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Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia has established 13 offices all around the globe to target 22 of its most advantageous markets. The key strategy behind the advertising and promotion of Australia as a brand in the tourism strategy is to maximize the tourist visitation and spend, while contributing maximally to the national economy of Australia. The marketing efforts of Tourism Australia is currently focused on six major areas, including New Zealand in the Western Hemisphere, Americas, Europe and United Kingdom, Gulf nations in the Eastern hemisphere South East and South Asia, and North Asia. Currently, the Tourism Strategy of Australia is focused on reaching different corners of the world, where it does not have a presence directly. This is essential to strengthen the country’s partnerships with other countries so that the people of these countries can be reached and made aware of the exceptional services and destinations offered by the country of Australia.

Advertising Campaign Objectives

  • Increasing the tourism revenues by 50 percent within 2 years through focusing on low impact and high value tourists by effective promotions and other marketing practices

  • Increasing the funding by 20 percent to attain recreation and sustainable tourism within 2 years

  • Supporting the adequate growth of tourism business, including the innovative and new tourism services and products for the target markets or customers in accordance to the consumers’ preferences and responses from surveys

  • Preserving and enhancing the history and culture of Australia, including music, art, museums, and historic sites Reflecting a strong brand reputation of legality and ethicality through working for the beneficiary of society and environment

Advertising Budget: Five Categories

Developing Markets

  • Tourism Australia, in addition to its 22 markets, is focused on certain developing markets. The term “developing markets” here refers to the nations where the Australia does not have any presence directly and still these countries offer significant opportunities. However, these countries contribute just $ 200 million dollars per year in the national economy of Australia. The concerned developing countries include United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Russia. The strategy is to fund these markets through utilizing promotional mix elements.

Current Business Maintenance

  • These markets are relatively small volume markets and are forecasted to decline. These include Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, and Italy. The strategy is to enhance the trade but limiting the direct investment and consumer activities. Each of the countries under this category will have decreased investment, in the context of local currency, however since Indonesia is undergoing a development phase, it may invest much more than what expected.

Short haul Opportunities

  • Australia and New Zealand fall under this category as consumer constraints, budget time, and long haul distance are not the issues of concern here. The strategy is to increase the local currency investment.

Maximize Growth
  • India, Malaysia, China, South Africa, and France fall under this category as these markets are likely to grow in coming years and investment in these markets will help in initiating significant visitation. The strategy is to increase the investment in these countries.

 Volume Protection

  • Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Canada, United States, Germany, and United Kingdom fall under this category and provide the Australian economy with significant revenues; however the volume of revenue might decline in future. This will eventually lead to the reduction in visitation. Thus, the satiety is to maintain enough investment so as to protect and prevent the declining volume.

Advertising Budget: Five Categories

Budget ( $ Million Dollars )







Volume Protection


























Maximise Growth























Short haul Opportunities















Current Business


Developing Markets

Advertising Budget: Research Resource Requirements

To gain a better understanding of the consumer behavior and recognize the most profitable segment of markets or consumers, it is planned to undergo a market testing and survey process. Market testing will basically be dependent on the study of other nation’s tourism strategy, whereas the purpose of conducting surveys will to identify the attitude and behavior of consumers toward Australia as a tourism spot. In response to the categorized market place, it will be ensured that the researches are conducted within each of these regions. Marketing testing will not require much investment but the Tourism Australia may have to face certain ethical issues before getting access to other nation’s tourism strategy. On the other hand, survey is a long and costlier process, thus heavy investment is required.

Research Method

Budget ( $ Million Dollars )



Market Testing




Surveys and Direct Interactions


Advertising Budget: Media Options, Creative and Production Services

The budgeting has been performed taking into account the different political and economical factors of each market place. The maximum amount of budget will be invested in advertising campaigns; these campaigns include events and other traditional methods. Development or refinement of the mobile application and website will require second largest share of budget as this will directly address the global audience. The meetings with national representatives of other countries and the recreational activities for preserving Australian heritage and culture will be offered with almost same investment. The remaining budget will be invested in other activities like developing guide for visitors and e-newsletter.

Practices / Media

Budget ( $ Million Dollars )

Advertising Campaign














Guide for Visitors


















Recreational Activities







Mobile Application / Website




Proposed Advertising Schedule

Advertising Campaigns: The current base of the agency will be followed. But, the main emphasis will be laid upon the objectives of the new campaign. The target markets will further be reached and saturated at a high level by providing relevant messages for the promotion. This particular method will help in reaching more potential tourists by placing strategic billboards in different areas that are visited most by the population. Utilization of giveaways and events as tourists visit will be continued. This will provide assistance for building a database of e-Marketing

E-Newsletter: The campaign will continue to focus on distributing a leisure e-newsletter for the database. This particular newsletter will help in providing assistance to deal with the trends in the tourism industry. In addition to this, the campaign will be producing an e-Newsletter for the partners as well. This will help in adding opportunities for sharing information, education, and tools to find, win and keep the leisure travellers

Guide for Visitors: A guidebook will be produced as short piece of advertising the website and different tourism spots. Directions will be provided along with a map to all tourists. The guidebook will be a key for orientation and facilitation of the tourists

Cooperative Partnerships: Partnership with other agencies will be maintained. The partnership with other agencies across different places will be initiated and focus will be created to enhance the productivity level of all agencies

Familiarizing Tours: The campaign will be seeking to familiarize opportunities of tourism with the main goal to get the agency on more itineraries of travelling

Scenic Drive App: This app will be generated in context of Australia only. This app will be contributing to enhance the beauty, culture and ethnicity of Australia. Famous tourist spots will be publicized at the global level as well

Ethical and Legal Requirements

The promotion will be done after considering the ethical values involved in humanity. An attitude of respect and tolerance will be maintained in consideration with the diversity of religions, philosophy and moral beliefs. The fact will be kept in mind at all times that as the global market is being targeted; the agency has to focus on all religions.

The activities of tourism will be conducted with harmony and will not be affecting the natural diversity and habitat of Australia. All the tourists will not be facing any kind of racism and will be respected in consideration with their lifestyle, values and religion. Particular attention will be pain for providing safety to all tourists.

Evaluation of Effectiveness

In order to evaluate the success of campaign, several techniques shall be used. Firstly, increase in the number of tourists will automatically help in proving that the campaign had been a success. Apart from that online panel research, focus groups, random street interviews, competitive analysis, and web analytics will be used in order to evaluate the success of the campaign.


Tourism Australia has established 13 offices all around the globe to target 22 of its most advantageous markets. The key strategy behind the advertising and promotion of Australia as a brand in the tourism strategy is to maximize the tourist visitation and spend, while contributing maximally to the national economy of Australia. Tourism is a vast industry and the direct association of government greatly enhances the vision and mission of Tourism Australia. With the refinement in Advertising Campaign, the plan is to reach much wider global audience and encourage the people out there to visit Australia for an exceptional experience. The particular campaign will be held for the duration of 2 years with a budget of 500 million dollars.

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