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Decision-Making And Risk Analysis: Thinking Without Thinking

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Analyse the Report for Decision-Making and Risk Analysis of Thinking without Thinking.




This study deals with book named as Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking (Gladwell 2012). This is the second book written by Malcolm Gladwell in the year 2005. It is widely presented in a popular science format research especially from psychology as well as behavioral economics based upon adaptive unconscious (Beatty 2012). The mental process works on rapid mode as well as automatically on relative little information at the same time. It includes both strengths of various adaptive unconscious in case of expert judgment as well as pitfalls like stereotypes at the same time. This particular begins with story line of Getty Kouros. This was a statute brought in by Paul Getty Museum in California. Most of the experts are of the opinion in looking for initial responses that is skeptical in nature. Letter tracing turns history as well as references postal codes and bank accounts for existing ways for future analysis purpose. Experts were unsure of the fact relating authenticity of Kouros (Kourdi 2011). T requires limited knowledge in case of Greek sculpture for specified period in committing mistakes. Ekman claims in facing rich source for making facial expressions on volunteer basis. It dictates involuntary system in automatic expression of personal emotions. In this particular book, it is easy to understand the fact that understanding intelligence as well as intuition proves important as far as possible. Gladwell mainly speaks regarding importance of holism in case of unconscious intelligence for taking care of the situation for future analysis purpose. Addition to that, he stresses on matters relating to unconscious intelligence relying upon finding simple underlying patterns in an effective way. It determines certain interacting factor in case of holism consistency as far as underlying signatures is considered (Moore 2011). In most of the vital situations, holism as well as simple underlying signatures pulls out ways in various directions in the near future.

The Statue that dint look right

Summarize the key concepts or point of author

Gladwell introduction to Blink indicates presentation of example of J.Paul Getty Museum purchase of statute. It turns out to be forgery in the near future. Getty approached by art dealer in the year 1983 who actually claimed in and for sixth century BC Greek Statue for sale purpose  (Zaleski 2011). In the initial first two seconds, it is easy to understand the fact regarding essence of statute in comparison with team at Getty in understanding ways for fourteen months. Blink is one of those books in first two seconds in the most appropriate way. Gladwell introduces story of Kouros lie an ancient Greek sculpture of young naked male as acquired by J. Paul Getty Museum in the year 1983. It is important to understand the fact that Kouros is rare in nature. Resulted attributes shows that Kouros sells more than $10 billion. It is all because of the hefty price tag. Addition to that, Getty Museum was careful in testing ways for viewing at forgery Kouros. Just after fourteen months of detailed analysis, Getty determines ways that Kouros for real upbringing of Statute as far as possible (Bassett 2012).

Discussion on each point whether it is interesting or wrong

There is long time debate on the topic on Kouros and gathered some interesting fact at the same time. After all, it is noticed that Getty case began in falling apart largely that need urgent consideration for the same. It turns out to be gathering facts on documents used for proving statue authenticity for future analysis purpose (Gladwell and Ruiter 2012). Experts examines facts on statute in great detail as well as comes into realization that it can be used as hodgepodge styles in various places in specified time. In the present state, statute is considered as widely fake in nature.

Identification of the purpose of the concept and affecting thinking process or behavior

The main purpose of the above concept jumps into conclusion known as adaptive unconscious. Gladwell clarifies that adaptive unconsciousness is kind of computer that mainly quickly as well as quietly process in data for proper functioning of human beings in an overall manner. It mainly turns out as part of human beings from brain as and on regular basis (Malcolm 2012).


The theory of thin slices- How little bit of knowledge goes long way

Summarize the key concepts or point of author

This affects the thinking process as well as reacts towards new pair of sneakers and interviewing a babysitter at the same time. It makes decision on quick basis under stress in case of suing adaptive unconscious (Cokins 2012).

Discussion on each point whether it is interesting or wrong

Most of the scholars are of the opinion that Kouros was real in nature. It is something about the statute that did not look right at any point of time. Thomas Hoving who was the former director of Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York viewed at the statute and called it as fresh. Angelos Delivorrias who was the director of Benaki Museum in Athens looks up the statute as wave of immediate disgust.

Identification of the purpose of the concept and affecting thinking process or behavior

Gladwell mainly argues that they need to accept mystery for certain snap judgments as well as pursue in possible ways. It needs ways for attaining respect for possible cause as well as better way in attaining the same attributes as far as possible.

The Locked Door- The Secret life of snap decisions

Summarize the key concepts or point of author

According to author, continuous learning improves level of quality for making decisions in case of accepting mysterious nature of certain snap judgments. In the very beginning of the particular chapter, it is revealed by Gladwell that there is two wide facts regarding snap judgments (Croskerry 2012). These are as follows:

It s basically quick in nature

It is unconscious that needs proper consideration

The above-mentioned characteristics are mostly confusing in nature and behavior pattern at the same time. It is because of the snap judgments that make conscious decisions in explaining hard time as well as forming tem for the same. Gladwell mainly involves in believing in viewing at the inability ways for rationalizing quick decision-making process. It is one of the important ways for acknowledging enormous power snap judgments as thin slices in other places for mysterious reasons in the most appropriate way. Gladwell commented that it was one of the problems with Getty Museum (Plessner, Betsch and Betsch 2011). He mainly explains ways that makes work of Getty in putting faith in scientists as well as lawyers in providing documented proof on theories. It involves experts who claim ways for including inexplicable gut feelings.


Discussion on each point whether it is interesting or wrong

Primed for Action

In this particular section, Gladwell introduces ways termed as priming experiment. It is important to understand the fact that priming experiment uses certain subconscious techniques that affects physical actions for testing given group in action. For instance, scrambled word test for asking in rearranging words as provided in four-word sentence (Bargh and Williams 2012).

Identification of the purpose of the concept and affecting thinking process or behavior

This concept mainly highlights functioning of big computers working without using conscious knowledge. Gladwell mainly argues in understanding the fact for adaptive unconscious working in smooth functioning of required activities in an overall manner. Gladwell uses example of Ted Williams. He is one of the Major League baseball hitters. He was asked regarding his attainment of success and claims that watches ball while hitting by bat. Science does not agree with that statement by any chance (Blink 2012). It proves that resulting ball speed causes closeness at the time of five feet flight. It was confronted ways for gaining information by Williams in getting viable information in the most appropriate way.

The Warren Harding Error- Why we fall for tall, dark and handsome men

Summarize the key concepts or point of author

In this particular chapter, it is taken rapid cognition on serious note. It mainly acknowledges incredible power for good as well as ill for first impressions playing in daily lives. It requires taking active steps for managing as well as controlling impressions at the same time. Gladwell mainly highlighted downsides in case of thin slicing. He especially uses Warren Harding who was 29th President of America. Warrren Harding was notoriously handsome man. He was never considered as a good politician though (Gladwell 2012). Therefore, Harding demeanor as well as physique and voice clearly portrayed aura base of powerful leadership falling in love. He was elected President as well as Gladwell argues based upon physical appearance. At the end, Harden became on e of the worst presidents as far as American history is concerned.

Discussion on each point whether it is interesting or wrong

It is interesting in discussing the point that Warren Harding considers as disadvantageous in thin slicing. There are facts about people appearance depending upon size as well as color triggering similar set of powerful associations in the most appropriate way (Hoan and Hoai 2015). Gladwell aims at believing in primed words as discussed in chapter 2 based upon physical appearance in an overall manner. In case of Warren Harding election, presidency proves valid point of Gladwell. People thought ways for Gladwell for making great leader, as he was well distinguished as well as handsome for the same.


Identification of the purpose of the concept and affecting thinking process or behavior

On critical analysis, it is noticed that unconscious may not always corresponds equally with certain beliefs like conscious values. Gladwell mainly highlights points on certain facts for using Implicit Association Test for an instance (Cox 2012). IAT test involves list of items that are rapidly place based upon subjects in two separate columns at the same time. Test taker asks in moving down as far as possible after listing certain things in proper ways. It puts checkmarks in column as well as corresponds against each word for the same. Most people test ways for bringing strong mental connections like Male and Career as well as Female and Family in an overall manner (Hwang and Yoon 2012).

Why crucial decisions cannot be made in the blink of an eye

Summarize the key concepts or point of author

It is mainly outraged by downward spiral in case of intellect as well as culture in the near future. Michael offers other side of Malcolm Gladwell considers as bestselling phenomenon known as Blink. It is one of the theorized ways in case of best decision-making in case of impulse as well as factual knowledge based upon critical analysis at the same time (Plessner, Betsch and Betsch 2011).

Discussion on each point whether it is interesting or wrong

It is interesting in understanding the fact that bestselling books advises ways for thinking upon though process on argument by LeGault (Zsambok and Klein 2014). It comes special surprising ways that is sharp, incisive reasoning that becomes as a loss for art in everyday live for people in every part of the world.

Identification of the purpose of the concept and affecting thinking process or behavior

The main purpose considers as Age of Reason morphed in Age of Emotion at the same time. The systematic erosion costs time, money as well as jobs and lives in the 21st century in an overall manner (Pettigrew 2014). It leads ways for less fulfillment as well as growing dysfunction in the most appropriate way. LeGault mainly provides ways for keeping it bold, controversial as well as objective analysis on certain causes as well as solutions. It should make ways in solving biggest problems faced in Western culture in the present scenario (Plessner, Betsch and Betsch 2011). From most of the overloaded reality TV shows as well as gossip magazines, it renders level of curiosity in mind as well as spirit. It obsoletes permissive parenting as well as low standard caused by an academic crisis in and among children. LeGault views at other aspects of lives as well as points that is going wrong at the same time (Hwang and Masud 2012).

Blink in black and white

Summarize the key concepts or point of author

Malcolm Gladwell book known as Blink provides certain anecdotal account on matters relating to splitting second decisions in the given process in action. Gladwell takes it as rapid cognition as well as thin slicing for future analysis purpose. Gladwell aims at distinguishing ways for types from rapid cognition different from intuition that claims emotional terms in distinct rational process in the most appropriate way (Hwang and Yoon 2012). It is one of the thinking processes especially for simple movers as well as little faster in case of ordinary conscious and deliberative decision-making process.


Discussion on each point whether it is interesting or wrong

One of the most interesting part in the books deals from the first impressions in and about race as well as happening relating at subconscious level. In the chapter, Gladwell explains on The Warren Harding Error and conducts IAT test at the same time (Plessner, Betsch and Betsch 2011). This test helps in measuring person attitude at unconscious level as well as immediate automatic associations at the same time.

Identification of the purpose of the concept and affecting thinking process or behavior

The main purpose was to bring out personal attitude taken place towards race as well as gender operation at two different levels. First level is the conscious level. People select the way for future analysis purpose. IAT measures attitude towards attainment towards racism on unconscious level. It depends upon automatic associations in tumbling out deliberate selection of unconscious attitudes in the near future (Hwang and Yoon 2012).


From the above chapter by Gladwell, it is easy to gather interesting fact regarding the book Blink. Gladwell mentioned information that mainly interfere accurate judgment or doctor diagnosis at the same time. Gladwell mainly contends as age information overloaded as well as finds experts in making better decisions in case of snap judgments depending upon the volume analysis in the most appropriate way. It is known as Analysis paralysis. It is challenging way in shifting focus from certain critical information in an overall manner. It requires collecting information from case like reinforcement of judgment values for measuring the accuracy as far as possible. Gladwell aims at explaining better judgment for execution of simple and fragile information for future analysis purpose. This particular book under study argues in case of making intuitive judgment in developing experience as well as training and knowledge for the same. Gladwell claims ways for prejudicing as well as operating at an intuitive unconscious level in case of conscious attitudes. It is perfect example of halo effect. It is the condition whereby people possess salient positive quality in relation with superior as well as unrelated aspects. He uses 1999 killing of Amadou Diallo. It depends upon rapid as well as intuitive judgment in case of possessing disastrous effects.


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