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Discussion On Health Inequities

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Discuss about the determinants of health that affect or have affected your potential to be healthy.



Health inequities occur in our day to day lives often. The core aspects of these health inequities play significant role on the health state of persons. Social determinants have been considered for its role in health state of the people. The conditions which people live and grow have effects on the quality of life. Thus this essay will analyse aspects of social determinants and my reflection as a Social Worker professional in analysing the determinants factors in my life.


‘Education has been termed as one of the social determinant of health. People who have higher education levels area at an  advantage position and tend to be healthier than those with lower education levels,’, (Mikkonen & Raphael, 2010, pp. 15).

As I grow up it is important to note that education will be taking centre stage and to guarantee m e positive life thereafter. As I continue with my education it is important to note that, i will be striving to get to higher education so as to get to be healthier than the rest. As i grow up, there is need to understand that I will be able to make a better decisions with regard to my state of health. My socio economic status will improve as i gained more education and this will make me even of making sound decision with regard to our state of health, (Kris-Etherton et al., 2014 ). With this view, i have been striving for my education so that i achieved positive status later in life. Having higher education strives to better health sate of the people in general.


‘Employment often provides the needed income for building sustenance to the income and provision of identity. Lack of proper employment has been associated with problems like physical and mental health, depression, anxiety and increased suicidal attempts’, (Mikkonen & Raphael, 2010, pp.17).

As a student, I strive to do the best in my studies so as to secure myself for the future with positive health state. Going through education, gives me the chance to strive for the best and be able to be employed. Having secure job will give me the chance to be employed and get time to fend for my family and provide them food shelter and clothing. Without any source of income, the livelihood of those within us is subject to having low quality of life, (Mroz & Letts, 2014).

Being un employed has been linked to poor health as the source of income to seek better health services are missing the money due to lack of job security which translate to better health outcomes. As i go through my education in my university levels, my core goal is to the best and be in a position to get employed easily and even secure channel avenue. I strive to finalize my education, and increase my chance of getting guaranteed job security.


Early child hood development

‘Early child hood development has been associated with and regarded as strong indicator for better health outcome in future. Positive childhood development, determines the state of health in future. Health effects are linked to developmental stages of life, (Mikkonen & Raphael, 2010, pp. 23).

Having been established with strong foundational skills in my young age years, i expect to have positive living in future. My parents and guardians have really struggled ad achieved, positive foundational health framework which has assisted me in getting good foundational skills to achieve better health.. Child hood pathways of achieving the health state later in life is paramount and key determiner for health state later in life, (Knafl et al., 2015).

Having attended better kindergarten facility in my child hood, puts on the edge of having positive health at my current age, and expect to get even more positive health state later in life.

Food security

‘Food security has been categorised as main determiner for health state among the people. It dictates the basic human life state. People who have food insecurity often face inability to have adequate diet and achieving good quality and quantity of foods.  Food insecurity remains to be a stumbling block towards achieving positive health state for individuals, (Mikkonen & Raphael, 2010, pp. 26).

My parents have worked so hard in my upbringing to provide me adequate food security in my life. I have always found enough food which has guaranteed me for better health in future. Achieving positive health state is crucial for me to achieve positive health state, (Johnstone, Fanzo & Cogil, 2014). As i grow up, there is need for me to ensure, that i acquire all i need n my educational which will help me in bringing the food on the table.

After my graduation, i expect to be employed in a good job and start earning. In this way i will strive to ensure food security is my top priority if i want to gain entry and achieve positive health state.


‘Housing factor has played a significant role in ensuring positive health outcomes among the people. Housing has been prioritised as one of the basic necessities of healthful living. Often lack of the purchasing power and strained economic resources has been categorised as on of the impeding factor for acquisition of better housing for people, (Mikkonen & Raphael, 2010, pp. 29).

Shelter has been termed as the basic requirement for better health outcomes among the health state of the people. As i have been growing up my parents have really struggled to achieve better housing state and has improved my health status. Striving  for my educational levels in the school has been the most important aspect in my life. Going through the education system and  striving to achieve excellence, will enable me in the future to acquire the basic social determinant of housing and shelter, (Moll et al., 2014). Our school has been providing this essential health parameter, hence the reason why we are healthy. Unclean shelter facilities are greatest danger to our livelihoods and health state.

My struggles in achieving excellence in school and working towards employment, is a better way of ensuring that i get better housing and shelter.

Social safety nets

Social safety nets have been described as range of benefits, which have ensured that citizens are supported during their different life stages events which they encounter. The various transition phases of healthy life often play significant role in te state of health of the people,  (Mikkonen & Raphael, 2010, pp 35).

In my life, there is evidence of how government actions have been implemented to protect the people and shielding them of better health outcomes. As I struggle and work hard in school my aim has been to achieve better health care outcomes later in future, (Gassman-Pines & Hill, 2013).

I have been working hard in school so as to secure myself and my family in future better health outcomes and achieve positive state of health and even have healthy life. My acquired skills and knowledge gained gives me an opportunity to work hard in my studies, so as to get the basic necessities in life. With view of my ability, i hope that i will have positive impact on health state of the social disenfranchised citizens who are facing difficulties in achieving positive health outcomes.


These mentioned factors of health care determinants, play a crucial role in my field of social work. Lack of free socialization and inability to achieve positive health is a key determinant in the health state of the people. These issues are likely to affect how my clients are able to socialise and achieve positive health state. Lack of key basic factors like housing units, low education levels, food insecurity and the un employment state have a factor in their state of health . Thus encountering limitation of these factors is likely to play a significant factor in my health state, later in life which leads to impediment in achieving free and happy society.

As professional social worker, my role as change agent is crucial. There is need for strategizing of how the needs of the people are met and to also improve their support system so as to achieve better health outcomes. There is need to educate them on the basics of life and the need to strive and work hard for better living.



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