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Diversity Management- Hudson Group

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Describe the demographics and the level and types of diversity of the workforce in the organization for which you currently work, or for an organization for which you have previously worked and with whom you are familiar.

Describe the types of diversity management strategies that the organization employs. If the organization does not have a diversity management strategy, explain why this is so and suggest some ideas for designing and implementing such a strategy.?



About Hudson group:

Hudson group is known for the recruitment services that they provide to big corporate in different sectors. They are specialist in recruitment and hence, they their clients from different industries. They have their presence in multiple countries and hence, they have their clients present globally. Hudson has been in the industry for long and hence, most of the corporate are aware of the results that they can expect from the client. They have a unique database of resumes for different positions and hence, most of the resumes are sourced from the database and not from the job portal that is commonly available to all the recruitment companies. Recruitment process outsourcing is also undertaken by this company and hence, there are plenty of resources who will be working at the client site but they will on the direct payroll of Hudson.


Demographics at Hudson group, UK

The demographics at Hudson group, UK is very wide but few of the numerical facts that would help in getting a better understanding about the organization are as follows: -

1. More than 350 employees are associated with the company.

2. The number of females in the company is just 120 and the remaining, 230 employees are males.

3. 240 employees in the organization are between the age group of 27-35. 30 employees are between the age group of 21-25. 42 employees are between the age group of 35-45. While the remaining, 38 employees are above the age of 45 and they are all part of the senior management (Suat 2013).

Types of Diversity at Hudson group:

Various types of diversity are seen at Hudson group and each of the diversity is handled in a different way. Few of the types of diversity, which is creating an impact on the work culture, of the organization are discussed below.  

The difference between the though process of the employee starts with the age group to which they belong. In Hudson group, there are employees who belong to different age group and this creates some or few miscommunication among the people who are working groups.

Different religion is another problem which may be seen among employees. It is seen that different people in the organization belongs to different religious community. There are few people in the organization that may not be willing to accept the rituals of other religious group and this is when the problem arises (Hernandez 2014).

People from different nationality and with different colors are a part of the organization. Few of the people from the majority community may not be willing to mix up with people from the minority. It is very important for the minority group in the organization is treated fairly.

Hudson Group is an equal opportunity employer and hence, they believe in giving a fait chance to the employees. There are few employees in the organization who are physically challenged but these employees are good with the work. It is very important for the employees in the organization to accept them and also accept to the fact that they are hired on the basis of qualification that they hold (Kramar 2012).


Strategies for diversity management at Hudson group:

At this point of time, there aren’t any diversity management strategies at Hudson group. Few of the strategies that can be used Hudson group so that the diversity at the workplace can be embraced are discussed below.

Each of difference in the organization should be recognized and appreciated. Most of the people in the organization are Christians and hence, they may not be aware of the practices that are undertaken during Muslim festivals. A Muslim employee can be asked about the kind of celebration that they do. Similarly, a 21 year old employee may be very creative and hence, they may be able to do out of the box thinking and on the other end, a person who is 45 year old may be having 20+ years of experience. As an HR professional in the organization, they should recognize the creativity and also the suggestions that are based out of experience. This will motivate the employees to accept the differences and work cordially.

Fairness should be implemented in the organization. The HR professionals should understand that fairness and uniformity is different than that of each other. It is the responsibility of the management and also the HR professionals in the organization to respect the minority in the group. If an employee, who is 22 years old, wants to go back to their college for a get-together then the manager should allow them to take a leave. A get-together may not seem to be important or fun at the age of 55 but it is one of the most important things for a newly college pass-out (Evans 2014).


Implementation of Diversity management policies at Hudson group:

The HR professionals and the management will have to look for ways by which the diversity management is smooth at Hudson group. Few of the ways by which diversity management can be implemented in the group are discussed below.

Employee assessment should be a part of the appraisal process. The management of the organization should ensure that all the employees are accepting the fact that people from different background are a part of the organization. It is better to ensure that the employee’s attitude is in sync with the attitude of the organization. If the HR professional notices that a particular employee is disrespecting the minority group in the organization then the employee should be given counseling.

All the employees at Hudson group should be given a formal training so that they can understand the importance of difference in the organization. The employees should also be notified that a strict action will be taken against them if they ignore the guidelines. Equality should be included in the employee manual. This will motivate the employees in the organization to be safe and stop differentiating among the various backgrounds (Sonja 2011).  



Hudson group very well understands the importance of diversity and also diversity management. The HR professionals in the organization try their level best for equality at workplace but now, the management wants this to be formal and hence, diversity management strategy will be implemented.



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