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Development Of An ER Diagram And Database Implementation

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To give  you  practical  experience  in using Entity-Relationship and Relational Database modeling techniques.

Project Specification

Alan Counting, Edward  Quals and Peter  Rofit are in partnership  in an  accounting practice, CQR. The  practice  specialises  in taxation, auditng and  financial  advice  for small to medium  sized clients. They  started the  practice  in 2005 and it has  grown  to now  employ  25 people. These  employees include  other  accountants and office staff. Alan, Edward and Peter  believe  the practice is  headed  for a period of significant growth  and have  come to you to help them  redevelop  their  Client  Billing (CB)  system  so that  it copes better  with their workflows  and supports future  growth opportunities.


ER Diagram


Relational Data Structures













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