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Culture Of Intimidation And Failure Of Law

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What Are The Impacts Of Sex Scandals To Uber’s Culture?

What Are The Mitigation Of The Sex Scandals In The Organization?

What Are The Causes Of Such Scandals In The Organization?

How The Scandals Affect The Employee Relations In The Organization?




Whenever scandals such as sexual harassments fill business companies, many of them lose track of their cultures. This results in increased likelihood of failing to achieve the set goals of such organization. Leaders of such organization are filled with fear which impacts negatively to the profound extent in the way they implement outlined programs that are major determinants of realizing success (Adkins, 2006).

Sexual harassment scandals have immensely affected people in various ways from different cultures. The scandal has resulted in a shift in the way Uber delivers its services. Due to the act in the organization, research reveals that the organization started to provide its services in a pattern of arrogance neglecting the ethical standards governing the organization. It is due to this that has made the company remain stunted in development. Other companies have also shifted in their cultures due to the dominance of sex scandals in them. Corporations neglect their ways of delivering their services objectively immediately the scam bedevils the organization. Ethics of such organizations and legal standards are things of the past, and therefore the organization fails to meet its objectives (Stephen, 2000).

The management in such scenarios has little to correct since as per publications made, they are the primary carriers of the scam. In the operation of many companies, such as Uber, success can only be realized if the corporate image of the organization is right in the minds of the public. Clients will only be attracted to the organizations if the reputation right. An excellent reputation is built according to the way the organization delivers services to the customers as well as good management that ensures free from scandals in the organization. A good reputation is, therefore, an added advantage for the success of the team. Whenever a scandal is in the organization, sincerity in approaching to the issue is the only way to go in killing such scenarios. The project, therefore, targets in giving the analysis of sexual scandals impacts on the cultures of the organizations citing the case being on the culture of Uber.In addition, various literature has been employed in order to ensure that the information reached at is the most suiting to the conclusions yet to be drawn (Gerhard, 2001).


Problem Statement

The issue of sexual harassment has existed in many companies for a long period of time. In Uber Company, the organization had constantly ignored reports presented by one of the employees in the organization Susan Fowler. She gave allegations that the Human resource manager had severally neglected her complains on the way she was harassed sexually at the time she was working for the company. Furthermore, the organization had fired over 20 employees due to the case related to sexual harassment. The number is believed to be too low in comparison to many cases of sexual harassment handled by the organization. Studies reveal that a total of 215 cases had been conducted. It is therefore concluded that the company did not pay reasonable attention to these scandals. It therefore resulted to evolution that made many customers to shun the organization (Maya, 2017).

The organization therefore has made minimum profits. Many of the employees also could not concentrate especially those who were affected directly by sex scandals hence failure to deliver affecting the organization negatively hence set goals could not be realized. Some of the employees decided to quit looking for descent jobs governed by ethics and codes of conduct of employees. Organizations in such cases tend to divert their attention to getting solutions to such scandals, and therefore the culture of the organization is less valued. Leaders with crucial abilities lose concentration of performance because of fear especially when they are the ones involved in such scandals. The problem over the decades has existed for so long in many corporate worlds. In the Uber, women have been talking about frustrations over an extended period, and therefore there is need to research as to know how the culture of the organization is affected in turn (Peter, 2005).

The goals of the project are to explore the impacts of sexual harassment scandals on the culture of Uber as an organization. It will also focus on the cause of these sexual scandals as well as mitigation of the scandals. To be specific, the research aim in answering the following questions:

The above fundamental questions will help to address the concerns raised by many (Harold, 2003)

They will also help the upcoming firms to be vigilant of this problem laying out strategies targeting to avoid the problem as early as possible before the organization is burned to ashes. Keeping in mind the above concerns in the contemporary world will help organizations to survive despite the extent at which the scandal could have affected its operation. The leaders since are the most victims in the organization, and the women will always be on the watch (Project Management Institute, 2004).

Justification Of The Project

Sex scandals have been on many occasions the cause of collapsing of many business organizations. For every business to succeed, respect to its culture is so paramount. Companies tend to suffer since the appropriate approach to this problem is not followed to the latter. It is because they do not know the extent at which the problem impact on the culture of the organization. Carrying out this research project will enable more light to be shade pertaining this issue hence many organizations in this and the next generations will be saved. The response given will help to identify ways to be put in place in order to help the organization to cover up such messes whenever they are encountered (Jones & Reginald., 2010).

The research is also crucial in helping the leaders and the entire employees of the organizations to embrace teamwork, togetherness and being concerned whenever one of them has got an issue. Such good relations will help in destroying harmful behaviors such as sexual scandals that are major setbacks of a culture embracing by the organization. Such spirits will ensure that every organization is exercising this succeeds.


The proposal is therefore important since the following benefits will be outlaid:

  • It will help those who need to know in the contemporary society as to the impact of sexual harassment scandals in the cultures of organizations. ?
  •   This research project will assist in sharpening the minds of young entrepreneurs to be aware of the damage that can be caused by sexual scandals in their organization and therefore making them to be always keen in ensuring that the problem is dealt with as early as possible.?
  • Leaders of the organizations will employ the strategies laid down in the project in dealing with the current sexual scandals in the organization that otherwise would define the cultures of the organization. Applying the knowledge laid down in the project will help managers always to stay on the course of ensuring that the business succeeds.
  • The knowledge gained from the research will be able to be utilized by many entrepreneurs, researchers and policymakers in improving the corporate world.   ?

The study will ensure that small business starters can understand the causes, effects, and impacts of sexual scandals in the culture of the organizations. They will, therefore, have a sharper focus when setting up their businesses ensuring such problem is a thing of the past.?

expected research output/outcome

The results of this study will provide an analytical framework for investigating the impact of sexual scandals in the cultures of various organizations. The outcomes will always help in ensuring that every organization will remain focused on achieving their set goals despite the challenges they encounter not even sexual scandals. The success of every business depends on the culture adherence; the project is meant to confirm the truth after giving out the outcomes of the research hence a crucial tool to be employed by many organizations. In the case, a business has got such challenge, togetherness of employees supporting each other is the way to go in eradicating the problem. The mentioned instances will have a profound impact on the outcome to be realized at the end of the project (Levin, 2017).

 The approaches employed for instance the research questions used as identified in the study will be responded to basing on the methods used to collect data, results analysis that will be conducted for the same project. These results will be employed in various academic research platforms to provide students of research with more relevant knowledge helping them in carrying out research. Those who plan to establish businesses in future will be able to employ the knowledge gathered in the research to ensure that sex scandals are dealt with appropriately in case they arise in their organization providing that they little or no impact on the set culture of the organization. Their businesses, therefore, are more likely to succeed (Lee, 2000).

Conceptual Framework

Various publications have been made on sexual harassment scandals in the organization or workplace. Such papers will help us be able to employ such knowledge in relating to the topic under study and making such improvements on them. Studies show that firms progressively lack direction on their course whenever matters of sex, love, and relationships come at their place of work. Individual achieve excellence whenever they do their activities to their best of their merits, but sex is a major distractor of this according to the studies made. People involved tent to forget the operation of the organization and therefore ignoring the cultures of the organization. Sexual harassment in the organization results to downplaying the ubiquity of consensual sex in the place of work. A recent study conducted by the law firm of Carlton Field Jorden pertaining sexual harassment scandals gave an approach of discouraging the ladies not to speak up whenever they are got up in a mess (Richman, Judith, Kenneth, Kathleen, & Rospenda., 2006).

 The rights of the workers according to the studies is as well undermined which interferes with the way they deliver services to the organization. Employees in these scenarios they are forced to believe that they are legally bound not to complain whenever instances such as those happen in the organization. They are therefore not at peace and therefore cannot deliver as expected of them hence such organizations fail to realize the set goals (Hansen, Ase, & Hogh, 2006).

Studies show that many employees are being continually harassed sexually due to the fact they do not want to expose them. Exposing them according to them tarnishes the image of the organization, and therefore those affected continue to suffer. In this regard, putting the problem to an end is very difficult (Anderson & Katherine., 2013).


The research aims to employ the following research methods in order to realize its objectives:

  • Literature Review whereby in-depth analysis of various literature from different sources will be analyzed. The research employed in this case relate to the topic under study. The Knowledge acquired will provide a framework guide will handling the study(Strossen & Nadine., 2014).
  • Information from surveys carried out to be scrutinized providing more information on the cause of sexual scandals, its effect on the culture of the organization and the outcomes of such scandals on the performance of the organization(Lewis:Jacquline & Diane, 2002).
  • Questions will be provided to various business operators to ensure that they provide relevant information that will be of profound help in ensuring that the project is successful.
  • Analyzing data immediately respondents finished filling in the questionnaires to ease the process, It was done through suggesting questions to be included in the surveys so that relevant data is collected, suggesting what to focus on, the specific information one was looking into making the research a success by ensuring that the questions utilized remained on course. The questionnaires were analyzed through the following approaches:
  • Checking the explanations given out analyzing them appropriately.
  • Looking for various contradictions realized and then evading them out
  • Getting uniform responses from the respondents in order to compare the responses given, meaningful conclusions can be then be made.
  • Weighing the evidence presented so that conclusions can be made accordingly.
  • Checking out for the outliners directions(Rokonuzzanman, Radman, & Mizanur., 2011).

The study will employ the methodologies mentioned above to ensure that the primary aim of the research gets achieved. The findings will later be analyzed, and meaningful conclusions will be reached at (Tehrani, 2004).


Organization Of The Study

The study will be organized in various chapters to ensure that the aim at the end is realized as follows:

  • Chapter one will deal with the proposal of the research as the assignment outlines comprehensively. The project, in this case, is a preparation process that initiates the research itself.
  • Chapter Two will describe the research outlining the impacts caused by sexual scandals in Uber's culture. Mitigations to reasons of this problem will also be outlaid in this section
  • Chapter Three will deal with the research approaches employed or the methodologies of the research project. Data analysis methods will also be well covered in this section.
  • Chapter Four deals with the research findings and also the analysis of the same findings done comprehensively.
  • Chapter Five will give a summary of the significant conclusions and also out layout the discussion on the extent at which sexual scandals impacted the cultures of Uber (Williams & Hellen., 2012).

Search Schedule

The following table represents a Gantt chart showing the timeline for the entire project under study and its completion requirements.

Task Name

Start Day

End Day

Duration (Days)

Project Proposal




Literature Review




Data Collection




Data Analysis




Report Submission




Milestones and Deliverables

Time in Months                       9/2017/ 10/2017/ 11/2017/ 12/2017

Project Proposal                      9/24     15

Literature Review                   10/10               12       

Data Collection                       11/7                             15

Data Analysis                          11/8                                         27

Report Submission                  12/5                                                     16


Oject Budget And Justification Of The Project

The estimated budget for the research project is about $5000 in order to complete the study within the given time frame adequately in order to realize the success of the project.

The budget has been broken down into the following subsections:

Conducting literature reviews need intensive research, buying of books, online journals of which they are to some extent costly. This exercise will, therefore, cost about $1500.

Collection of data particularly employing the concept of simple surveys, questions administering, printing of the questionnaires, carrying them to the field as well as collected them back for analysis is an expensive approach. The process, therefore, needs about $2500. ?

ØIn addition, the budget has to be allocated for expenses such as access to the charts, figures for the analysis. Tables too need money for them to be made. The entire exercise regarding this will consume about &1000 (Christine & Platti, 2009).

To give a budgetary summary for the task, the table below gives a simple summary as shown: ?

Purpose Estimated Amount to be Spent

Review Related Literatures


 Collection of Data


Analysis of Data


Total of the budget




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Williams, & Hellen. (2012). Mntaining a harrasment free work place. Austra: Australian Public srvice commision .


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