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Darwin Diving, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Deep Sea Dive, Snorkelling,in Australian Tourism

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Describe about the Darwin Diving, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Deep Sea Dive, Snorkelling,in Australian Tourism?



Free diving and Swallow water blackout

The discussed articles emphasized about Snorkeling, free diving and their bad effects. The articles also discussed about various view points of experts, and people who nearly experienced the dangers of free diving. With the help of equipment, a diving mask, the process of swimming in the surface of water is known as Snorkeling (Yang et al., 2013). It comprises of Fins, suits, masks, glasses which helps a swimmer for a clear vision and smooth swimming. Without these equipments accidents occur.

The article begins with the death of a 19 year old boy, who was free diving and decided to go down for more fish and finally end up dying out of breath. According to his peers he was a fit and fine diver, he surfaced into the Mexican gulf around 8 miles. What he did during the accident was diving without air mask. Despite of sufficient equipments available swimming without these has been an allure to most people and this causes accidents.

Shallow water blackout is one of the symptoms that occur for people who free dive without equipments. It is the time when a diver loss his consciousness by hypoxia at the end of their last breathe (Shallowwaterblackoutprevention.org, 2015). At that time the swimmer doesn’t feel the urgency of breathing and it is caused due to hyperventilation of several breath deep breaths before diving (Shallowwaterblackoutprevention.org, 2015).

In the case of Shallow water blackout as discussed in the article, a student named Josh Chol was capable for holding his breath for almost three minutes. He went along with his family in Florida for Spear fishing in the Keys. The Keys are famous for coral formation and they are saltwater where the student had Shallow water blackout (Council, 2015). Saltwater consist variable temperatures, buoyancy and density and the currents these all leads to certain drawback in swimming. In the time of the accident his family member had a little clue of what has happened to him. This is partially a fault of his family members, no matter how much experienced a person is, even expert dies pout of Shallow water blackout. Chols cousin had an alarm when he saw him come up for air. That was the last time he saw Josh Chol. He not only mourned for the loss but he also felt that the underworld environment of foreign places is not easy to get complacent. If one person fails he doesn’t get a second chance.  

In another incident, two brothers, Robert and David were surfacing in Biscaynne bay, which is a lagoon. It is 35 miles long and 8 miles wide in the Atlantic coast (Discoverbiscaynebay.org, 2015). At one point one of them became unconscious and even the other also running out of breath. Still the y somehow managed to swim up and was floating with down face. The severe condition was that both of them turned black. David the younger brother felt very peaceful while he was drowning. This incident led Richardson become an advocate in safe free diving.

With instances like these one can easily infer that free diving is not an easy task. Hence equipments must be used. Snorkeling is safe but free diving comes with a big risk. The risk is not about a temporary accident that will occur; the risk is about losing a life. One needs to be alarmed, cautious and experienced enough for free diving (Byronbaydivecentre.com.au, 2015).


Duties as a leader for Expedition in Darwin Harbor:

The following are the duties and responsibilities that a leader in Snorkeling team should fulfill:

  • One must keep thorough knowledge about Snorkeling
  • To be updated with the area where expedition will begin.
  • To have knowledge about the participants, each and everyone.
  • To take sufficient safety measures
  • To consult the experts and get the permission and perform other formalities.
  • To be updated about the climatic conditions during June and the necessary accessories to carry.
  • Last but not the least is to carry possible equipments for safety measures.

These are the necessary steps that a leader should perform as his duty. Every single member is the responsibility of a leader (Gunderson, 2009). He guides them he assures the safety of their life an also analyses the capabilities of the participant a leader must have the necessary skill for snorkeling.

Measures to reduce risk of accident:

In order to reduce the number of accident certain steps needs to be followed, they are:

  1. To make the participant acquainted with the signs and train them.
  2. To provide necessary information for avoiding emergencies out of air and appropriate buoyancy.
  3. Use of equipments like, full-mask, helmet, diving equipment with voice communications, life jackets.
  4. To carry appropriate medical treatment
  5. Maintenance pre-use and preparation for snorkeling.
  6. Convey recommended procedures
  7. Look after the adequate instrumentation for gas quality monitoring.
  8. Buddy system.

Risk analysis report for this snorkeling expedition using the rams report


Risk of:

Risk Evaluation:



Chilled water or wind



·         Carry well fitted protections,

·         Prepare participants for exit waters

·         Proper medicine to carry,

·         Contact emergency service


Separation of snorkeller


·         Participants should dive in pairs

·         Have contingency exit points


The participant must abort the expedition and return in the boat.


Death or serious injury.


Participants of dry suit must keep their zip when aboard


·         First aid

·         Contact emergency

Ear Damage



·         Necessary instructions on cleaning ears,

·         Avoid snorkeling if the participant is suffering cold.

Help from buddy or instructor.

Squeezing mask

Participants injury


 Provide instruction on mask equalization

Instructors assistance

Fishing nets

Panic, injury.


Should provide necessary details of area where nets are placed

Leaders assistance and necessary convey of information.

Wild life attack



.To carry necessary safeguard for attacks

· Avoid going near wildlife

·         Carry necessary medical treatments

·         Contact emergencies

About Darwin Harbor:

From April to September the Darwin harbor experiences dry weather. Rainfall occurs during December and April. Pick flow of water occurs around February and the discharge of river is comparatively low (Australiatourism.travel, 2015). Mostly smaller marine habitants are found along with manageable currents. Hence the wildlife and current risks are low.

After analyzing the risk of snorkeling it can be stated that the snorkeling expedition has favorable factors and it can be done in Darwin harbor.



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Yang, Y., Guo, J., Sun, G. and Xu, M. (2013). Characterizing the snorkeling respiration and growth of Shewanella decolorationis S12. Bioresource Technology, 128, pp.472-478.

Duties as a leader for Expedition in Darwin Harbor:

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