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Destination Auditing: A Case Of COSTWOLDS Area Add in library

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Assignment Remit

You are asked to assume the role as a consultant, specialising in destination management. You have been asked by Cotswold Tourism to undertake a destination audit critically analysing the current situation of the destination.

Cotswold Tourism has identified the need to balance tourism growth from three distinct source markets which offer the best potential. These are the UK domestic market, key European countries and thirdly the expanding Asian Markets; in particular India and China.  Your analysis will form the basis of any future change of strategy by the organisation.

In order to achieve this, you should complete the Destination Audit Toolkit which provides a framework for auditing the destination and for highlighting to the key issues facing the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty when considering your chosen target market.  

For the purpose of this assignment your analysis should focus on one specific country. This could be the UK or any European or Asian Market. As visitors from your chosen country are unlikely to behave as a homogenous group, you should consider the needs and opportunities offered by different t market segments within your chosen country.



1.0. Responsible tourism:

This is a report that is based upon the destination management of tourism. This report discusses the role, policies of destination management for Cotswold Tourism. This place is diversified with beautiful landscape.  Every form of tourism can be made as responsible tourism. As stated by Beesley-De Andrade et al. (2013), responsible tourism refers to the making of best place for the purpose of visit of the people. The group of people who manage the destination for the sake of tourists and the place can be responsible in order to sustain the particular place of tourism. Destination management is a wide idea that can help in order to maximize the benefit of the growth of that particular place. Sustainability of that destination can be the effective process of responsible tourism.

1.1. Detail role of Cotswold Tourism:

According to Hudson (2013), Cotswold is a popular tourist destination of United Kingdom. Per year millions of tourist attend Cotswold. This place has maintained its reputation within national as well as international level. This area generates £425 million per year for the economy of U.K. The Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is the protected area and several types of management plans have been taken to improve sustainable tourism within this place. Cotswold Conservation Board has taken initiative for conserving and enhancing the Cotswold AONB. This board has also taken initiative to enhance the living standard of the inhabitants of this region. In order to sustain the cultural heritage of the place this board has also done many initiatives (, 2015).

Cotswold has taken the initiative to promote sustainable tourism. Several joint initiatives have been taken to promote a green tourism project for the locality of Cotswold.  Cotswold Conservation Board has maintained an effective relationship with its wide range of stakeholders (, 2015).

1.2. Stakeholders for DMO:

As stated by Lugosi and Walls (2013) Destination management organization has different as well as huge ranges of stakeholders. Visitors, community, tourism industry service, several regional authorities are the stakeholders of a Destination management organization. On the other hand Pearce and Schänzel (2013) argued that, shareholders, top level of management and the partners, general public, various types of trade associations, local inhabitants, trade unions, customers, employees, supplies and different types of Non Governmental Organizations are the important stakeholders for a Destination Management Organization as Cotswold. Effective relation and collaboration always have to be maintained in order to engage all types of stakeholders within the activities of destination management of a place.

1.3. Important policies and strategies:

According to Hudson (2013), strategy of Cotswold conservation Board is to deliver a sustainable tourism within the place. It has taken its strategies to strengthen the collaboration among the different group of stakeholders. It has also maintained a strong partnership with all group of stakeholder. It has also taken the policies to protect the environment of that particular region (, 2015).

On the other hand, Lugosi and Walls (2013) stated that, the basic role of this board is to conserve and enhance the environment. Protection of environment from severe tourism activities have been taken by this board. This board has also taken initiative to deliver the process of sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism has a growing importance in the world of tourism. Therefore, this board has taken various types of initiatives in order to protect the environment from pollution that can be caused by tourism activities of tourists. On the other hand, this board will take initiatives for strengthening the cultural diversity of the people of the place. Cultural heritage have to be maintained by the board for delivering sustainable tourism in that place (Info, 2015)


2.0 Market Analysis

2.1 Market Overview of Cotswold Tourism in Asian Markets

Lingaraja et al. (2014) commented on the fact that with the unique arts, crafts, fabulous festivals along with mesmerized and dramatic landscape, Cotswold has been an emerging as one of best tourism destinations in the global world. Cotswold has a wonderful cocktail mixture of heritage, culture, coasts along with countryside that gives a perfect tourism destination among the customers. According to the viewpoint of Aalto (2015) there are several attractions and tourist destination spots that includes Roman Baths, Cotswold Falconry, Hailes Abbey, Corinum Museum , Newark Park etc. that are global destinations that helps in attraction of several tourists all around the world.

From the outlook of Tilly et al. (2015) after successful growth of the Cotswold tourism in the European countries including UK, it is trying to expand its market globally across Asian countries like India and China. With the increase in expansion of tourism industries in Asia, the tendency of the Asians in order to explore and visit European countries are also increasing at the rapid pace. In addition to this, Hsieh and Nieh (2010) commented that sustainable tourism has captured today’s market in a huge amount that makes the tourism to these places attractive to the customers. It has been seen statistically that India, China. Korea and even Japan are the developing tourism markets. According to the outlook of Lal Bhasin (2010), the visitor increase in Cotswold from Asian market is increasing by an average of 15% every year. In addition to this, the joining of Cotswold tourism in the Japanese and Chinese campaigns and creating the micro websites in these languages helped the tourism marketing to a huge extent.

2.2 Key growth segments

Please describe your target market including important demographic information

Please discuss the  key motivations to visit the Cotswold’s

List the core products or themes enjoyed by these visitors

Please justify why this segment offer potential for the Cotswold’s

Niche Market

Walkers and Cyclists along with weekend holidays

Aalto (2015) had commented that the tourists in order to seek holidays at low cost options of accommodation. Along with this, Hsieh and Nieh (2010) also had a view that walkers and cyclists in order to increase their interest in making their health better seek holidays and places that will give them relaxation.  

Chalford &Stroud, South Cotswold, Severe Vale

Lal Bhasin (2010) commented that this segment offers potential to Cotswold since now days, the people need some occasional breaks that will freshened hem up as well as help them to spend time with families.

 Rural, environmental as well as conservation





With the aim of environmental tourism along with conservation of the environment for sustainable marketing, Cotswold’s visit motivates the tourists.

In addition to this, Lingaraja et al. (2014) the presence of local wildlife, geology trusts, nature reserves and geology trails are the motivating factors that attracts the tourists to a great extent.

Mill Dene Garden, Westonbirt Arboretum, Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

The tourists that are highly focused towards the sustainable tourists prefer these places due to greenery as well as refreshment (Aalto, 2015).


Historical Places



The rich cultural heritages, distinctive geographical areas, are the special treats to the tourists that have aimed for visiting the historical regions. So from the viewpoint of Tilly et al. (2015) these historical regions are the motivators to the tourists that are more interested in historical regions.

Roman Baths, Blenheim Palace, Holst Birthplace Museum

According to the opinion of Shyu and Sun (2010) there are certain people who are focused towards the historical regions that will help the people in get to know about the histories and origins of those places. 

 3.1 Tousrism Product Portfolio

Tourism portfolio:

Full Name

Cotswold district, Gloucestershire, England

Official language


National Language



139, 000 


Catholic and Protestants and Baptists


US $ , Euro€ and Pound  £



Architectural products

Natural beauty with various visitors with more than  500, 000 per year.  some of the scenery and beauty are given below

Chipping Campden

It is very much situated  on the northern side of the Cotswold. This is one of the major market place of Cotswold  build in the 7th of centaury  just with stone and bricks. During the year 1902 the various types of heritage guilds  are very much pushed down here (, 2015).  Number of craftsman and old silk material are sold and brought here. This place is now museum which is made of fabulous creative design


This place very much based on the art and is build in the 20th century.  Some of the major British personalities like Henry James and Edmund goose has workshop here.

Snow hill manor

It is one of the classic form of country house  with full of architect and gardens are  full of arts and light.

Burton on the water

 It is one of the  greenery view with five budges along with 17th centaury houses build around. This place is mostly visited by children and family (, 2015).

Local authorities

Transport facilities, clean water, Conservation board along with public health safety are present here with hospitals and Police stations. Local conservation department ahs banned the car or the any other energy sources. Cycling and horse riding are some of the exquisite style is been chosen to promote the Green tourism (, 2015).

3.2 Supporting Products and Infrastructure

Supporting the products and infrastructure by :

 Accommodation: Small number of hotels motels, reposts and paying guest.  Cheaper accommodations around $70 to $250 are available.  There are also some of paying guest or home stay that gives the tourist to for night stay for only $15 (Akyol, 2013).  Some of the major facilities are 24*7 water, toilet, comfort room and local food and pleasurable and warm welcome. This would attract the Asian people because of low cost and enjoying the scenic beauty (, 2015). 

Places to eat: Some of major restaurant like Champignon Sausage  is very much known for its multi-cuisine restaurants that offers Italian and Chinese and Thai delicacies. Apart from that, Chipping Norton is famous for its English delicates and local delicacies like Chesses roasted chicken with soya sauce (Dorenda-Zaborowicz, 2012). Lastly wild garlic sells the organic and vegetarian food which are much based on the on the heart of town.

Transport: Transportation facilities like clean road and cycling and horse riding some of the popular transportation facilities available in the Cotswolds. Apart from that, there have been other major transportation facilities for reach at the cots world is train or bus or hiring or sharing of cab. (Fisher, 2014). However, lack of destination flight is also one of the major issues which hampering its business of tourist.

One of the major issues is Local civic society the people who are promoting the religion. Various cultural group and heritage group are very much is coming with new conservation norms which is very much difficult to maintain. 


3.3 Image and branding

In order to improve the image and branding of the Cotswold destination some  of the major techniques are to be use:

Better Promotion activities: With the help of creating the social media fan page , place would be very much popular. Some of the social media platform like  Face book fan page and twitter handler would create right  set of buzz in the market or improve the image of the destinations (, 2015). Along with that, brochures and websites would also another major way to attract the Asian because Asian travelers  are inspired by the them.

3.3.1 Brand image

Outdoors Games: With hiking , Skiing and camping and some of the  other adventure sports are very attract the tourist now a days (Fisher, 2014).

Amusement parks: Amusement parks and aquariums are some of the major way to families and children to engaging (Fisher, 2014). Amusement parks and aquarium would creates  right way of connect with Asian market because of the  most of world traveler in Asian are families with 22.3% .

These are some of the few things which will help to improve the image and branding of the destinations.

4.0 Analyses of environment of Cotswolds Destination

4.1 Competitor Analysis

In the Europe country, there are several destinations where people visited mostly. Following table demonstrates the current top competitors with details that help in understanding appropriate reason of competition within the market is.  









It is the top most competitors of the Cotswolds. Majority of people prefer for visit on Yorkshire due to the popularity of place. According to Berman (2009), Yorkshire is called the God’s Own County on the earth. Apart from that, food and drink reputation of the place is best within the European Countries. The sheer beauty of the region attracts visitors mostly.

According to the opinion of analyst, Cotswolds is weaker rather than the Yorkshire because it is the top most favourite region in Europe. However, in the region of Yorkshire, people get food and drink in both high quality as well as low price (Fu and Qu, 2013). It is also one valid reason regarding attraction of visitors.






It is also another great competitor of Cotswolds in Europe region. According to Baekgaard and Jensen (2011), Bath is the most beautiful small city in England. However, due to popularity, people from different region are visited to the place regularly. Apart from that, the management department of Bath county already established their county as a most favourable part of tourism destination in Europe market. This destination is also popular from the life and time of one resident Jane Austen. Moreover, the region is also become popular for Holburne and One Royal Crescent.   

Cotswolds is weaker rather than the Bath in Europe from the point of view of best destination spot of tourism. Apart from that, within the Bath region, shopping, eating, staying and drinking has lots of facilities rather than the Cotswolds. People can find any place for staying in within few kilometres. Moreover, the dearth of good and affordable place make popular instead of Cotswold in Europe region.






It is also another key competitor of Cotswolds. Strolls, cream teas, craggy coves, picnic spots, pints, etc attract people to visit the Devon. Apart from that, Devon folk make the place popular for tourism in Europe. Within the region of Devon, People can easily get Lamb, pheasant, cheese, apple juice, ice cream, etc (, 2015).

From the point of facilities, Cotswolds is much stringer rather than the Devon. Because, Cotswolds is an old destination place in UK. However, in the Cotswolds county, people get food and drink easily as well as find the place of staying with affordable price (Upson et al. 2012).  The Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty attract people most rather than the Devon.

4.2 Discussion of important trends that are likely to affect your key target market in the next two years.

In order to expand the visitors and attract the people of target market several trends has to be involve by the company. These trends helps making plan for maximizing the customers awareness in target market of the company especially in the Asian Markets where people likes to visit from one place to another. Following are the trends that affect the Cotswolds destination’s target market –

Social Media: This is the most important and potential trends in these days that allowed the business organisation in increasing customers as well as engaging them. Two effective social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter is the current trends of expanding business as well as attract customers in target market (Halliman, 2009). Through social media, Cotswolds is able to provide ads and tweet or updates about their famous place that attract customers. 

Publishing on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media network site in these days. Majority of business owners alongside managers, leaders, administrators shows their activity on LinkedIn (Mikulia and Prebaac, 2012). Therefore, publishing image of famous place and tweeting about the place can able to attract customers of Asian Markets towards visiting the Cotswolds.

Advertising: In order to attract the customers and understanding them about the place, Cotswolds have to provides advertise on the local news paper, daily as well as weekly magazine with image and contexts (Steve Fong and Wong, 2012). Apart from that, advertise through TV channel and taking sponsors in different tournament such as tannins, cricket, Olympic Games, etc can allow to attract customers towards Cotswold.


5.1 Conclusions - The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)

The assessment of all the key issues of the tourism in the Cotswolds based on the Asian market is summarised in the following SWOT analysis which are discussed below:


It is a well-established and also a high profile place for the tourists across the overseas and also UK. It is one of the largest and also the second largest site of the England. In the international context it is one of the important wildlife habitats and sites. The visitor’s loyalty of this place is also high with the repeat visits of the visitors due to which it also can target the Asian market and the Asian peoples also can interested towards this place. There is also having the availability of the numerous cultural attractions which helps to attract the large numbers of the people of the various countries along with the Asian people towards the place. The natural view of the place is on the basis of the high quality and also helps to build a good environment. The site is also in a very good place surrounded by the nearby places of historic places and also the attractive gateways. This place is also bearing the wide range facilities and the services for the visitors which also help to set up in the Asian market. The present communities and the people are very friendly in nature which also attracts the people Goranczewski et al. (2010).



On the basis of the Asian market, the Cotswolds area considered as an expensive places. The maintenance of the roads and places are also not that much good. Some of the areas of the Cotswolds bearing limited mobile phone coverage. There is also present of the continued growth in the completions in this limited share market. Due to the presence of these problems it becomes impossible to set up in the Asian market Kartakoullis et al. (2002).


Now days there occurs some of the development of the new products to add up in the features of the Cotswolds such as cycling, walking, conservation etc which also can give some of the opportunities to build up in the Asian market. It also has the opportunities to do the growth in the heritage tourism. It also helps to improve the importance of the country side in respect of wellbeing and health Reihanian et al. (2012).


In respect of threats to build up in the Asian market there are increased numbers of the competitions with the various destinations of UK and also the overseas. There are also the various uncertainties of the proper land use planning which lead to the inappropriate development Reihanian et al. (2012).

5.2. Summary Conclusion

Cotswolds is one of the high profile destinations within the Europe country. The destination ANOB is one of the largest tourist places in UK. The most important thing that attracts people towards Cotswolds is the wildlife habits and sites. The key issue that may affect in de-motivating people of Asian Market is the price. Cotswolds is the most expensive place in UK. Therefore, Majority of people in Asian Market is price sensitive. It may not allow in attracting the consumers from the target markets. Apart from that low presence of current visitors, also affect customer’s mind negatively in Asian Market.


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