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Critical Thinking: Social Media Add in library

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Write an essay on Critical thinking for the usage of the social media?



This report has been prepared for Jack and Jill PLC Company. The company manufacture high quality automobile parts that are sold to the clients and companies. Management of the company proposes to analyse the relevance of the social media method for communicating with the clients and the customers for the company. This report highlights the relevance of effective communication process for the management to interact with the clients (Bragg, 2007).

Social Medias like Facebook and Twitter has become one of the efficient methods for interacting with the clients located at different locations. Through this process, the company can inform the clients about the tasks that have been undertaken by the management to the clients. In this method, it is possible for the management to communicate the product details with the clients and get a feedback from the users. With the help of the social strategies, it is possible for the company to analyse the expectations of the potential buyers. Through this method, the management can develop strategies for connecting with the clients and provide accurate information about the services that is required by the management (Koch & Richter, 2009).

Social strategies include developing effective communication process through which the company can interact with the clients and promote the services. This is one of ether effective methods for increasing the promotional activities, with the customers. The online communication process is quite reliable, fast, and cheaper than the other methods that are available for the clients to interact with the company. In order to increase the sales, it is essential for the company to develop positive and long term relationship with the potential buyers. This is possible through the development of social communication strategies.


Strategies for communication

The strategies adapted for communicating with the members have to include the below mentioned factors –

Analysing social challenges – Through this method, the company can reconnect with the clients which is done through the formation of the groups.

Strategy – This includes the plan through which the strategic changes and plans can be introduced by the company for improving the production activities for the management. This is done to reconnect the people and enable the members to share the details and other services associated with the task performance.

Analysing the challenges – The online communication process has to be effective and simple. This will help the company to approach maximum number of clients and provide the best information through which the marketing strategies can introduce by the management of the company (Piskorski, 2011).

The communication method has to outline the values through which the customers can be serviced with the best options related to the service. In this process, the social solution for the strategies has to be adopted and implemented in an effective manner. In this process, the lower costs and the willingness to increase the communication process has to be developed and implemented by the management in an effective manner. The profitable segmentation has to be analysed as this will help the management in choosing the better strategy through which the changes can be introduced by the company (Skul, 2008).


The process adopted for communication has to be simple and effective as this will help the management to reach out to maximum number of clients from different markets. Strategies adopted by the company needs to be tested as this will help in approaching the clients and convincing for the purchase of the products and services that will be useful for the product promotional activities. In this process, the business houses work towards helping the clients in handling the economic needs, rather than handling the social needs for the company. The social stage that has been developed by the company has to be communicated with the clients, and for these corrective measures has to be implemented by the management. Through this process it is possible for the management to introduce an effective step through which the changes can be introduced by the company. Through this process, the management of the company can develop an effective strategy through which the level of competition can be increased for the clients. In this process, an attempt has been made or develops defensive methods through which the changes within the business executing can be developed and implemented (Gotta et al., 2006).  



Business strategies and social communication process plays an important role in the development of the company. The challenges involved with the process have to be developed and implemented. This will help in improving the sales for the company.



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