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Diploma Of Business Management: Pharmacy Add in library

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Part A: Business strategic plans to determine human resource strategic directions?

Part B: Role of the manager?



The assignment focuses on the business plan of the “pharmacy business plan” as is known that this pharmacy business plan includes the license type. In the management of the organization where the business plan is to be carried depends largely upon the sources and factors like it is to be franchisee or other. The pharmacy looks for the growth and the varied range with the development of the technological instruments and the medicinal purposes.

Part A: Business strategic plans to determine human resource strategic directions

In the present time, there are many pharmacy companies that will change the business direction and there strategic direction will provide the specialty medications and the services. For example, intra cell specialty program has made the directions to meet the demands of the healthcare practitioners and academic media centres. There has been laid by the said company to become the leader in the pharmacy sector with the act that now it accelerates the delivery times for the pharmaceuticals. With the use of the social trained pharmacists and the unique kind of the data repository systems there will be found thee patient adherence. Even the compliance concerns will also reduce. There is provided the healthcare practitioners as the opportunity to have the clinical and financial outcomes and when the enhancing of the staff and satisfaction is measured then there comes the factual databases. It focuses on the high touch medication and also the various therapies with the complex kind of the diseases states. It ranges from the oral therapies to the edge inject able and also including that of the biological products.


Business strategic plans to determine human resource strategic objectives

Pharmacy has never been limited to the money making process and it is something that is resented with the data and it is not the profession of the gold diggers. it is always the occupation of the people who have more kind of the compassion and concern for those who are in the need of the pharmaceutical care and it is for their good of the health. Human resources recruitment always looks to the critical future of the pharmacy and also for the survival of the corporations in the economic sector. Pharmacy sectors one chief HR objective is that they must be look to the good and well care of the patents. For example, in the Novartis, the strongest unit of the pharmaceuticals that ranges from $23.9 billion in between the January and September 2013, with the Alcon eye care that was about $7.8 billion and dissimilar drugs was around $6.7 billion. Thus they have now put the higher objective for it.

Business strategic plans to determine human resource strategic target

The pharmacy companies make a target in respect of the achievement of the best dealing in the pharmacy. In this respect it can be said that when the kind of the dealings is made, then during the Q &A, Jimenez said that when the search is made outside the company and within the successors to have the president of the Novartis, then the unit annual sales was around $ 11 billion and also was the 19% of Novartis that was nearly $ 56.7 billion in the year 2012 annual sales. The target that has been set out is estimated by the company. The strategic target has been also set up with the 2014 goals and it was concluded that the pharmacy company will take the higher rise as with the demand in the market and supply in the logical chain will give it.


Emerging practices and trends and its impact on HR in an organization

Likewise, in the Novartis, the pharmaceutical company the main stress is valid on the ethical responsibility and to provide the accurate information it is observed that there should be given the healthcare professionals, patients and consumers information’s. There are fundamental guide that will regulate the marketing practices and also the interactions with the healthcare professionals and also the customers where the promotional practices will make the reflection of the benefits and the risks. There is always consider that the environment is to be made run in the manner that will consider the need of the customer and it must be based on the kind of the information that is shared with the new way. The sponsorship of the medical or the scientific events are to be made available and they are to be stated clearly and thus the events will look with the purpose and they must be sharing and the relevant medical or the scientific information will be present. In the case of the hospitality it must be appropriate and modest and it should be consistent with the local practices and it will make a impact on the HR of the organization as it will boost the relationship that exists between the pharmacist and consumer.

Future labor needs and skill requirements

There is always been the case when the future labor needs and skill are required with the sourcing of the labor in the pharmaceuticals. it is observed and seen that when the pharmacy company or the business plan is to be made, then it is to be mentioned that there should be kept the minimum wage program. For example, in the Novartis, it is the first to develop and implement the living wage to all its employees all around the world. Even the same company has also believed that it could have brought the living model also. There is also to establish the fact that with the labor supply, the pharmacy business will be take a rapid growth if the company is all able to expands the wage rate. The wages are the first question and in the recent times, there are various companies who have made the implementation with the respect of it. The company has to look over the labor supply as the major contributing factor.


New technology and impact on job roles and job design

There is also developed the new technology and for example, there are some pharmaceutical companies who have made use of the Emerson delta V system and with this one ahs able to have the operate stations that are near to the bioreactors and tanks. With another technology, that is of the wireless technology one can use it for the purpose of the coverage using the 10-WI-FI access points. The network also comprises of the 17 mobile operators where the 100 deltaV controllers were present. There is also the second control that will use for the purification and freezing. Both the systems are going to be connected to the Emerson delta V zone. With much other new technology, the pharmacy business can be made run. It is also find that with the new technology it will help to support the different aspects of life. For example, some of the companies have applied wireless technology since the year 2008, when the version 9 of delta was released then there were some of the companies life that of the Novartis to have the integrated Wi-Fi.

Industrial and legal requirements

There are also few changes in the legal and the industrial requirements and the human medicine regulations act 2012 deals with each art of the human. Any person who is carrying the retail pharmacy is required to have the obtain of the supplies of the medicine or the medicinal products from only this persons who are either themselves holding the manufacture and are authorized or with the wholesaler authorization in the respect of the products that are carried upon. When the competent authority is there they can make the wholesale distribution. Even the change law says that when the retail pharmacy is of the such nature that will give the supplies of medicine, then , one can obtain the veterinary products from the persons and it is who are themselves the holders of the licenses and it is covered under the regulation of 20 of the animal remedies regulations.


Part B: Role of the manager

It is known that manager is something that is responsible for the management in the company. Here in this case, the most important aspect of the manager is how to run the successful pharmacy company. As has discussed, that without having the proper care one cannot be run the company. Therefore, someone who has obtained the degree in the pharmacy will be able to run the organization. I chose one of my friends who have done pharmacy to be the manager. The manager will thus look to the HR of the organization and the company.

Human resource philosophies, policies and values

HR research document

The greater value and the role

Policies and the values of the HR are applicable everywhere

Ethics is all important to make the survival in the life

Philosophies run with the data


Policies help to grab the opportunities


Provision of human resource services

The provision is made for the human resource services where the medical ID is to be made presented with the new kind of the dynamic approach and thus they have to share the kind of the things that will give the prescription ID. With the benefits and the accounts can be made. The cost can be incurred with the IDs alone.

Strategic human resource plan

Detailed HR strategic plan


Initiate HR functions, rules and policies

HR transformation


Business change strategy

Business strategy


Pharmacy supplier



Planning and designing


HR implementation strategy

Strategic direction

Strategic human resource System


Organizational competence and performance

Human resource

The goal that the pharmacy business wants to achieve

Shape HRM for organization’s success

Decide the numbers and competence of personnel

Measure the progress and adjust the system

Attract, access and assign people with respect to the work force

Proper details and effective description

Effective services

Plan as to what kinds of the medical or the medicines will be supplied to the customers

Measure with respect to customer satisfaction

Legal rules and regulations, laws etc.

Risk management plans

The risk management plan as occurs in the various companies is for the life insurance type where the different kind of the pharmacy companies will give the best output to the various customers. The customers will themselves observe that these the every risk assessment are the kind of the supplementary to them. The risk management plans covers all the policies that are required in the business of the pharmacy. It is therefore, the type that will give the benefit to the company itself. It also includes the legal or the statutory type assessment.



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