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Due To Massive Consumption Of Alcohol In Australia

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What Is The Due To Massive Consumption Of Alcohol In Australia?




Due to massive consumption of alcohol in Australia,  the public health association of Australia came up with an alcohol policy in 2016.The policy is one of the health policies which is purposely meant to regulate the use of alcohol among the citizens of Australia. The public health association of Australia offers support to a comprehensive to prevention, research, support services and treatment to decrease the amount of alcohol used.  The policy will continue to support and provide adequate resources to conduct a comprehensive, evidence-based approach aiming prevention and reduction of harm which alcohol cause to the users (Wilson et al., 2014). The policy targets to control the price of alcohols, its reliability and also its marketing.  The policy aims to fund and bring awareness to the people through media and government agencies. It also concentrates on the reduction of drinking hours so that it will curb the number of individuals drinking alcohol. The exposure to children is also a big concern which the policy aims to address to avoid alcohol harm on children. Pregnant mothers are also the primary target where they are aimed to prevent the exposure of alcohol to the fetus. The policy got support from the society, and it has achieved most of its targets.


Why this policy is necessary for health

The alcohol policy in Australia is important policy to health. Consumption of alcohol causes disturbances in the balance of the body. One will not be in position control the body hence he/she will walk out of control and possibly, one might fall into dangerous holes, river or even crashed by a vehicle leading to death. Also, due to or judgment brought by the use of alcohol, drivers in roads put themselves at high health risk because they lose control and cause a fatal accident (Livingston et al., 2013) The extreme drinking and use of alcohol cause a mental problem called psychosis. It is where the hallucinations develop. When such heavy drinker stops drinking alcohol, the psychotic symptoms develops and results to delirium.

The heavy drinking of alcohol reduces the number of oxygen-carrying RBCs; a condition called anaemia. The issue triggers some symptoms such as lightness, fatigue and short of breath. However, alcohol consumption is well known to cause cancer risks. These risk threats come in when the body system converts alcohol potential carcinogen called acetaldehyde.  The areas which are linked to cancer include pharynx, mouth, oesophagus, breast and larynx. Heavy drinking of alcohol leads to clumping of the platelets which can result in heart attack. Studies which have been done indicate that the binge drinking of alcohol results to two-fold death risks in individuals who survived the heart attack. Cardiomyopathy also is caused by heavy drinking of alcohol (DiClemente et al., 2013). It is a condition which the heart muscles weakened and became faulty leading to heart rhythm abnormalities like the arterial fibrillation. Due to arterial fibrillation, the upper chambers of the heart became defective and will likely to cause blood clots resulting in stroke


Alcohol is very toxic chemical to the cells of the liver. Due to heavy drinking, the drinkers developed cirrhosis. The condition scarred liver making it unable to function. The increase in age leads to leads to shrinking of brains at an average of 1.9% in per decade. It is a normal thing but exercises drinking of alcohol speeds shrinkage of some crucial parts of the human brain which results in dementia and loss in memory (Gao, et al., 2014). However, alcohol drinking causes the deficit in the capability to plan and make correct judgments and do some duties that have the high order abilities; therefore, alcohol drinkers do not possess the capacity to maximize the standard functions. Furthermore, alcohol drinking results to nutritional deficiencies which have the high potential of triggering dementia.

The use of alcohol is detrimental to our health because it causes depression contrary to some theories which point the other way round. Due to inability to plan well the resources which drinkers have, they end up misusing them and eventually lead to depression which can cause strokes. Epilepsy has been associated with alcohol consumption (World Health Organization, 2014). However, it can results to seizures even in individuals who do not use alcohol. Also, it can obstruct the medications used to treat convulsions. Gout is a painful condition which results from the development of uric crystals within the joints. Some cases of gout are hereditary, but alcohol consumption aggravates the existing instances of gout.

Prolonged use of alcohol causes disruption in the sympathetic nervous system meant for constriction and dilation of the blood vessels when responding to external conditions. Heavy use of alcohol specifically bingeing aggravates blood pressure. Chronic hypertension causes kidney failure, stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Use of alcohol had been associated with an implication of the immune system making the body susceptible to infection such as pneumonia, TB and some sexually transmitted diseases (Wetherill & Tapert, 2013). Heavy drinkers of alcohol are likely to engage in unprotected sex. Among other effects of alcohol are nerve damage and pancreatitis.


How the policy could be implemented

Alcohol policy in Australia can be implemented using different channels. The government should reform the taxation card of the wine equalization tax, and the volumetric taxation should be removed in all alcohol products. The tax should be increased in goods which have higher volumes of alcohol through complementation by minimum cost per standard drink. Government regulation is needed to execute the independent controls of all kinds of alcohol promotion and advertising by concentrating on protecting on young population from exposure (O'donnellet al., 2014). However, the alcohol adverts in all media houses should be aired in late hours to avoid young generation from getting the message behind the use of alcohol. Guidelines in the on the outlet's density of alcohol and the trading times should be established (Scott et al., 2016). The cohesive regulation among liquor licensing bodies should be developed and also the government and planning departments should offer support to the strategies aimed at minimizing the alcohol hazards. The laws regulating liquor should first consider public health as a crucial part and come up with a proactive approached in preventing the risks brought by alcohol.


The health agencies should offer awareness programs across the country to make sure that people get to know the adverse effects of alcohol in their lives. However, all learning institution should incorporate the consequences of alcohol use in their syllabus to ensure students get informed about the effects of alcohol consumption. The idea will form a foundation for making sure that the future generation is well informed on the implications posed by the use of alcohol (Scott et al., 2016). The government should enforce regulated labels warnings on the alcohol drinks aimed at increasing the awareness among the communities on the risks posed by excessive consumption of alcohol.  The labels should be strategized in alcohol cans so that people can get the message well. They should use images which show parts of bodies that have been affected by alcohol to send a stern message to alcohol consumers on adverse effects of alcohol. Also, they should develop some programs such as warning labels on the fetal alcohol spectrum (O'donnell et al., 2014). Pregnant mothers should be thought during visits to clinic centers on the way consumption of alcohol can affect the unborn baby (Laslett et al., 2015). The government trough the ministry of public health should enhance their methods of collecting data on alcohol wholesales with an aim to support monitoring trends on the consumption of alcohol and hazards. They should also evaluate the interventions to reduce alcohol-related effects.

The public health also should continue initiating and participating in the alcohol policy so that it will propose proper measures that pertain the health of people. It should also continue to work in national alliance for action on alcohol to continue providing the comprehensive approach for minimizing the hazards posed by alcohol. The packed liquor also called take away leads in the amounts of alcohol sold in Australia (Critchlow et al., 2016). The house outlet and also stores density should be banned to reduce the health risks to the consumers. Due to mushrooming of unlicensed brew in Australia, the government should improve its measures in ensuring that it curbs the unregulated alcohol businesses to avoid people from being sold alcohol products which might contain methanol poison. Furthermore, due to increasing deaths resulting from the use of alcohol, the Australian government should stop issuance of alcohol businesses licenses.



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