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Preferred recruitment method for position selected, inclusive of evidence of research and reasons to support your decisions. Method is appropriate for data Co Recruitment and Selection Plan position.




1.0 Introduction:

DataCo is a data management company which has been awarded a contract which is expected to transcribe over 3000000 documents in which some are hand written and other are typed into electronic form. These are the Singapore courts useful material like records of findings, evidences and so on from the year 1907. In order to make court proceeding modern and streamline Singapore government arranged the funding for transcribing the document into electronic format, so that they can be searched and scanned and also can be available in pdf format and the result has been stored on database. This similar project had finished in Malaysia by DataCo and now setting a new office in Singapore for same work along with the key staff. Hence DataCo needs to hire well qualified local staff within a time three months time period and within given budget. They handed this responsibility on our Singapore Elite HR company for further assistance and we accomplishing the responsibility through this report.

Report will give most appropriate recruitment methods for the post IT Help Desk Operator and after that preferred selection methods for IT help desk operator’s role are explained in detail.

2.0 Recruitment Methods:

To search and hire appropriate and qualified employees for IT Help Desk Operator position it is very important to use appropriate channels for recruitment. Hence the methods we used for recruitment are online advertisement, profession association advertising and advertising through print media.

2.1 Online Advertising:

Advertising through internet is most cost effective method and more over that it will reach towards more people, the people who view this advertisement will obviously have more computer as well as technical background and hence considered as most appropriate method (Alrichs, Nancy 2000). This advertisement channel will covers all the targeted post. Additional benefits of using this method is easy and faster response producing method compare to other traditional resources (Ashby, Franklin and Arthur 2001). By overlooking this year’s Singapore’s internet job advertisement number, it is in between 106,000 to 139,000 in March and April. It is also observed through the survey that Singapore’s job seeker using the online recruitment channels in order to find and potential job roles in a prestigious company.

The advertisement sites used by us to recruit appropriate candidates are STJOBS and Monster Singapore as these are Singapore’s and most reliable sites for placing the online jobs. STJOBS is largest job placement site in Singapore and Monster Singapore also has near about 1 million unique job hunter month.

2.2 Professional Association Advertising:

In order to recruit well qualified and particular candidate for particular job role from the specialized labor markets this is one of strong methods for recruiting. The posts IT help desk operator is sourced from this method (Deems, Richard 1994). The candidates sourced by the industry specific placements had the proper and better educational qualification and also has higher technical skills as compare to candidates recruited from non-professionals job boards and it was approved by the research (Herman, Roger and Joyce 2001).

In order to source the IT help desk operator the advertisement has been made on Singapore Computer Society and it does not require extra cost because SCS is partner of STJOBS (Dan Schawbel). One benefit of their partnership is as STJOBS placed any job advertisement, they get copied into SCS employment block which is then view by the professional partners and SCS has approximately 120 professional partners along with the major Singapore Universities.

Singapore’s library sector and information service sectors professional organization are used in order to source the qualified librarian for DataCo. Candidates are sourced from the websites which places advertisement for career placement and are affiliated from professional advertisement (Darling, Peter 2007). Starting data of librarian job is earlier than the other four job posts.


2.3 Print Media Advertising:

This is cost effective method as well as large people groups can be reached through the newspaper advertising. Newspaper advertisements are quickly created and published as well. Though the online advertising method is fast and utilized by most people, it is not fair to discard the traditional methods importance too and hence this method also has to be utilized (Meister, Jeanne 2014). Print media advertisement used by the company having less developed brands along with the online advertisement. The regional newspapers can attract more candidates for the advertised post and more applicants mean more options and among this much options good candidates can be selected (Bartram 2005, 1187).

3.0 Selection Methods:

In order to select appropriate, highest performing and well qualified candidate for the post of IT Help Desk Operator relevant selection methods are used and are discussed below with their validity and reliability. The methods are Successive hurdles method which will be used to select candidates among the large intake and it also assist to obtain the great performance related to job role. Then compensatory score card methods and interviewing is performed which is most important and relevant methods and appendix contain more detail description about this method. Next the candidates have to go through the selection tests along with the higher validities.

3.1 Compensatory Scorecard Method:

As we discuss above this method is used to shortlist the IT Help Desk Operator candidates from given intake, here we shortlist 45 candidates and then those candidate go through different tests like online skills checking and personality test after this two test short interview conducted to candidates. We also apply multiple regression method to score the applicants and this method come along with different advantages and also prediction errors will be minimized. If any candidate does not accept the offer then the position will be offered to another best scoring candidate.

3.2 Successive hurdles methods:

In order to select the candidate for IT help desk operator position this method will be used by us to accomplish the selection. Number of remaining applicants after going through each step and full breakdown of the steps for each post can be viewed in Appendix B.

3.3 Selection methods validity and reliability:

3.3.1Reviewing the resumes and application forms:

According to work experiences and education qualification the resumes has been reviewed considering all the positions in mind and also using the scoring principle (Catano, Darr & Campbell 2007, 214). When large number of candidates is there for interviewing process and also performing the same activities then application forms will be useful in order to keep minimum costs with less interviews. Weighting assigned according to application forms which is mostly focused on job related questions. Application form is included contain statement of information for the applicant which inform that the information provided by then is checked and is performed in order to reduce the applicant errors.

The information given in resume will be helpful in predicting the candidates’ characteristics according to the specific job. The validity of this work experience along with job performance is 0.27 measured by Cheng and Dainty (2005, 385). Recruiter’s use resumes on the basis of work and experience and is studied by Homer (2001, 60) and they made a conclusion that individual recruiters fell between inter related reliability level up to 0.60 and 0.70. Recruiters have to focus the logical and mathematical ability along with the language skills.


3.3.2 Testing of skills:

The candidates are tested over the criteria aligned by Singapore’s Alpha Numeric test for data entry and error rate is 98% and words per minute is score delivered constraints.

Short listed applicants then go through further test in assessment centre which involve PI-R personality test, skills checks and essential tests for checking computer literacy and abstract reasoning test. The test results show no vital changes in with or without supervision types.

Validity of this performance testing method is measured at 0.33 Draganidis and Mentzas (2006, 63) and 0.42 validity could be reached for skills testing for clerical positions.

3.3.3 Cognitive Testing:

The Singapore norm online tests are used under cognitive testing and that can be scored without any professional training. Among the other selection methods this type of testing has high validity of all selection methods. It is mostly valid and useful for job roles prediction as those posts requires higher professionalism level and managerial level. It is the important characteristics of cognitive testing those candidates are selected on performance level.


Validity of cognitive testing on the basis of job and training performances is shown below:

0.73 is job proficiency validity and 0.91 is training validity in accordance with the computer programmers related job roles measured by (Horton 2000, 310)

Kochanski and Ruse (1996, 30) measured professional validity as 0.74, whereas 0.69 for managers and 0.32 for clerical.

3.3.4 Testing of personalities:

It is significant to check that the applicants applying for the job really have those personality traits to accomplish their job roles and to screen out them with high neuroticism. This personality testing is conducted through Neo FFI PI-R online test. As the test is carried through internet and it is not easy to identify the correct answers hence cheating percentage is very low due to which true personality will be invoked. Conscientiousness is vital characteristics to measure performance on the basis of proficiency in job and training and personal information (McEvoy, Hayton, Wrnick, Mumford, Hanks and Blahna, 2005, 400). Jobs autonomy is impacted over personality validity. For example IT Help Desk Operator requires high level of problem solving quality in applicants and hence this testing is used for improvement. Good problem solving qualities are initiative taking, quick decision making, high openness to experience and conscious.

3.3.5 Assessment Centres:

IT help desk operators candidates requires job role high level of interpersonal activities and hence assessment centres are utilized. These centres are very useful and assessors should have to train effectively for running and testing. Every job roles requirements should known by the assessors and participants behavior will be observed according to it, then the participants are divided according to behavior, and their behavior quality has been judged, and determines evaluation rating of candidates. The HR staff at Elite Company will have the ability to run the assessment centres, still the training is provided to assessors of assessment centre before one day of assessment centre testing on recording of behavior and exercises of applicants.

The group within the AC performs an exercise of group discussion without leader, this exercise requires that applicants involve and discuss a given topic on their own without appointing any leader. This leaderless group discussion will help the assessor to observe and identify and rate the candidates oral communication skills, leadership qualities, detailed discussion, information about topic which is related to the qualities required for the IT help desk operators job. Rausch, Sherman, and Washbush, (2002, 187) measured validity of this selection technique as 0.36 towards job performance.

3.3.6 Selection through interviews:

Appendix C includes the interview questions and judging criteria for selecting highest performing candidate for IT Help Desk Operators post. This is mostly used and effective selection method in order to select the applicant on the basis of their knowledge assessed through various interview questions and has high validity if interview taken efficiently. Interview questions are related to the job roles and according to the requirement of that position and are proven to increase validity and reliability. Validity of structured interview is 0.51 as measured by Sanchez and Levine, (2009, 61) while unstructured interviews 0.37 validity and hence interviews are taken in structured manner. First to build informal rapport with applicant the behavior based and situational based interview questions will be included in interview lists. BBI questions have high validity than situation based interview questions that are 0.31 and 0.25 respectively and hence obviously BBI will be used mostly than SI’s.

3.3.7 Check Background and reference of candidates:

It is important to check the educational background of the candidates approached for the job, to ensure that they have the qualifications as stated in resume for IT help desk operator posts, it is must to check education background. Checking the references given by the candidates is very significant procedure during selection process in order to satisfy DataCo’s legal obligations towards their employees. Interviewees’ personality and character is identified by checking reference and external sources are used to assess previous job performance of the applicant (Spencer, 2004).

With the help of meta-analysis the authors Schmidt and Hunter, (1998, 265) measured selection validity of reference checking method is 0.26. At the last round of selection process reference checking is utilized and is not used as screening too, because its reliability is measured very low approximately 0.40 or less.


4.0 Developing job and person description forms:

It is crucial thing to create the job and personal description forms in order to accomplish the recruitment and selection processes. The criteria applicants should follow in order to apply for the IT Help Desk Operators job and job description is given below:

IT help desk operators Job description form for DataCo


Last Updated:            1st March 2012

Job Title:                    IT help desk operators

Reporting to:             TBC

Level:                          Support level

Salary:                        best in industry

Hours:                        Full time

Location:                    Singapore

Job description:

There role is to assess the staff if they have any difficulties related to hardware or software uses. They can use multiple medium for this and result has to be documented. They also have responsibility of training new staff regarding to new software and hardware. They should be responsible for maintaining scanning devices and updating and software and hardware whenever necessary. They are required to work in Singapore office on the basis of full time and have to report the team leader. Ensure about the data security is imperative for the IT help desk operator which is done by monitoring and managing the issues.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Job Responsibility and duty


Have to answer all staff queries with all available mediums


Resolution records has to be created for future use


Can install the needful hardware and software


Provide and monitor hardware and software training of new staff


Monitoring and managing security of data


Maintain and support the remote computing applications and VPNs



DataCo Person Description Form  

Last Updated:            1st March 2012

Job Title:                    IT Help Desk Operator



Essential: MS Certified Desktop support technician along with tertiary IT degree.

Optional: Oracle training courses, Microsoft certified IT professional: Enterprise support technician

Required work experience and skills:


  • The candidate should have 2 or more years experience in an IT support role
  • Oracle system expert
  • Having full knowledge about all Microsoft office suits and Microsoft windows
  • Excellent skills of problem solving


  • Experience in data security

Personal qualities and behavioral traits:

  • Excellent verbal communication and writing skills required
  • Able to work in team environment
  • High level of literacy and numeracy required
  • Should be able to do multitask and prioritize work

5.0 Evaluating the recruitment and selection practices:

It is critical to evaluate the success of our recruitment and selection plan. According to us we used most efficient and effective recruitment and selection process to appoint the best candidates for the required posts of DataCo.


5.1 Recruitment method evaluation:

Through this we evaluated the return we are invested in the different channels for advertisement. This evaluation can be conducted sufficiently by collecting the numbers of responses arrived from advertisement and then cross checked them with the recruitment costs. This data is collected from STJOBS and Monster Singapore websites we used for posting our advertisements.

5.2 Selection method evaluation:

According to the Shippmann et al. (2000, 706) selection method are nothing but rational model of estimates. He further concluded that employees performing higher than 85% are categorized as good employees, on and below 15% performing employees are categorized as poor and other 50% performing are standard deviation category. The selection method return is based in SD because it categorized the employees as good or poor in performance and if the SD shows good graph that means we recruited highly performing employees and vice versa.

6.0 Conclusion:

The report has been given a detailed and full version for recruitment and selection procedure adopted by Elite HR Company for DataCo. Singapore. DataCo is needed to accomplish a project within two year and we find out local qualified and well performing employees for them. For this purpose we used different techniques and methods in order to place best candidates for DataCo.


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