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Development For Revitalizing The Tourism In Clipper Bay

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Discuss about the Tourism Management.



Clipper Bay is an area of developing country with the emerging economy. The committees of Clipper Bay think that tourism would be beneficial in exploring new opportunities. They have decided to develop the tourism by using the cost-benefit analysis technique. Clipper Bay will focus on the development of entertaining industry and eco-tourism. Although the process of economic revitalization looks very difficult and time consuming, but it comes with several benefits like; social interaction, environment development, community development, improved local businesses and protection of cultural heritage. This report examines the approach to the development for revitalizing the tourism in Clipper Bay. This discusses the reasons behind the development considering the advantages and disadvantages of economical, socio-cultural and environment aspects of developing tourism on the town and its local people. A sustainable approach is using for the development in the tourism industry, i.e. responsible tourism. Furthermore, it includes some stakeholders, who are engaged in the economic revitalization through tourism at Clipper Bay.

Development Approach

Looking at the need of economic revitalization in Clipper Bay, it was essential to devise a sustainable development plan for economic saving the community from resource reduction addressing the issues of changes and to safeguard natural and cultural heritage (Arch Daily, 2010). Stable communities need to revitalize their economy by developing new highways, commercial areas, corridors and industries. The businessmen must try to promote their local business and culture to improve the life quality in the fast changing world. The best approach must be developed with the involvement of community and other parties, who are desirable for the sustainable outcomes. Recognizing the industries of the zone for economic growth is an important step in the economic revitalization. Clipper Bay town has a potential industry of fishing on which the livelihood of the city is based. It can be considered for the progression. Furthermore, the people of the city are dealing in the farming and agriculture industry for their livelihood. It can also be used for the development (Sayad & Koopaei, 2013). Along with these industries, the revenues from local businesses can promote the culture and tourism for the economy revitalization. The government should conduct an awareness program for the local people of Clipper Bay. The people must be aware about their safety and other concerns. The tourism operators must develop the rules and regulations for the attractions, which should be followed by the tourists, while visiting them. Thus, all the relevant parties should be included in the process of economic revitalization at Clipper Bay (Maher, & khairat, 2010).

Use of Cost Benefit Analysis

The technique, which can be used for economic development of the activities, is Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA).  The cost benefit analysis is a simple and fast technique, which is used for non-critical financial decisions and where the decisions are vital and include huge amount of money. Generally, this technique is used to define the alternatives, which provide the best approach to get the benefits with doing the savings. For the assessment of the public projects in developed economies, this method has gained huge acceptance (Barcelona Field Study Centre, 2017). There are various costs, which are involved in this, like; health care costs. These costs are provided, when any of the tourists has any injury. There are some economic incentive, like; handy crafts and local foods, which made by the women of the city. The cost benefit analysis of Clipper bay is done by considering some factors like; pool of labor, ease of access and availability of resources.


Pool of labor:

Most of the population in Clipper Bay is fishing based and they might battle at the time of tourism extention. Tourism operators can face some problems because there is a little pool of labor with prohibited planning of ability (Everist, 2009). The tourism developers will require preparing the local people to nurture them with the aptitude and knowledge and then hire the workers from the neighboring zones.

Ease of access:

Tourists can travel to Clipper Bay via road transport. This will reduce the travelling time and more buses can come, when the construction of new highway will be completed. However, there may be the problem of overcrowding, when there will be many tourists coming in. The 2 way costal road can be good to control the tourists, who are coming in. Thus, building the new high way is an advantage to the town and it will benefit the developments of Clipper Bay in the future.

Availability of resources:

To visit the land sea natural attractions, people especially travel from the urban area to take a break from their busy life. Hotels and resorts can be established along the coastal area to supply the water for tourists. Ecotourism can be conducted in Clipper Bay bringing the visitors to travel the limestone cave and camping in the forest.

All of the aspects show that it is very valuable to choose tourism as primary economic engine for the Clipper Bay with these circumstances.

Sustainable Approach (Responsible Tourism)

As the tourism industry of Clipper Bay is selected for the development, so a sustainable approach should be adopted for the development. For this, a responsible approach of sustainable development can be used at Clipper Bay (Stewart, Maher & Luck, 2010). Responsible tourism shows an approach to engage all the stakeholders, such as; local people, businesses, government, tourists and tour operators. This will focus on the aspect that all the stakeholders are equally responsible for the tourism development. Using this approach, the authorities will work with the objective of developing a better place to live or to travel. By using this responsible approach, the tourism at Clipper Bay can become more attractive and better. This approach will minimize the socio-cultural, economic and environmental impacts and it will produce the economic advantages to the local people and the city (Frey, & George, 2010).

Infrastructure plan

In the development of travel and tourism, the significant challenge is to develop the infrastructure on Clipper Bay. Basic infrastructure will include the hotels, roads, highways, electricity, hospitals, parks, towers, buildings and other supportive structures, which support the tourism. Furthermore, the benefits from the infrastructures take to the Clipper Bay in public transportation, medical equipment, roads, accommodation, clean water supply, information systems and other utilities. This up-gradation and improvement in the town will attract more tourists. The industry and agriculture of the city may be more built of the basic infrastructure for the visitor utilization and economic growth. At the time of building these infrastructures, it will consider that it is not harming the life and earning of the local population of Clipper Bay. The land and agriculture should not be affected adversely by the construction activities.



The sustainability of the tourism industry is not identifiable without improving the superstructure. The superstructures include the structure facilities at the tourism attractions and destinations. These are developed at the beach front on of the town Clipper Bay to improve the structure of beach. The major facilities of beach structure include showers, rooms, changing rooms and towers for the security, clinics, rescue centers and some food stores.


The stakeholders in the tourism industry at Clipper Bay includes various people, such as; tour operators, government, local people, tourists, communities and tourism committees. All the stakeholders will play their individual roles in the development of eco-tourism (Alonso, & Ogle, 2010). The below diagram states the people, who will work for the benefits and interests of the tourists and local people by creating awareness among the people and fulfilling the social responsibilities.

Analysis of Economic Elements in Tourism

Economic factors are very important in the tourism industry. These aspects of economy have advantages as well as disadvantages in developing the tourism at Clipper Bay.


There are many advantages of tourism in the economic aspect (Ardahaey, 2011). These benefits are such as; economic growth by the multiplier effect and employment opportunities.

Multiplier Effect:

This effect happens when the tourists begin to spend. This has 4 levels of impact. Firstly, the tourism managers in Clipper bay experience the direct effect of multiplier, when they will earn cash from tourists (Kim, Chen & Shawn Jang, 2006). There will be an indirect effect on the local people when they supply sea food or earn the wages from this service as an outcome of tourism business. Their living standard will be improved when they will earn more income because more amount of money will be flown in the economy.

Employment Opportunities:

With the revitalization of tourism, some resorts and hotels will be built in Clipper Bay. It will increase the employment opportunities in Clipper Bay. Job opportunity in Clipper Bay presented a type of direct employment. With the growth in the tourism, there will be increase in the indirect employment because the domestic business man and fisherman recruit more people to deal with the increasing demand from tourists.


Other Economic Aspects:

There will be some monetary effect, like; foreign investments and business expansion. With this specific goal, there will be requirement of a huge capital for constructing the framework. Clipper bay’s government can support the tourism by enriching and spreading to foreign investors to manufacture factories, resorts and hotels. This town will not only have the benefit from foreign direct investments, it will also benefit the people of the town. The government can assist the businesses by giving grants.


With the development of economy, inflation generally occurs too. Inflation is significant factor, which impacts tourism demand and this sector in the developing countries. As the number of tourists will increase, then it will expand the sale of local produces. This increased spending will affect the inflation adversely. Due to this, the people, who are living in Clipper bay, will face typical cost for living (Coria & Calfucura, 2012). The government can make efforts to control the inflation by using an approach, i.e. concretionary. Another disadvantage is the growth in the job opportunities. It would decrease the conventional employment because the young generation will prefer to work in the hospitality and tourism industry and leave their local business of fishing.

Analysis of Socio-cultural Elements in Tourism

When the tourists visit Clipper Bay, then it will become host for them. In this way, socio-cultural aspects of tourism are the concerns for the Clipper Bay of direct link with the tourists and association with the business of tourism (Moscardo, & Murphy, 2014). There are some advantages of disadvantages of developing tourism at Clipper Bay.


The local people, who are staying in Clipper Bay, can have the advantages as far as socio-cultural view of tourism. These advantages are mentioned below:

Safeguarding the heritage:

With the revitalization, there would be construction of a gallery in Clipper Bay, which will be open for the visitors (George, Mair & Reid, 2009). There will be stricter to protect and secure the heritage and assuring that there will not be industrial pollution.

Exposure of artworks:

Exposure to the specialty and local arts will increase the more visitors traveling to Clipper Bay, because there is a link between visitors and local people. So, with the higher awareness commercialization of these products can happen and this type of expertise probably lost. The government can establish an emphasis in Clipper Bay with the ancient center to safeguard and it will assure that only local craft items will be selling there.

Cross-Cultural Obligation:

When the tourists travel to Clipper Bay, the local people can show them their own lifestyle and culture. This will not just allow the travelers to understand the indigenous domestic people but also they will become more informal with them (Woodside & Martin, 2008). The local population will have the capacity to take the advantage when any regular tourist starts to get include with them and assist them in their day to day activities. They will try to get new things from other culture. It will help in enhancing their life style.


There are some socio-cultural disadvantages from developing the tourism at Clipper bay. As the people from different culture are visiting Clipper Bay, so it will impact the younger generation for being beak free from their tasks and practices (Farajirad, & Seyyed Nasiri, 2010). The custom of Clipper Bay will be lost, as the locals will neglect the fishing and weaving for getting better employment opportunities in the hospitality industry. The social and traditional part will be affected adversely. There may be moral disintegration, like; utilization of alcohol and smoking can hurt the religion of the Clipper Bay. Other disadvantage is that there will be shortage of assets due to overcrowding in the town. The local people can feel angry because similar assets and things are currently used by most of the population.


Analysis of Environmental Factors in Tourism

There is also a need to consider the environmental aspects when planning for the tourism. Along with the advantages, it can bring a permanent loss to the environment and life of the local people.


Primarily, there are two major positive effects which the tourism brings. These advantages are such as; preservation of environment and development of attractions in the town.

Preservation of environment:

The government will make focus to assign the areas for the national park for securing the animals and wildlife. The wild animals would be kept within the limits of national park. The government can allot a piece of beach front area for constructing a national park for safeguarding the vegetation and people of the city. Thus, this environmental factor can enhance the life of plants and animals in Clipper Bay.

Other advantages are, such as; the income generated from the tourism attractions can be used for the development of these destinations. The pollution control measures can be controlled, so they cannot harm the beauty of attractions. In revitalizing the tourism, the management of the resorts will make green efforts of Clipper Bay to enhance the eco-tourism, to utilize the biodegradable elements and energy conserving lightings to preserve the natural resources in the town. This will benefit the overall environment of the town.


There may be some aspects, which have environmental disadvantages from developing the tourism in Clipper Bay. There might be the problems related to different kinds of pollution, such as; air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and soil pollution. There may be air pollution through the increased use of transportation like; buses and airplanes, which are flying into airport of Clipper Bay (Antimova, Nawijn & Peeters, 2012). Because of tourism, there may be exploitation of natural resources, like; land, water and greenery. Thus, development of tourism in Clipper Bay can lead to some environmental hazards like; pollution and dirtiness due to utilization of plastic bags, cigars, drugs etc.


Thus, the tourism will be the major factor of economic revitalization for the Clipper Bay town. There are various factors, which have advantages and disadvantages of tourism planning on the city. For attracting more customers, there may be some changes in the infrastructures of Clipper Bay. Eco-tourism is also important in making sure that the project is ecologically sustainable. The government in the town looks that Clipper Bay will take benefit from tourism even with its potential issues as they will keep in place measures to endure the tourism and safeguard the interests of the local people. After the revitalization, Clipper Bay will be tourist attraction and place for traveling and visiting. The report clearly identifies the advantages and disadvantages of all the aspects of tourism development. 



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