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Discuss about the  Develop Sustainability Policy.



The following sustainability policy is developed to enable the business conduct it operations in the most effective and efficient way by enabling and respects all stakeholders’ interests. The policy ensures recognition of the stakeholders, interest and need in the business5. Therefore the business will be able to engage on sustainable operations that will benefit all it stakeholders and lead to business success. This policy will ensure that the business does not only exist to maximize its owner’s wealth but also as part of the society that has to relate ethically with other stakeholders.

Planning sustainability

The plan sustainability developed in this paper is for a food business in Australia. The plan focuses on the available information about standards and guidelines available in food industry.  Second, -planning sustainability process will focuses on methods and techniques of the sustainability policy that will be used. The process will also identify and consult stakeholders to the business. Lastly the planning process will outline recommendations that will ensure effectiveness of the sustainability policy that is being developed.

MacDonald information

The Macdonald is a food business that will open as a franchise in Sydney outskirts. The business will involve in preparing meals and selling to the public by opening outlets in high traffic areas. The outlets will be involved in sale of fast food to customers. The business will have skilled employees who will prepare dishes ready for consumption.

Sources of standards

The food industry is much protected by the industry best practices, guidelines, organizational specifications and legislations specifications. The Food businesses must comply with this standard unless they fall under the definition of 'primary food production'. FSANZ is developing Primary Production and processing standards separately. Food handlers must also comply with the requirements that relate specifically to food handlers. Standard 3.2.Isets out specific food handling controls related to the receipt, storage, processing, display, packaging, transportation, disposal and recall of food. Other requirements relate to the skills and knowledge of food handlers and their supervisors, the health and hygiene of food handlers, and the cleaning, sanitizing and maintenance of the food premises and equipment within the premises. If complied with, these requirements will ensure that food does not become unsafe or unsuitable.


"Food Safety Practices and General Requirements Standard 3.2.2", in, , 2017,> [accessed 5 April 2017].

Methods and Techniques of writing the policy

The sustainability policy will aim to dematerialize and optimize consumption of the businesses products in the Australian food market. It will involve methods that will increase functionality of the business’s products to meet customers’ needs. The consumption optimization method will enable meeting the customers demand more sustainability. The food prepared in the business will at meeting customer’s nutritional requirements thereby improving their lives 2.

Techniques to be used will be product and service improvement and system improvement in developing the company’s sustainability policy. Systems Improvement techniques to make systems more sustainable include by instituting Environmental Management Systems and multi stakeholder involvement. Product and Service Improvement technique ensure products and services more sustainable include: Life Cycle Management, Eco-design, Eco-labeling, and Product Service Systems.

Needs and interests of the business stakeholders

The stakeholders of the company will be employees, customers, owners, local communities and regulators. The sustainability policy will address their needs and interests that the business will strive to achieve or balance to enable collective success of all stakeholders.

Customers: They need nutritious, safe and healthy food for their bodies.

Owners: These stakeholders need high returns in their investment. Minimum resource usage and maximum returns.

Local community: They need support for the activities occurring in the society in solving their problems.

Employees: They need safe workplace and good compensation.

2A Johnston, "Constructing Sustainability through CSR: A Critical Appraisal of ISO 26000", in SSRN Electronic Journal.

Regulators: The business should act responsibility to it surrounding (environment)

Sustainability Options and Recommendations

The business should develop the following the following sustainability policies;

Customers’ sustainability policy

Employees Sustainability Policy

Owners Sustainability Policy

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Community sustainability policy



The business should implement the sustainability policies in priorities. For instance it should start with employees, owners and customers’ sustainability policies and lastly implement community sustainability policy.

The business should strictly adhere to industry best practices to avoid withdrawal of permit by the authority.

The business should also continuously review the sustainability policy to enhance improvement thereby enabling efficiency in the business 3.

3J Kens, "Planning and procedures", in, , 2017, <> [accessed 5 April 2017].

Recommendation for effectiveness in the business;

The business should formulate a comprehensive and appropriate employee’s sustainability policy that will continuously improve skills in order to improve their effectiveness in the organization.

Sustainability policy development

Company profile

The business will be food outlet located in a high traffic area. The business will be involved in preparation of food for the customers. The business will research, acquire inputs, prepare and sell different dishes to customers who have preference to great taste. The business will be owned by several investors by shares. The business stakeholders will be customers, suppliers, employees, investors, regulators and the community 6.

5D Levi & R Sokoloski, "Cal Poly's Sustainability Program: What is Its Effect on Students?", in Focus, vol. 10, 2013.

6L Hawrysz & J Foltys, "Environmental Aspects of Social Responsibility of Public Sector Organizations", in Sustainability, vol. 8, 2015, 19.

 Purpose of the sustainability policy

The sustainability policy will aim to address the following in the process of developing strategies;

Minimizing resources use by reducing waste

Ensuring there is no toxic materials or hazardous chemical use in preparation of meals

Enabling employing of life cycle management approaches

Promoting sustainability principles in the business

Raising awareness among stakeholders

Enabling training employees in sustainability principles and techniques


Customers’ sustainability policy

The Company will strive to find new ways to strengthen the nutritional profile of the menu items while maintaining the great tastes that customers expect.  The business will adopt menu board labeling which will provides clear kilojoules content information for customers prior to their purchase decision. The business commitment will involve bolder dcision-making, customer-centric innovation and renewed emphasis on the fundamentals extends to our sustainability efforts on nutritional value of meals 7&8.

7"Food Safety Practices and General Requirements Standard 3.2.2", in, , 2017, <> [accessed 5 April 2017].

8"Food Sustainability Choices :: McDonald’s", in, , 2017, <> [accessed 5 April 2017].

The business will be involved in fast food products that are a favorite place for children the business will endorse responsible marketing when promoting products. This will take responsibility to communicate appropriately with families and young people. The business will abide to the Australian Association of National Advertisers and Australian Food and Grocery Council this initiative provides industry standards and guidelines for advertising to children.

The business will be vigilant about food safety standards and will collaborate with government, industry bodies and other experts to support innovation and improvement in food safety practices. To ensure the integrity of the business’ food stringent food safety procedures will be put in place at every stage of the food preparation process. The business will have a food safety plan that is based on the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) approach 9. A HACCP plan will identify hazards to which products might be exposed and the critical points where control measures must be in place.

Suppliers Sustainability Policy

The business will adopt a model that is based on a culture of partnership and collaboration which will make it possible for the supplier to serve consistently safe and high quality food. It will be important to the business that suppliers operate sustainable and profitable businesses and benefit from the partnership with the business. It is also important to the business that it sources products in a responsible and ethical manner that contributes to the development of sustainable agriculture and food manufacturing processes.

Regulators Sustainability Policy

The business will abide the set regulatory food organization in Australia to ensure food safety and integrity is observed. The business will carry it operations in the industry by strict observations of the food standards set to ensuring Australians access safe and health food.

9P Rabinowitz, "Chapter 7. Encouraging Involvement in Community Work | Section 8. Identifying and Analyzing Stakeholders and Their Interests | Main Section | Community Tool Box", in, , 2015, <> [accessed 5 April 2017].

Employees Sustainability Policy

The business will work to provide an employment experience that employees will value, one that is flexible, complements employee’s lifestyles and provides opportunities for the development of life-long skills 11. The business will strive to create a work environment where everyone can expect to be treated equally with dignity and respect. It will encourage all team members to promote a friendly, respectful workplace and to discourage any behavior that might cause hurt or embarrassment to others. Lastly, there will be development opportunities, individuals will be evaluated on their performance and promotion based on merit. Employment, promotions and training will not be determined by age, race, color, sex, appearance, religion, marital or parental status, sexual preference, disability, impairment or national origin 10.


Environmental Sustainability Policy

The business is committed to acting responsibly to the natural resources in ensuring sustainability. This will involve proper waste management, water usage, saving energy to reduce greenhouse gas emission and animal welfare

10S Neubert, "Wastewater reuse: how integrated and sustainable is the strategy?", in Water Policy, vol. 11, 2009, 37.

11A McGowan, "Developing Alaska Sustainably", in Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development, vol. 56, 2014, 2-3.

Investors Sustainability policy

The business will use optimum resources in order to maximize return on the company. This will ensure that the return on shareholders’ investment is maximized.

Local Community Sustainability Policy

The business will be committed in participating in society projects to enabling solving of the current community problem. The business will also give preference to job opportunities and partnerships in supplies.

Communication Strategy for Sustainability Policy

Communication strategy for sustainability policy is a tool of ensuring that the developed sustainability policies of different stakeholders reach them effectively. Communicating sustainability policies to stakeholders ensures that the sustainability policy serves it purpose in the process of developing and implementing business strategies. The following communication strategy will be used to communicate the business’ sustainable policies it strive to implementing sustainability principles in its operations. The communication strategy will use several tools to communicate the content of the sustainability policy.

Communication Strategy tools


This tool will be used to communicate to a group of stakeholders in meetings, conferences or training section. This tool will be appropriate for communicating when stakeholders are in one area at the time of communication. Presentation allows the stakeholder to understand all the content relevant to the sustainability policy. This tool will be able to outline, explain and offer analyzes of the sustainability policy. Presentation is appropriate when communicating in meetings with investors, conferences with regulators and orienting employees.

Flyers for Notice boards/ Suppliers

The flyer offers a communication strategy to stakeholders outside the organization. Flyers can be displayed on notice board on places that have high traffic to increase the number of potential stakeholders accessing the information. The flyer is convenient to giving out to different stakeholders. The flyers require to be designed and be printed out of the content that is intended to be communicated. Flyers are not able to accommodate much explaination about the policy but give an outline and short explanation.  The flyers are intended to communicate to stakeholders outside the organization who are in large numbers. This tool is appropriate for communicating to local communities and supplies of the business.

Training Sessions

This tool of communication strategy is appropriate when communicating sustainability policies to employees. It can either be individual or a group of employees. This tool communicates the employees’ sustainability policy to employees. The communication requires a trainer or coach to pass the information to the employees in the process of training. The communication strategy tool has a role of enlightening employees about the business’ commitment to sustainability. Communicating policy to employees enables understanding that that increases effectiveness and efficiency in the business. The tool is desired to comprehensively explain sustainability policy to employees in training session so that they employees act to business’ expectations 12.


Videos are good communication strategy tool that provides oral communication of the sustainability policy. Videos offer explanation of the sustainability policy. Videos are appropriate for internal stakeholders who want to learn the sustainability policy of the business. Video requires specialist to prepare. The availability of a video ensures there are readily source of learning materials for the company policy.

12V Sapovadia, "Developing Corporate Strategic Framework to Enhance Sustainability Through CSR", in SSRN Electronic Journal.


This communication strategy tool is comprehensive and analytical of all sustainable policies that the business has developed. Newsletters are appropriate for communicating outside the business. The newsletter is detailed and can be used by regulators to evaluate the sustainability policy of the business. Newsletters are also availed to the public to enable understanding of the business13.

Policy Implementation

Implementing the sustainability policy will involve communication to all stakeholder to enable the efficiency of the policy formulated. The implementation process will involve several activities that will facilitate adopting of the policy.

The implementation process of the sustainability policy will involve developing and communicating implementing procedures. This will help the internal organization get prepared for the implementation process. The implementing policy will also involve informing the team members in the workplace. Informing team members enables employees to know what is expected of them and what they expect from the organization.

The policy implementation requires resources to implement the sustainability policy. A set budget is required to facilitate the implementation process. The success of a sustainability policy is dependent on the resources allocated. Resources are required facilitate communication, train employees and cater for the environments. The policy implementation process requires projects management of all aspects to enable effectiveness of the sustainability policy. This enables facilitation of the activities in the organization. The employees are required to adhere to all safety work practices in the workplace. This enables the efficiency6 of the resources that the business is using in enhancing sustainability. Lastly, the implementation process of policy involves implementing strategies that can enable continuous improvement of resource efficiency. This involves institutionalizing policies to enable sustainability. The business will adopt a training and development section for employees to ensure skills improvement in the company.

Policy Review

This process involves investigating of the sustainability policy to establish it success in the business. The policy review will involve reviewing documents outcomes, feedback from personnel and stakeholder and investigating an alternative policy. This process will act as the final phase of sustainability policy. This process also involves monitoring the implementing policy process to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the sustainability. In addition the policy review will establish performance appraisal for employees to investigate the success of the employees’ sustainability policy.   

13P Ziek, "CSR Infrastructure for Communication and the Nike Controversy", in Journal of Management and Sustainability, vol. 3, 2012.



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