concerned about our environment and act accordingly (The Scope of Occupational Therapy Services for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders across the Lifespan, 2005). Wherever possible we must feel the urge to keep our surrounding environment free from all unhealthy factors and adopt tasks such as cleaning the land, land mowing, removing unwanted substances from the surrounding, etc. This not only enables us to keep our environment healthy and safe, but also provides us with enormous mental satisfaction to be well-concerned about the environment.

Write clearly and effectively citing sources of information appropriately.



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Image “Environment: Start Today Save Tomorrow”


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