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Digital Marketing And Social Media

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Discuss about the Carousell Revenue Model Strategies.


About Carousell

Carousell Inc. is an emerging enterprise that mainly deals with an e-business strategy of purchasing and retailing items by snapping the pictures of the product and putting it up for sale.  It has been established recently in year of 2012 and operates on an application-based system mainly for serving the online market of second hand products. The purpose of Carousell Inc. is to provide an important platform for recycling and reusing products by utilizing the easy and efficient means of the web based technologies (Sebi 2013).

Carousell Revenue Model Strategies

Carousell is an online based company which is has an efficient infrastructure that enables or invites a number of users for the Carousell application on yearly basis. In fact, there are many revenue model strategies which Carousell optimizes and generate their revenues. Ranging from the greater number of advertisements units in priority pages like the home page can be enhanced as the reason for improving the revenue structure. The Cost per Impression form of advertising develops the motivations of the more traffic flow and visits to the Carousell page, which in turn leads to more revenue (Carousell 2017).

Differential Advantage

The functions of Carousell are to help in engaging and integrating technology along with the opportunity for retailing and utilizing the best of the resources and the products.  The key selling point of Carousell is providing a unique medium with specific low rates for the products, which are either to be purchased or sold. The advance-booking phenomenon and the advantages of the premium plan for the loyal customers of Carousell are its best selling points, which attracts several customers to join the application.

The online value proposition of Carousell is assessed on the factors, which it provides better than its competitors. Moreover, as the application does not support an offline medium it enables a   competent service of creating and providing the best infrastructure in terms of product display and precise interface, which enhances the user experience.  In fact, the help of the Web 2.0 format allows the benefits for the online value proposition for Carousell as it offers the best customer solution practices.

Carousell’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Each and every enterprise must have some strong marketing apparatus which will aid in the better promotion and effective advertising medium for a better recognition of the product. In the case of Carousell, digital marketing plays a significant role which has been deciphered in the form of the analysis (Carousell 2017).


Level of Digital Marketing Capabilities

Carousell is a comparatively new venture which belongs to the group of the emerging start-ups with innovative ideologies and techniques which can be commercialized in unique ways.  Conventionally there are defined levels and stages of marketing capabilities that assesses and examines the requirements and the needful which is yet to be performed in relation with the development of its operation and structure.  According to the classical levels Carousell has achieved all the five criteria that prioritize the best digital marketing capacity of the organization. Moreover, the interactive platform and the user friendly support structures enhance its achievement of successfully acquiring all the levels of DMC.

Website Experience

This is one of the primary factors that needs to suitable for achieving the bets results in case of e-commercialization. In fact website experience is the main interface which connects the customer with the business agent.

Landing Pages

Landing page is termed literally to its name which displays to the site or the page which is necessarily one of the most significant representations of the online environment of business. Therefore the aims which must be fulfilled in order to eventually affect the landing page conversion rates are:

Aim 1: It fulfills the basic needs which are the auto generated response which is one of the features of the homepage of Carousell.

Aim 2: This aim must fulfill the trigger message capabilities and generate more return rates and value events. Carousell too has an interactive platform where the preferences of the customer type are identified.

Aim 3: This aim deals with the best practices of communication, brand loyalty and improving on the online value propositioning which is practiced by Carousell.

Aims 4: Carousell is one of the key applications which fulfill this aim of reverting to the queries and information to the customer as fast as possible.

Aim 5: Carousell displays the best recommendation and suggestion for its huge customer base that is important for successfully fulfilling this aim.

Aim 6: This aim highlights on the functions of Search Engine Optimization and content which helps in improving the services, which has been implemented by Carousell in their e-marketing prospect.

Site Design and Structure

This is invariably one of the most significant elements while planning and creating a website which can be easily operated from any interface. Therefore it is necessary to create the best site along with a coherent structure associated with it.

Coherence: The content must be rational and coherent along with the aims of the organization while the graphical representation must be appealing to the customers that visit the site.

Complexity: The design of the page, the appropriate font for the content and the final look of the site must be presentable which will be simple enough for the visitors of the page to operate it.


Legibility: The website design and structure is an effective implementation that enhances the visual perspective of the site. Therefore it should be legible and must aid in comprehending the look and mission statement of the website.

Site Navigation Schemes

The site navigation criteria are one of the most important motives of the e-commercial sectors. There are a number of schemes which must be implemented in order to analyze the traffic of the site along with the techniques that are involved in determining and examining the navigation process which are accorded along the following:

  • Consistency: Reliable user interface is the main aspect which makes the site navigation process very efficient and easily adaptable to the demanding scenario.
  • Simplicity: Complicated website mediums are the last thing any one wants to apply in their website therefore simple structures and formats will make the navigation process easier (Carousell 2017).
  • Context: The context is mainly determined for the utility and functions of signposts and rollovers, a feature present in JavaScript that allow the better navigation and location of the user while visiting the different pages of the site.

Content Design

The apparatus of content design is applicable for the purpose of the application and operation of the entire interfaces that are involved and simultaneously interacts with the whole structure.  The following table marks the specific features for content design:





The design of the content in Carousell is visible for a considerable period of time which has a personal appeal to it.

Offline posters and hoardings are stagnant to the time being and doe not have the power of personal application.


Carousell has some of they amazing content that focuses on the main function of  the application

Banner blindness phenomenon restricts the visibility of the customer which must be made attractive in order to mitigate it.

Comprehension and Perception

The content must be drafted in simple words which can be effectively interpreted as in the case of Carousell.

More precession and importance must be applied to the copy of the content rather than flattering impression.

Acceptance and Yielding

The reaction and response of the users of Carousell have been phenomenal.

The acceptance will only be viable if the facts are supported with form of legitimate evidence.


The preservation and retention refers to the impact that Carousell has on its users.

The accomplishment of a successful content will depend on the retention factor which has positive impacts on the whole.

Online Elements of Service Quality   

The online services of Carousell are responsible for several factors that must be coordinated effectively.  Generally the website experience execution depends on a number of factors and elements which range from Empathy to Responsiveness in the service quality set up. The tangibles define the effortlessness of use and image appeal on which Carousell scores a high performance meter. The website of Carousell is important for the swift responsiveness and availability which is essential since it is the main interaction interface to maintain the reliability on the technical support. On the other hand the other two important phenomenons for deciding the service quality of the online aspect are the determined assurance and empathy. It correlates to believe that the service is meeting the expectation of the customers and the user of Carousell application who are the best judge of the service quality (Whiting and Williams 2016).

Social Media Strategies

Social media strategies are important because of this factor Carousell have to decide on proposing more plans for successful promotion along with the efficient monetization.

Carousel Social Media Presence

“Sell in a Snap and Buy with a Chat is the effective tagline for Carousell which is available in two of the most significant social media sites namely Facebook and Twitter. It also has follower subscriptions of about 50, 000 downloads of the application in the previous year. They are also available on Goggle Plus and typically reply to customer queries within half an hour as suggested by their social media page in Facebook. Carousell have over 20, 000 mentions in Twitter which has trended due to the immense offers during the festive season (Tan and Ming 2016).


Social Media Utilization Effectiveness                                   

The seven conventional approaches that have been utilized by Carousell in order to practice and promote their social media effectiveness are:

Influencer marketing: The name itself suggests the mode of this marketing through a personality who can influence and inspire other users.

  • Buzz marketing: Carousell has employed much technique and associated many established retailers for successful buzz marketing.
  • Community marketing: Carousell users have a platform where the buyers and sellers interactive apart form their deals which aid the formation of fan pages etc.
  • Viral marketing: Carousell has released a YouTube advertisement during their launch which was used as a viral tool for marketing.
  • Casual marketing: Carousell have collaborated with many brand to integrate the goodwill causes which has aided in their causal marketing (Whiting and Williams 2013).
  • Brand blogging: Carousell engages with several bloggers and social media entrepreneurs on order to enhance their brand blogging.
  • Tryvertising: Carousell has also employed a number of advertising on a trial and error method to select on the best application.

The reaching-acting-creating-engaging framework is important for the best of the operations of Carousell as it has predefined objectives to fulfill the criteria of the developments which are yet to be accomplished by this e-market site.  Moreover they are using it in the context by adopting and implanting practices of communicating and proposing futures strategies for formulating an improved interface that will act as the representation of Carousell development techniques so that the utility of Carousell can be exhausted (Carousell, 2017).


Carousel like any other startup have funded and employed its services therefore the experience with time can help it in developing an amazing site in the future. The recommendation include perusing and improving on the present features and services of Carousell.  Often it has connection with the pop up advertisement and enticing online discounts that leads one to land on the prospective site.


Improving Digital Marketing Capability                   

The Digital Marketing capability helps in determining the effectiveness of the proposed strategies that have been incorporated within the advertising and promotion policies of Carousell.  The composition of content through an advanced SEO investigation should reveal a feasible structure because poor organization does not yield to anything productive. 

Consequently, more priority should be given to successive traffic search and back links which helps one to trace the number the shares and social media likes. The viral marketing and Boolean search can also be applied for tracking how can the shares be maximally utilized for further shares. It can be improved by factors with subscriber data access for email marketing and newsletters etc.

Improving Social Media Strategy

The social media strategies can be easily improved by interacting more on several social media networks and engaging in a number of allocated functions that determines the availability in multiple platforms.

Carousel can also improve their strategies through Meta tags and data based on page. The Meta tags are usually devices which are certain technical codes to determine each social media activity. These tags help you to get more notice and attention which helps in seeking new ideas for innovative search. The theory of MetaTag also gives a certain boost to the existing application of Carousell.



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