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‘Workplace Diversity is critical to the overall success and sustainability of an organization’. Discuss and evaluate this statement.



The workplace diversity is taken by every organization around the world and it also became the legal law for every organization that the organization should apply the workplace diversity. Though the rule says that every employee should get the equal attention in the workplace, which means equal chance should be there for everyone. In this essay we will discuss about the diversity in workplace and its characteristic, which is important for the organization to maintain the success and sustainability for achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. The diversity can be motivational factor for the employees of the organization. It also generates the learning process among the employees of the organization, which is very helpful for the organization for the different outlook. The diversity can bring different types of people who will work together for the same organization. We will also discuss about the diverse force of the organization, how they used to work, what are the procedures they follow for completing the work within time, and also help the organization to achieve the target.

Diversity in workplace can be the cause of success and sustainability or may the cause of hamper for the organization.

Diversity in workplace is the way of dividing the work into the employees of the organization, the work can be dividing to the employees who are eligible for the task, which means the right person for the right task at the right time (Sarkar, 2010). This diversity can help the organization for the success and the sustainability of the organization, as it will put the right person at the right time. At the same time the diversity can also create the behavioral change with the employees of the organization, the employees can take this diversity as a partiality to the lower level of employees. Although it is very necessary for the organization put diversity on workplace, as it will help the organization to maintain the production quality and the standardization of the product (Syed and Khan, 2015).


The diversity in workplace also manages to gather the various types or kinds of employees from the different parts of the worlds, which may include different cultures, religion, age and gender. The different type’s people can works together for achieving the goal and objective of the organization in the same way; this also may be the very good experience for the employees of the organization to work together in a same team, and with the different kinds of people. The workplace diversity can also motivate the employees of the organization in many different ways like; it can motivate in terms of dividing policy of the diversity, which can help the employees to work harder for the organization (Zhang, 2011).

By following the diversity in the work place the organization can retain the success level and also the sustainability. The diversity can bring the experienced employees together who are more knowledgeable and skillful for the work, and this can be very helpful for the organization to achieve the goals and objective (YURTSEVEN and HALICI, 2011). If the employees of the organization do their work properly then it will easy for the organization to achieve the success. The achieving success is not only the target for the organization but also maintaining the sustainability is important for the organization (Koger, 2013). The diversity can also increase the volume of sales for the organization, as the sales people are very expert in their work.

Diversity can also create the discrimination in the workplace among the employees of the organization, in terms of gender or age (Marsden, 2015). Some of the employees of the organization can feel the discrimination in the wrong way like, someone can get promotion due to the personal relationship with the higher level employees of the organization and someone may face many difficulties to get promotion.

The organization can largely depend on the diverse background employee, because they are very talented to their job and able to deliver the quality of job within time. The diverse employees can have the ability to do their work in different types, as they have the full knowledge about their job.  The problems which can cause difficulties for the organization, the diverse people can easily handle the problem and can solve the problem within a short period of time (Chandrashekar, 2015). As a result the organizations are reliable to their diverse employees. The diverse employees are also very flexible in their task; they can do their task at any point of time and in anywhere. Some the fluctuating behavior can create the problems for the organization like; the demand of the customers can fall any time, or may be the taste preference of the customers can change at any point of time, but the employees from the diverse background can solve the issue with their skills and knowledge, which is very important for the organization to maintain the number of sales. It is also seen in the diverse people that they can provide their services in global basis, which means the wide range of customers can get help from the organization. The diverse people of the organization always believe that they can work more accurately and have various viewpoints for their job. The organization can make various business planning or strategy with the help of the diverse people, which can help the organization for the future planning. It has been seen that around the world many organization adapted the workplace diversity in their organizations, which help the organization to retain the success and the sustainability for the organization. The organizations expand their business in the global market for making more profit and also increase the number of customers in the global market (Hackett and Bourne, 2014).

With the increased technology, it is important to update the workforce as well so as to expand the business activities. This expansion is possible if the recruitment is done on an effective manner which means right person at right job which will help to get the specialized knowledge. Culture also plays an important role in the workforce diversity because when the employees interact with different people they can exchange their views and opinions which will obviously help in better decision making process. The communication among the employees of the organization is also very important for the organization, as if there will any communication gap between the employees than it may create difficulties for the organization (Lemos and Andreassi, 2015).


Diversification in workforce can help the business to great extent because it can help making spontaneous decisions as more employees are involved of various cultures. Training should be given to the employees so that they are also aware of the rules as well as policies of the business enterprise which will ultimately be useful to provide accurate information. Motivation need to be given to the employees who will encourage them to work more by providing rewards and recognition in the company (Koo and Fishbach, 2014). The company should focus on the employee to provide them with monetary as well as non monetary benefits which can help them to sustain in the company for a long period of time.

The productivity of the business largely depends on the workforce because they are the person who work hard for the company to produce the various products and make efforts to promote it by various sales promotional measures like direct marketing, online surveys, etc. Leader is responsible to take care of their followers and guide them to achieve the motive in the near future which will help in increasing the productivity level in the overall business activities (Deb, 2014).


From the organizational point of view the workplace diversity acts as a process in which the employees of an organization are helped or motivated to acquire and develop technical, managerial and behavioral knowledge, skills and abilities and mould the values, attitudes, beliefs necessary to accomplish present as well as future role. The diversity in workplace motivates the employees in different ways. For example the diverse employees can do their work properly and for that they will get the incentives in terms of monetary or some other benefit, which may the reason for motivation. The diversity can also change the creativity in the work place as the divers people are more efficient in their work, which may lead to high creativity or high production on the organization (Al-Busaidi, 2013).

The workplace diversity also divides the employees of the organization; as a result the groups or the team members of the organization can be affected (Yam, Fehr and Barnes, 2014). All the employees of the organization wants to work under the good team leader, so if the employees are divided into groups then many of the them may have to work under the different team leader, and it may not be comfortable for all. The leadership quality of the leader of an organization may also affect the working condition of the worker, as it is very necessary for the employees of the organization that they get good leadership quality. The good leadership quality can also make the hard work easier for the employees, by giving them the full knowledge of the work or by making them to understand the work. The good leaders always want to make the team perfect for them, because working with the good teams is always helpful for the team leader (Rao, 2014).



In this essay we can find the reason for the success and the sustainability of the organization for the workplace diversity. The workplace diversity can help the company to increase the production and also increase the number of sales. The organization also wants to expand their business in the global market to reach the maximum numbers of customer and provide the facility to the customers. In this essay we also discussed about the issues that may arise within the employees of the organization because of the workplace diversity. The workplace diversity can also motivate the employees of the organization, in terms of their moral support, or the productivity, or in using the advance technology. As we already discuss that the best employees of the organization wants to use the best quality of tools and techniques for the production process. At last we also discuss hoe the good leadership quality can make the difference in the workplace because of the diversification of the employees of the organization or the expanding the business in the global market. In this essay we can get the overall idea about the workplace diversity and the related issues or the benefits from the workplace diversity. If the organization can handle the workplace diversity than it is obvious for the organization that it will lead the success and sustainability for the organization point of view.


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