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Describe about the Fashion Business Research of Customer attitude towards mobile shopping?




This particular study aims to evaluate whether implementing mobile shoping option will become beneficial for the organization and how custoomer response to it


With the help of this study, the reseracher has analyzed the imporatnce of mobile shopping in the current markett scenaario.  Here, the reseracher is also analyzed the attidute of the customer towards mobile shopping.

Design Methodology and approach

Deductive approach were undertaken in this project, to derive the customer attitude towards mobile shopping. The research is mostly examining and consequently  follows ‘Option A- Qualitativbe then quantitative. This primary research coducted the depth interview, follow by the survey report which test the idea which are raise in the interviews on a large scale. Major analysis of Qualitative data which was accepted and also using NVivo software, due to the mainly qualitative character of this research.


Findings of that research indicates that customer of M&S have shown keen interest towards mobile shopping. This ultimately lead thee business organization to enhace the performance of the business in the long run.



Context and Rationale

In today’s world digital and future directed, it might seem that the significance of technological advancement has increased in rapid rate. Right at this point of time, Marks and Spencer (M&S), a frontrunner in digital developments, arguably manages to balance the past, present and future. In order to sustain in the current market place, it is very important for organization like M&S to adopt new technological advancement.

This report therefore will investigate, whether implementing mobile shoping option will become beneficial for the organization and how custoomer response to it (Bruce & Kratz in Fionda & Moore, 2009).

Research Aim

The research aims to evaluate the customer attitude towrads mobile shopping specially in case of M&S.

Research Objectives

  1. To analyse how M&S utilize the opportunities of mobile shopping option.
  2. To measure the attidute of the customer towards mobile shopping.
  3. To recommend appropriate staartegies to enhance the utilization of mobile shopping.

Literature Review

Mobile marketing:

Current statistics show that mobile marketing budget mainly for mobile advertisings that will go beyond 11 billion by 2011 increasing from approximately 1 billion in 2007. The rise in mobile practice of current years is a apparent example of the system’s growth, importance and the opportunity it offer to self-determining sales channel and  thus it qualities special concern from researchers. Numerous consultancy studies, US customers prepared to recognize m-advertising to subsidy the cost of additional mobile services such as e-mail and news services, but a equally to Forrester investigate reveal that US mobile, user are not eager to recognize mobile ads since user tendency to see their handsets as statement devices in which mobile ads are not receive – typically payable to the small screen size (Notta, 2015).  As per consumer, revise manner together by InterQuest and the mobile marketing relationship. The dimension of Europe mobile marketing is regard145 million in 2003.

Customer Attitude:

An attitude is an permanent mixture of cognitive, behavioral process and moving or rational states by which customers made the arrangement were they recognize and react to market environmental basics such as television program, retail stores, etc. the behavioral element of an attitude is “the leaning of an attitude holders to respond in a convinced method toward an objective or motion” (Phan, Thomas and Heine, 2011).

Fishbein’s attitude theory proposes that an attitude towards something is a purpose of an individuals’ confidence about the thing and the estimate aspects of individual’s viewpoint.

The most important attitude, reconcile the marketing variable’s result on position, attitude in twist medicate the following effect on a particular behavioral purpose such as exchange a product (Notta, 2015). Numerous advertising researchers have established that positive relation between attitude toward individual ad and ladder of belongings. A broad survey of SMS advertising in the UK reveal that SMS advertising is measured as suitable as TV and radio advertising if it is deliver by a trust basis. Consumers are eager to accept numerous SMS campaign per week, but they fear that spamming capacity occurs (Phan, Thomas and Heine, 2011).


Customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction refers as, the general appraisal base on the whole purchase and expenditure practice with a good and services above time. One of the famous writer of marketing, he experiment that satisfaction is a person’s emotion of dissatisfaction which ensuing from products’ professed performance in relative to his/ her belief (Bryman & Bell, 2011). A customer satisfied after offering perform enhanced than expected and is disappoint when anticipation exceed performance. In the same way, customer has opportunity with view to the behavior of completely unfair. Examine to meet and play a well-known role in customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is inclined by generally quality, and persons most wanted (Phan, Thomas and Heine, 2011).

Customer trust:

The trust concept has been considered in a numeral of discipline and a variety of definition has been planned (Notta, 2015). Trust is the apparent reliability and goodwill of a target of trust. Trusts also degree to which the customers believe that the retailer has intention and motivate that are helpful to the customers. Trust is the principle that another can be relied leading with assurance in order to perform role and responsibilities in a fiduciary method and it is obvious in a motivation to freely increase one's helpful to another (Phan, Thomas and Heine, 2011).

The value and the utility:

The value concept is a essential element of bond marketing, the capability to offer better value to customers is a precondition, when it is difficult to set up and continue long-term customer relationships. A value can be describe as a continuing principle that a detailed behavior or state is personally-psychologically, preferable to a discuss mode of behavior or an differing ending state of subsistence. Value potentially derives from the prospect of concerning a present itself, from experience associated the trade, and from the remaining of having occupied in behaviors essential to attain the replace. Therefore, value can reproduce the value of the component itself as well as the knowledge connected with the business (Bryman & Bell, 2011).

Values are the base of events, attitude, and judgment in marketing as well as in extra aspect of societal life. Customers usually added simply recognize and believe those SMS ads, which are applicable to their welfare (Phan, Thomas and Heine, 2011). Consumer’s recognition of SMS advertisement is reliant upon apparent value of SMS ads and information controlled in them. Customer’s belief in SMS marketing, companies will contain a helpful result on apparent value of SMS ads and compliant it as a precious service.

Research methods:

This report will will investigate, whether implementing mobile shoping option will become beneficial for the organization and how custoomer response to it. In order to do this, the researcher examined how M&S is utilizing the Mobile shopping as a marketing tool, and how it will effected on their customer buying behavior (Bryman & Bell, 2011).

The research will be cross-sectional. A large number of data will be gathering at a time, before “examined to identify the patterns of organization”. Data will be collected and conclusion will be drained from the interviews, and they will be partly responsible for determining the plan of the survey questions.

The research will be follow quantitative as well as qualitative data, because of the deductive approach which are adopted. The survey will not from until the issues rises from interviews and are plain to further test.

Qualitative research

Individual interviews will be undertaken with customer of M&S. This information is necessary to take out the deepness of the research which is essential in relation to mobile shopping. For this reason non- probability test of sample approach are adapted here.

Interview advantage and disadvantages are the following:

Advantages- complete data can be drawn as interviewee has the opportunity to speak.

Disadvantages- in this interviewee May not be completely truthful to the organization or approaching with information and it is a time consuming process.

Qualitative research (checkpoint):

Reliability- The question asked to both the interviewees which is identical and asked in same pattern. Together interview will be recorded and are precisely transcribe and remarks would be taken for the period of both interviews (Crewe, 2015).

Replicability- In this the question will repeated on a number of additional interviewees and it will easy for the interviewee to copy.

Validity- the conclusion is drawn by the interview while taking feedback from the interviewee.

Quantitative research

Under quantitative research method the survey are on based of questionnaire pattern to know about the customer attitude of M&S towards mobile shopping (Phan, Thomas and Heine, 2011). By taking feedback from the customer, they will find out whether the feedback is similar to the potential M&S customers. The sample survey would be on the online questionnaire based (D’Souza, 2015).

Online questionnaire advantage and disadvantage:

Advantage- large sample can be assessed; multiple ideas would be raised from interview and can be tested.

Disadvantages- In online survey participation may not answer all type of question.

Quantitative Research (checkpoint):

Reliability- The question is asked in same pattern to all the participants. In this section, 2 questions may be little difficult to answer (Bruce & Kratz in Fionda & Moore, 2009).

Replicability- In this the question will repeated on a number of additional interviewees and it will easy for the interviewee to copy.

Validity- In this it expected for the participant that they will answer the question properly and honestly, thought it cannot be guaranteed. If the participation will miss to answer any of the questions then it will effect on their result (Notta, 2015).


Interviews – In this participation will be provided all the information which gives the detail information related to the study as well as the planned uses of the data which are provided. In this they give the rights to the participation that they can leave from the study at any time.

Survey- In the first page of the survey report they will explain all the detail information related to questionnaire and also give update to the participants about approval which they will give after finishing the survey questionnaire (Diamond,Diamond,  & Litt, 2015).


Secondary data analysis:

According to the secondary data, the researcher has analyzed that Mark and Spencer provides integrating mobile marketing technique that is related with various social media. Customers of Mark and Spencer often can read review of the product before purchasing the particular product of the Mark and Spencer. Therefore, people also can share the products and experiences of product through various social media.

On the other hand, Bryman & Bell (2011) discussed that, Marks and Spencer send notifications about certain products through mobile to the potential as well as loyal customers with due respect of time. This company sends messages about new or existing products to the customers at medium phase of a day. Mark and Spencer also send information to the potential customers about the new exciting offers, changes in showrooms etc. This company sends information about its service.

However, Crewe (2015) has stated that Marks and Spencer also provides various seasonal programs through mobile. This company sends various types of information regarding holiday special events, special offers as well as weekly offers and holiday messages. This company also shares attractive multimedia messages to the potential as well as new customers of this company.

Marks and Spencer’s has also taken the initiative to deliver various coupons through SMS s and social networking sites and also through personal e-mails. Every business organization considers that mobile is very effective medium for delivering various types of marketing activities to the targeted customers of the organization.

Marks and Spencer also provides alerts for various transactions that have been made or have to be made for the customers. This company considers the age, demographic as well as geographical and socio economical segments of the customers. Considering all these elements, this company provides effective information about the products as well as services of the company.

Marks and Spencer’s also tries to raise awareness among the customers about various issues of society as well as business, money marketing etc. Activities of online shopping also have been provided by the company to the potential as well as loyal and new customers of this particular organization. This company has taken various types of activities in order to promote the brand image of this organization.

Therefore, this company also has taken the initiatives to promote the products of this organization through advertisements on mobile television.

Marks and Spencer has taken the initiative for making an official application store for providing money transaction. This store will provide various opportunities as well as offers about the particular products of the organization. Information also will be sent to retailers of the organization. Therefore, this organization should take prior activities for removing spams and viruses of the websites.

Primary data analysis:

Quantitative analysis (For customers)

Q1. How long you have been the customers of Marks and Spencer?


No of respondents

Total respondents

Response %

Last 1 week




Last 1 month




Last 1 year




More than 2 years




More than 5 years




Table 1: Customers of Marks and Spencer

Graph 1: Customers of Marks and Spencer

From this above mentioned data, the researcher has identified that there are many customers who have been the customers of Marks and Spencer for one week. On the other hand, Marks and Spencer also have customers who have started buying from this company for more than two or five years.

Therefore, according to this data, the researcher has analyzed that, Marks and Spencer have potential as well as loyal or old customers and new customers. Therefore, researcher has analyzed that, Marks and Spencer has both new and old customers and has build reputation as well as good image within the market.

Q2. Have you been satisfied with the activities of mobile marketing throughout the process?


No of respondents

Total respondents

Response %

Fully satisfied












Table 2: Satisfaction level of customers of Marks and Spencer

Graph 2: Satisfaction level of customers of Marks and Spencer

According to these findings, the researcher has identified that, this company have major quantity of customers who have satisfied with the process of mobile marketing of Mark and Spencer. Therefore, 20% customers have been dissatisfied with the activities of mobile marketing among the customers.

Therefore, rest 20% customers who are not satisfied with the process of mobile marketing recommended more campaigns through mobile device and various types of social media marketing technique.

Qualitative analysis (For managers of Marks and Spencer):

Q3. Does this company provide effective techniques of mobile marketing?

For these questions, the researcher has taken the interview of managers of the organization. Managers have stated that, they use effective techniques of mobile marketing for attracting customers. They extensively use various types of social media platform for attracting the customers of the organization. Managers use extensive levels of digital marketing for attracting the potential as well as loyal and new customers of the organization.

As per the statements of managers of Marks and Spencer, the researcher has come to this conclusion that M&S has taken various initiatives in order to innovate the mobile application of this organization. Innovation team of M&S is working on the process of making effective mobile application for the customers. Therefore, M&S has focused upon the various initiatives of social media, like face book, twitter and other medium of social networking.

As the managers of Marks and Spencer have told that, mobile sale of this company has grown at a rate of 70 % annually. Various customers are connected with the mobile application of Marks and Spencer. Customers are linked with this company in order to buy products from this company. Online sell has also increased by the company. As the tendency of online shopping has been increased, more customers are attracted towards the activities of online shopping. Therefore, many customers have been attached with the online activities of Marks and Spencer’s. Managers have told that they will provide more facilities towards the customers in respect of mobile marketing and online shopping.


Conclusion & Limitation:


Thus, to conclude it can be said that implementation of mobile shopping option has largely influenced the operation of M&S. Customers and potential buyers both are positive about the mobile shopping. Consumer attitude on advertising in all-purpose, have long been established to be negative, and moreover, establish that attitude near advertising is completely revolve into negative. So, it can be suggested that the organization needs to incorporate innovation on it to make it more attractive.


There is a huge range of area to carry out a research on this particular aspect. It would be motivating and capable to conduct many more interviews with M&S customer as well as manager as this research was limited in this area (Holden, 2015). Time limit is another concern for this research.



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