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Diversity Management: Domestically And Internationally

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Discuss about the Diversity Management for Domestically and Internationally.




The change in the environment of competitive market is witnessing the evolvement in the role of the Human Resource Manager who is playing a strategic role in the organizational success. The increase in competition, both domestically and internationally, requires organizations to be more flexible, responsive, pliant and customer oriented for their success. For an organization’s success, the HR needs to be the business driven role with the proper understanding of the bigger picture that lies ahead in the organization along with the ability to influence important policies and decisions. In the recent business scenario, a HR’s main role is to retain and develop the talent, motivation the existing employees and training the new ones for better performance (Harvey and Allard 2015). This paper would be highlighting the best practices of the diversity Management within modern organizations and the diversity management focus on CERA. It is important to know whether HRM has the ability to meet the challenges of diversity management.


Diversity Management

 Late in the 1980s, diversity Management got developed in North America and the concept gained immense popularity as a tool of new management in the UK and continued to be the same for the unrelenting economic and social climate. In the current business scenario, it is important to have thriving strategies at workplace for the competitive anxiety on the organizations for sustaining and developing the economic feat and the society’s changing and objectives and prospects. People’s thinking of diversity revolves around the thought of customs and race followed by gender, though diversity is a much bigger concept than that. Diversity dimensions takes into account the facts of ancestry, ethnicity, age, race, physical ability, educational background and the work experience. From an organization’s perspective it is significant in understanding the ways these dimensions influence motivation, success, performance and the interactions with others. The basic notion of handling diversity at workforce takes in the diversified population of people. Diversity comprises of certain visible and non-visible diversifications that includes the factor of race disability, style of work and age (Lauring 2013). It is being established on the principle of exploiting these differences that would in turn generate a prolific environment where everybody associated feels valued, where their talent gets full exposure and is being utilized in the best way for meeting the goals of the organization.Evaluation of Diversity Management:

In today’s active and ever changing social structure, diversity has knocked the door of every large and small organization across the globe. The constant shrinkage of the society along with the modernity that is being infused within such organizations have supplemented of the ways these diverse population can be managed efficiently at the work place (Richard, Roh and Pieper 2013). Some of the researchers have put forward the speedy changing of the demographics as the main reason for concerns related to diversity and the awareness of its management in general. On the other hand, the diversity management perception and the amount of significance it has depends on the specific country in which the organization is operating. Studies on the initiatives of diversity in the multicultural organizations existing in Canada discloses that around 50 per cent of the organizations there do not consider diversity to be a management issue, or in simple sense not even a general issue. The reason behind such a phenomenon is Canada’s ability in accommodating and promoting the matter of cultural differences in both the small and large associations, thereby, any initiatives related to diversity management in Canada is not required (Gotsis and Kortezi 2013).

The organizations seek the benefit of a diversified workforce that comprises of the factors like attaining of skilled personnel and at relatively lower rates, though managing of the same might pose a threat to the managers. Two factors should be taken into consideration by the managers while dealing with a diversified workforce; one being that every employee should be treated fairly and the other being certifying efficient management of the workforce in promoting bigger rewards for the company giving it a competitive edge. Moreover, advantages related to cost achieved through lower cost on training is also being depicted while supervising the assessment in appreciating diversity. Certain other researchers have been praising the benefits in mentioning that companies with the best principles administering diversity having better prospective of drawing best possible talent from various backgrounds, subsequently promoting a rich course of innovative ideas and standpoint across the organization (Sabharwal 2014).

An important focus in the hypothetical and realistic perspectives related to the diversity management at the organization has been the cultural persuasion of their initiatives. Clashes in the culture and globalization are parallel in nature with the former being a major focus of various researchers for better understanding of the matter causative to it. It has been stated that employees do learn most of culture related issues of the organization from their seniors, while being on the individual level the learning comes from the parents. Moreover, the difference in the culture that exists at a typical work place considers various forms of cultures. This takes into account the culture of the workers, the culture related to managerial system, and the culture of the organization itself. These differences in the  cross-cultural issues can encompass an overall new dimension set for the values of work and beliefs that exist about the success of the work, communication persisting among staffs, making of decisions and the authoritative power. Diversity management is bout promoting values and believes and appreciating of the same, countering of the chauvinism and the discrimination and streamlining of the different constructive attributes of diversity for the better output of the workforce. Managing of such a thing can be an issue for the managers and the managers hold key in guiding the workforce towards attaining of the professional goals. Another big challenge for the managers in the implementation of the diversity management have been their reliance on limited research data that is available over the database. The lack of experience of the manager might be another factor that might jeopardize the overall process of the diversity management factor.

Gender diversity and the efficient management is another challenge that has played a vital role in the management of corporate diversity. The current socialized world and subsequently, the women indicate the eminence of the gender aspect in the architecture of culture. It has been stated that women does possess different views and perspectives from their male counterparts, agreeing to the fact that women display better suppleness and talent to tackle with uncertainty and have proven to better managers than men (Dover, Major and Kaiser 2014). This have been the biggest factor in raising several concerns related to insecurity in jobs, lowering of the self-esteem, jealousy, work related depression and negative competition for the fact that the female employees are receiving fair and equal opportunities in showcasing their talent like men. Therefore, a major question that might crop up is the ways that the organizations have come up with about managing the gender related diversity. A potential answer to this question would be because for the fact that it influences the total performance, efficiency in operation and the image of the organization in general sense, all these factors are crucial in considering the organizational success (Barak 2016).


Best Practices of Diversity Management:

The best practices in the field of diversity management are often being imitative from the careful and methodical reflection of the practical experience and hard work related to it. As per Canas and Sondak (2013), top leadership commitment is one of the factors or practices of diversity management where the top-level executives communicate the organizational vision in the best possible manner. Through this diversity is being incorporated as an organizational priority. Diversity has often been the strategic plan of an organization that gets developed and united with the strategies of the company. It has often been linked to performance as well. It takes into account a work environment that is more diversified having the ability to yield superior productivity and assisting in improving the performance related to individual level and organizational.

Diversity has been more than just a moral necessary- it is more of an opportunity in business. This is the message that needs to be properly communicated through the organizational departments and should reach every employee. A review of the demographic shifts in the population of U.S. and the market place offers sufficient rationale favouring diversity. However, it is significant from the organization’s perspective to investigate and share data relevant to the current and proposed demographics within their precise market or the community. Implementing diversity is never the job of a single person. For it to be effective and efficient, the responsibility of diversity needs to be shared across the organization with its managers and leaders being held accountable for the diversity objectives and goals along with the measurable outcomes. Organizations need to make it a priority in augmenting their number of under-represented population across different levels of the organization. Mostly, this refers to expansion in the number of the ethnic and racial minorities, female executives and the people having some sort of disability. It should be remembered that a diversified workforce serves better a customer base that is diversified too, enhancing innovation, making the organization more malleable and often increasing performance related to financial matters.

Lastly, an organization would do well if it sets up a diversity community that is mostly instrumental in appealing the employees in taking active role in the initiatives related to diversity management (Knights and Omanovi? 2016). The committee can take enough initiative in planning events that aware employees of diversity, disseminating the information relevant to diversity education and materials, serving in an advisory capacity to the senior leaders. Employees should be given a proper platform where they would be able to converse their concerns or their level of satisfaction related to diversity issues. Presence of open and honest dialogues can work wonders for the individuals and the organizations on whole, but they must be contained through safe and supportive environments for sensitive dialogues (Harvey and Allard 2015). 


CERA Case Study:

CERA is an organization that needs to focus on the diversity management and the innovative use in connecting its people with the global clients and on the local front. The firm supports the executive goals with the development of a personal scorecard that needs to take in one of the two global transformational priorities. The compensation that is prevalent within the organization takes in the ethnicity and the snapshots inclusive of gender related factors that tracks around 20 metrics on the progression being made by the women, Asians, Australians and the American Indians. Metrics includes the promotion, retention, selection, arrangements for work flexibility, and active participation in the high probable growth programs, survey scores and the assignments of the client. The company has been continuing its stronger talent enlargement with the best possible programs related to mentoring including the career watch, CERA excellence program. Programs related to diversity management and other cultural associations can work wonders for the company. Mark French needs to understand that diversity management is an important facet within the organizational environment. Just because the company has a diversified workforce, diversity management should not be waste of money, but something that would put things back on track for the company.

The employee resource is one of the most important assets of CERA. More employees need to participate with the CERA management needing to focus on identifying and nurturing the talent and have fo long being involved in the boarding process of the employees that are new. The resource of employee group is being measured in various ways like retention, engagement contribution and promotion of the work force and their responsibilities. Each of the group needs to have an executive sponsor who would be accountable for exhibiting the contribution made by the group in the business.

Major Discussion:

There is enough evidence of the workforce diversity developing the efficiency in organization through increased creativity level both from the perspective of an individual or an organization. CERA would do well if the diversity management of the company improves the decision making and problem solving though provision of the work teams with various diversified perspectives. For CERA, diversity management can be an important strategic organizational goal that would be interacting with the other business aspects like the management practices, leadership, and development of products, financial projections and global communications.

Just comprising of diversity would not help the cause of the business being successful; neither has it guaranteed that it would create improvement. Research has proved the fact that meagre changing of the workforce structure would not bring success to the organization. There are certain cases where the workforce diversity has undermined the performance of the business. Certain such factors can be low on morale, problems related to communication, confusion and ambiguity. CERA if not focuses properly in the matters of diversity management, might generate discomfort for the few members in the workforce, resulting in lower organizational connection and incorporation. There is enough possibility that if diversity is capable enough of leading to better performance, the cost of synchronizing the diversified workforce can block certain advantages. Diversity if not managed properly by the CERA management can produce internal processes that has the ability in causing delay in the process of making decisions and keep the employees at bay from being concentrating on the task in hand. The team that is being formed of individuals having different thought process might find it difficult in developing a shared principle and an efficient group process.



The Human Resource Manager role must run parallel to the changing organizational needs of the organization. Successful organizations are have been becoming more resilient and customer centric in their work process. Organizations can be strengthened through the leveraging differences that reflect the employee diversity. Surveys have been proving to be a positive impact on the superior performance where the team of the senior management takes in the diversity in ages, gender, ethnicity and gender. A diversified workforce has the ability to develop the organizational ingenuity and efficiency. Handling a workforce that is diversified in nature can be a challenge, people forming a group having different thoughts has the potential to accomplish bigger things, though it can also give rise to conflict. Organizations need to adopt certain strategies of the organizations that have seen the light of success in the area of diversity management. 



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