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Dynamic Capabilities And Reinvention Of Business

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Diascuss about the Dynamic Capabilities and Reinvention of Business.



Business acquisition is the process adopting another company to build strength or weakness of acquiring another company. There are different advantage of business acquisition which includes the building of technologies that are present in other companies, increase of economies of scale and many others. Many businesses tend to thrive after going through acquisition since they are able to consolidate all the powers, resources, and customers. In today’s business world, there are improved business operations that have gone through tremendous technological change such using online platforms to reach the targeted customers. The move aided by the high rate use of the internet from the individual to business arena. The online business operation is also known as electronic commerce. The paper therefore examines the business and technical issues faced by Asif the founder of FlashMobz mobile retailer in acquiring of PhoneRus outlet. The paper further examines the process of transition of the company from the conventional method to the new technological method known as e-commerce.

Every business tends to face challenges when transforming from one type of business to another or transferring from one country to another (Cirjevskis, 2017). The principal business challenges that FlashMobz faced in an acquisition of the PhneRus are numerous and include the following; communication challenges that resulted from the employee's differences. When Asif bought the PhoneRus, the employees were never laid down and, therefore bringing together the staffs to work together with the teams at the FlashMobz was not an easy task as there were different business cultural behavior. Inadequate information among the employees created distrust among the employees hence leading to lower engagement (Coate, 2013). Therefore, to overcome this, it was essential to keep all employees from both the business with constant information to build and regaining the loss of transparency and trust. The second challenge was the retention of employees. Many at times when company comes together or merge best employees tend to resign or leave as a result of the negative attitude felt by the employees. It was a tough decision for Asif to identify and decide on who stays and who goes since those that were skilled and best in their work were not willing to go away unlike those that were not performing very well. The situation was dilemmatic since Asif was likely to lose all the employees.   The staffs’ negative attitudes that developed as a result of uncertainty of the leadership, future, job security, negative perceptions of the leadership style (Le et al., 2014). The acquisition of the PhoneRus by Asif brought different organizational changes that led to stress anxiety and conflict of roles by the staffs. Meaning, Asif had to work proactively to maintain and regain the trust of the best employees from phones. Asif faced the organizational cultural differences as the employees from the phones had entire different organizational culture as they were not ready to replace the culture to conform with the FlashMobz’s. Therefore was very important to carry out the culture survey to understand the similarities and differences between the two corporate cultures. The third business challenge that Asif met was inadequate of supply incurred by customers from the products supplied by PhoneRus as the employee's performance had reduced during the acquisition process.


The electronic commerce is all about business; therefore, an efficient usage is called for to achieve the business goals (Guzzo et al., 2016). The principal business issues resulting from transformations include change of the marketing strategy, improvement of the marketing and competition, the cost incurred and the measure of the success. The technical issues that FlashMobz is like to face when is transforming to the e-commerce include the change of the technology, security issues, transactions changes and marketplace set up.  The company will meet a dramatic shift in technology as it is transforming from the traditional commerce is characterizable by the face-face involvement of customers and seller at all stages of the transaction (Boateng, 2016). The company, therefore, will have to acquire new technological equipment such as the desktop, internet providers and set up the social network platforms to enable the success of the traditional method of operation to the new internet usage business. The business suffered challenges of poor customer care as many customers’ issues went unnoticed during the first few days. The problem caused by a large number of messages that are streaming in the company’s website due to a large number of internet subscribers. When customer’s issues go without reply by the company, they tend to get bored and feel unappreciated that might result from a shift of customer’s attention.

Asif overcomes the organizational cultural difference through creating a transition period to enable the migration of the existing PhoneRus practices to the FlashMobz practices. During this time, there was excellent communication from Asif highlighting every staff's concern, questions and assuring them of the support that they would need. During that stage, Asif sets a date that all the old structures will cease to operate and when the time that the newly introduced mechanism will take off then communicated to the staff (McCourt, Low, & Tappin, 2017). The second stage is ensuring an excellent training to the acquired teams so that they conform to the practices and protocol of the new organization. It is advisable to offer training to the old staffs on the changes that are about to occur. For example the accounting officer making the required changes like in the financial reports and the information technology officer, gaining more training on the new technical ideas brought in. The technical challenges that faced FlashMobz in transiting into e-commerce are the problem of addressing the internal transitional changes that required Asif to make several implementation processes such as proper internal planning and education of the existing staffs.  The company has to offer delivery services.

Just like the traditional commerce that involves either business to customer, or business to business, e-commerce too includes both processes conducted over the electronic networks due to the increased network usage (Luterbach, Rodriguez, & Love, 2012).  Electronic commerce entails aspects such as EDI, EDI on the internet, email on the internet, shopping on the World Wide Web, product sales and service on the web, electronic banking, and fund transfer and outsourced customer and employee care operations (Bateng, 2016). Many companies across the globe have found that B2Ce- commerce is currently a natural way of making sales since it is more efficient and cost-efficient in all business transaction. The process of e-commerce allows the buyers to make the inquiry about the products, review the products, place orders, and receive the products and service through the online. On the other hand, the e-commerce enables the seller to advertise the products, receive the orders, collect the payments, deliver the products electronically, improve on the marketing strategy, and provide customer care electronically. The internet commerce allows easy access to the global market since the FlashMobz can reach new customers and create the more close relationship with all the customers. The constant communication with the customers tends to build a long-term relationship .There are a lot of differences between the electronic commerce and the traditional commerce in that the conventional trade has a lot of more personalized engagement in all stages of the business transaction. While the e-commerce focuses on the use of internet or any other form of communication, pulls up together all the activities that are involved in the business transactions through the use of the automated transactions process and communication technology.


Numerous advantages benefit organizations that are operating on the online internet such as a large number of customers, competitive marketing strategies, constant communication with customers and many others. However, some challenges faced by the business that is looking forward to embracing the system. For example, FlashMobz having built a brand name through the face to face engagement with customers faced different challenges when it went into the online platform. Some of the obstacles that FlashMobz faced include; customers mistrust on the company’s website as a result of extensive online frauds. A large number of people tends to create accounts with the names of personnel or enterprises and impersonates to be the official. The crime has led to many customers losing a large sum of money. Therefore however much the company might be the best and create the sophisticated website, customers would not automatically trust the Website. In absences of trust, sales are unlikely to follow. To overcome this, a good website with specific features such as the picture of the physical location of the store, the phone numbers, names and photographs of contact personnel. Customer’s testimonials added on the blog-post as they tend to spread the right image of the company. All these help to boost on the customer trust on the website.

The e-commerce has disadvantages such as limited personal contact that most business and customers uses. Without proper usage of the social media platforms most companies lose the virtue of having the relationship; therefore it requires a consistent update and replies to the customer's comments to keep them close. Inadequate information about e-commerce business in regards to the laws, administrative, customs procedures, and customs duties on return and administrative problems. In most cases, the legal situation is always uncertain Barriers. Some states still help in facilitating the business while other always put massive regulations that must be observable. Another barrier is the shortage of staffs well versed with the media platforms since the existing teams might only be good in the traditional business operations. Lack of such skilled staff will mean that the company will have to recruit more staffs or take the existing teams of training to drop the prevailing ideology and attitude of “we always do it this way.” They will acquire new skills. Most of the online businesses are prone to the hackers who at times post unethical issues about the industry, that spell disaster on the customers’ trust. At times, the customer's credit cards and personal information compromised and even find your website blocked. These issues are resolved through consistent password alteration.

The main barrier to e-commerce is the high venture capital needed, unlike the traditional business operations (Grewal, 2014). The new technologies needed to operate the e-commerce is high at the start of the business and the long time is always spent on online trying to catch the attention of the customers who do not always turn around to the online shopping. The long time spent on the internet and the high costs of buying the items tend to shy away from small business that is unprepared Guzo et al., 2016). Logistics issues always affect the entry of a business to the e-commerce as the products delivery varies from the geographical location of both the supplier and the customer. Inefficiencies of international delivery companies make it difficult to do business with customers that are far away. It is not always evident that the companies name will automatically conform with the product during the transition to the e-commerce (Yi-Fen, 2016). Therefore numerous   Logistical changes are very critical to the developing e-commerce business enterprises to facilitate the delivery of the items within the stipulated time and maintain the customer's trust. Language is another common hindrance to the transition of the business to the e-commerce as it hinders the access information and participation with the followers on a particular social media that have different cultural bases


E-Commerce is very advantageous, and Asif should consider that should consider the extent of the benefits in case of adoption of the e-commerce. The advantages include the removal of long queues caused by a large number of customers that require service from the retail shop. The issue is resolvable by the fact that the online stores always opened throughout the day and night (Guzzo et al., 2016). Therefore it is possible to make engagement with the customers all the time unlike the traditional where working hours appropriately stipulated hence blocking customer would make inquiries past the time. The second reason is the capability of the company to expand and sell to international customers that are beyond England and Belgium due to the ability to discover audience globally. As a result, the total sales of the company increase. The third reason is the ability to continue with the personalized engagement from the traditional commerce into the e-commerce through the creation of different platforms managed with qualified personnel. The creation of an email list based on the purchase made location and the total money spent y customer. The website is customizable to have an ad that appears whenever a customer logs in such as “welcome back “indicating the name.

The customized ad assures the customer that the business knows him/her personally. The fourth reason is that e-commerce encourages impulse buying since the catchy images attract customers who are browsing. The platform offers a better way of tracking and retargeting the customers with Facebook pixel. Apart from the advantages, there are disadvantages too associated with e-commerce. These include the inability of a customer to make purchases when there is a crash on the website, another problem I the failure of customers trial before making purchase making many people avoid engaging in the online shopping with fear of making the wrong choice, buying inferior goods or even being conned. By comparison of the above advantages and disadvantages, it is evidential that the companies that engage in the e-commerce reap more than those that have not embraced the technology.

The business organization acquires and merges one another to improve the basic functionality that results in improved sales and returns. The organizations may extend the market command through transiting into e-commerce.  Many organizations have thrived because of the transition of the business activities from the traditional methods of the new technological process. However, during the transition, there are always some challenges faced regarding both business and technology.

Cloud computing is the ability to access file storage, applications, and collaboration tools from any point by the use of the internet. It is an aspect that has been adopted in several ways to promote collaborative learning among students. For instance, it allows sharing learning materials such as lesson plan, topic information, and presentations with students. In other words, cloud computing allows collaborative learning environment that is extended beyond the classroom. As a result, learners and teachers can work in groups irrespective of their geographical locations or distance between them. It thus allows learning institutions in different states, countries, or districts, to create partnerships and collaborate with the aim of increasing student engagement and improving learning. As a result, cloud computing has been adapted to bridge learners and classrooms globally.

With the discovery and development of cloud computing, collaborative learning can be adopted by students and educators in several ways. According to Hsiao-Chi et al. (2016), collaborating learning is possible as long as the user has an internet connecting to enable them access information stored in the clouds. The same study denotes that the increase in the use of digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets have allowed for an extensive adoption of digital tools such as Google App. Such tools are essential in saving essential documents and sharing files between learners as well as the teachers, an aspect that has proven cloud computing to be very reliable and accessible provided there is an internet connection.  Students are hence able to access relevant learning materials through their phones. In other words, cloud computing has enabled collaborative education to be in the forefront in embracing technology with the aim of ensuring that students have instant and simple access to files and collaborative learning materials.


With the advancement in technology, the word has developed into a small village. Technology has been adopted in various aspects of life such as health, education, and business among other vital industries that use technology. Integrating technology in education is found to have several benefits to the learners. Cloud computing is among the newest technology that offers a collaborative environment that extends beyond a confined classroom. As an information system professional, the use of cloud computing still offers me the chance to advance my studies irrespective of my geographical position. According to Hsiao-Chi, Pei-Di, Yi-Fen, and Chia-Wen (2016), cloud computing allows exceptional and new learning experiences to be made available for both learners and tutors. Since classroom learning has been primed for dynamic and dramatic improvements, it is a system that I can adopt in the future to advance my studies online even when am still working.

Focusing on its use in the organizational context, cloud computing is easy to access. As a result, lab reports, education lesson plans, notes on different subjects, and grades or related powerpoint slides can be accessed easily just like any other digital material that can be accessed through the internet. These materials are essential teaching materials and will be vital to both current and future organizations when they can be accessed and used at will. According to Hsiao-Chi et al. (2016), the continuous advancement in technology is in future expected to become more stable, an aspect that will make it more reliable for use in different industries and service providers globally. As a result, businesses will have the ability to tap the use of cloud computing services for the advancement of service delivery just as it has been proven to offer classroom education. It also gives the students access to information should anything happen that can lead to the loss of data or information such as the fire that would destroy the traditional storage systems in a manner that they could not be easily recovered.



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