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Creating A Life Cycle And Patroll System In Ap Resentation Add in library

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Describe about the Creating a Life Cycle and Patroll System in ap Resentation?



One of the major purposes of project is to know the actual working hours and actual salary. Payroll helps the company to determine the employee actual status. Payroll bring the transparency with employee functioning and the company paying the wages.  Payroll helps the company to keep the track of the employees and their working time (Gautam, 2010). Since, payroll helps the company to reduce the cost, administrative burden specifically for the smaller company.  Payroll system is one of the most of the flexible and comprehensive solutions that helps to integrates the solutions for the complex business. Payroll system is one of the customized way for easy calculation of the salary and forecasting the expenditure.

The major problems is to error feeding of the data within the rooster would creates wrong set of total salary (Hall et al. 2010). Apart from that, another major problems is to feeding the data that would creates. The system must has various section of  and bars which will help to gain the basic pay, overtime and transportation cost. 

Some of the major inputs and outputs for payroll system




Employee ID


The unique identifier of each employee. This is a REQUIRED field


PAY Base

Base pay excluding allowances, Overtime  etc


PAY Higher Duties

Higher duties pay


PAY Allowances

Allowances: the sum of various types of allowances



Pay equivalent of benefits e.g. parking, medical/dental/health benefits, tuition fees etc



Commission pay for the pay period


PAY Super

Superannuation total employer contribution including salary sacrifice



Bonus paid for the period - for example, performance pay, productivity bonus

Job Title

Job Title

Job titles refer to the common name of a job. They may not provide an accurate description of a job, and jobs with different titles may be the same or comparable, while jobs with the same title may not be the same or comparable


Designing the payroll system in order make it more user friendly is one of the major issues rather than using manual payroll system. The payroll system must made as per the customized version in order to cater all sizes of business. There are various companies who are selling software’s for payroll system like SAP ERP, Oracle and SAS 70 are some of the major companies that design the software for payroll system (Haski-Leventhal, 2012).

Since the existing company is small therefore the designing in excel sheet for the payroll system would help to gain the large design the payroll systems.

Planning of the payroll system for the company are given below:

Excel: Excel is one of the most user friendly way to creates a way to crates data within limited resources used like fund and time for small companies.  Excel spreadsheet is find in the windows column of the desktop, palmtop of laptop.

Then, Click > Microsoft all programmes

Click> Microsoft office

Click > Select the excel

Suitable interfaces: some of the major interfaces which are required to make the payroll system are Name box, Cell, formula bar and file where the files would be saved. One of the suitable interfaces would be formula bar where the various all mathematical to accounting formula are present their simple calculations.

Design framework


Build user functions

Designing process of the framework where various functionality and different set of column and raw is made designed as per the company requirements.

Build conditions

The conditions made here will be based total working hours  and total pay is variables  that will based on the transportation cost which is during the time of meeting the client is different and travelling time is different (Mahajan et al. 2015).  The condition must be based on the hierarchal based , timings, sequence and on daily basis of data entry.

Test analysis

After the completion of making the payroll system, dummy testing is one of the major parts that are required to analyse the problems or findings of error. 

End to end testing

The testing must be done end to end  in order to gain the right set of test scenarios which will make sure that, conditions must be logic , loop and other various functions.



Normal Hours

Hours Worked

Tax Code

Basic Pay

National Ins

Income Tax

Net Pay


Before the implementation of payroll system within the company, requirement to set the page layout  and heading and formula along with format layout. Lastly, validation checks are some major way to reduce the error in the existing format (Waring, 2004).

Setting of the page layout

By going in page set up column in file , go to page bar where the options like landscape and portrait will come. Choose the page lout design which is be landscape and portrait.

Write heading and formula

Format layout

Data validation

The data is used here is based on the working hours of the employees and the transportation cost which variables . The total working hours worked employees are fixed which 35 hours per month for which company will be paying variables salary of 16.5 and 10.5 as per the situation of the client.  The data validation is very much based on the collected information’s  that kept by the company is enough or not.

Installation and Testing

After the installations of the excel system, checking whether the system is creating error during the time of  inserting the formula are some of the major areas of checking whether the excel is working or not.

 The application shows that total input and the actual output which helps the excel system  for sheet designing.  The excel system is very much working properly as the input and formula are very much helping to analyses the total working hours.


After the completion of the project payroll system, one of the major difficulties faced during the time of constructing the tables and formulas without which the work would not have been completed (Wolf, 1975). Apart from that, since the company has only ten workers working this made the assumption very easy.

 With the help of the excel installation of payroll , company will be able  easily understand the actual  working hours and actual pay for each of the employee for each month. This would be bring fairness within the existing accounting system of the company. Salary is one of the major issues within every organization which makes the employee to work for it.

However, one of the major limitation of the excel system is that formulas cannot be saved in text or word file.  The excel file does not support the more than work sheet at same time. Apart from that, excel does not take data directly from word in fact every data should be kept manually.


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