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Discuss about  disease named Bulimia Nervosa?




This study mainly focuses on the psychology disorder which is named as Bulimia Nervosa and it take place when anyone consume huge amount of food during a short span of time (Dryer, Tyson & Kiernan, 2012). It usually happens to those who have the habit of eating very frequently without break and also they do not have a control over their eating. The individuals who are suffering from this disorder can actually consume 3400 calories in less than an hour which totals up with sum of 20000 calories in the full eight hours.

This disorder if properly taken care of by the individual at correct time by the cat of self realization, then the problem can get solved because it is not that much a serious issue as compared to other diseases (Guillaume et al., 2012). So, if the individuals can make effort to maintain a diet plan in their everyday life and continuous exercise and yoga can make the individual feel better and can easily get rescued by this disease in a short span of time.

It is therefore advisable to take care of health at the wisest manner so that no problem as such occurs due to any unhealthy habits. Eating four times a day will keep the individuals fresh and fine which will ultimately help them in the long course of time which will certainly be helpful for the individuals as well as their family who are obviously concerned towards the person possessing the psychology disorder.

The binge and purge cycle

Signs and symptoms of bulimia

  • Individuals suffering from bulimia cannot stop eating till it reaches the physical discomfort level.
  • It is often found that these people tend to go kitchen at a regular interval of time in a secret manner so that no one else can know the fact that they eat this much for every short period of time.
  • Weight actually does not matter for these individuals because they tend in eating large variety of food at regular interval without any break (Hannon-Engel, 2011).
  • It can be noticed that the individuals often feel like fasting but actually they overeat during that time even which ultimately serves no purpose.
  • The main symptoms to judge the individuals suffering from this disease can be that they often go washroom after having the meals and can be seen vomiting due to overeating.
  • These individuals can often see taking diet pills like laxatives, diuretics so that their appetite can be controlled in a sufficient course of time.
  • As it is already mentioned in the above point that the individuals actually vomit after eating so they cover up the smell by the usage of mouth fresher (Zweig & Leahy, 2012).
  • Exercise is used in an excessive manner by these individual so that they can control over the eating habits by practicing yoga as well as aerobics specially.
  • One of the symptoms that can be noticed is that scars can be seen on the body of the individuals due to sticking of fingers which is actually on the portion of throat which provokes vomiting in an excessive manner.
  • The cheeks of these individuals usually become puffy because of the excessive vomiting which happens due to overeating.
  • Another symptom which can be noticed from the person suffering from bulimia is that the teeth become yellow due to acid in the stomach (Judd, 2011).
  • A unique symptom of this disease is that it is found that men as well as women are normal weight even if they consume large amount of food at regular interval of time.


  • The first step towards success of getting over anything is that to admit the fact of suffering from a specific disease and then make efforts to minimise it as far as possible at individual manner. If the person feels that he is gaining weight, then efforts need to be taken to reduce the habit of eating at regular intervals of time (Masheb & White, 2012). It should be kept in mind that the food should be ate in control rather than have a habit to eat every single moment of time and suffering due to that.
  • The person suffering from this disorder should feel free to talk to their dear ones who are a good listener so that they will understand the problem and make the person feel good that he is not alone at these tough times (Pedersen, Lunn, Katznelson & Poulsen, 2012). It can pose problem because most people feel ashamed to discuss about the fact that they suffer from bulimia but it is not at all wise to keep it as a secret which will actually serves no purpose.
  • The individuals who are suffering from this disease should always make effort to stay away from people or place which tempts them to eat more because that actually poses them danger and feel unsecure of the habit of eating more at a time (Robinson & Nicholls, n.d.). If the friend circle is supportive and the places visited are under control, then the individual can easily get over this habit at a gradual pace of time which will help them in the long run.
  • It is recommended that professional help can be more useful for these individuals because they can seek the professional guide as they will know more than the common man as they are more specialized and experienced in this particular field (Schmidt & Treasure, 2012).


This study has completely based on the disease named Bulimia Nervosa which actually happens due to overeating and having a bad habit at eating in regular intervals of time without break. There are various signs and symptoms that have been recognized in the study and the main symptoms is gaining in weight as well as vomiting due to eating at continuous mode.

It is recommended to share this problem with friends as well as parents so that to take the support of them to get rescue at a faster pace of time. Professional guidance can also solve the problem to the great extent as they have the edge of experience to handle with this disorder to make the individual deal a normal life.


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