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Discuss about the E-Business for Spinneys.




An e-Business model is similar to that of other business models that helps to describe the functioning procedure of a company. It also helps to give the details about the products or services that are offered by the company. If customers are locked-in and the commodities are less responsive to price, then prices may be changed to a degree with fewer risk. However, with the help of market research all the changes need to check in advance. The e-business perception portray the underlying principle of the business, its goals and vision, and commodities or assistance from which it will earn proceeds (Spieth, Schneckenberg and Ricart 2014).

Action Plan

Spinneys E-Business Strategy

The E-Business Strategies pertaining the E-Business Model and Business Plan of Spinneys is as follows:

  1. The virtual stores are mostly situated in the public areas, most frequently in subways and bus stops with elevated foot traffic and recurrent on an every day basis by tech-savvy customers. In that case, Spinneys requires to introduce a Homeplus application that will help the interested customers, as they will utilize their waiting time in bus stops as well as metro station. The opening of the virtual stores of Spinneys in the subways will help the company to increase their potential market (Al-Mudimigh 2015).
  2. The individuals will also be to use their Smartphone to scan the QR codes of the commodities that will be supplied by Spinneys. The posters in the virtual stores of Spinneys needs to be designed in such a way that it will look like the actual aisles and shelves of a regular Spinneys store. This will make the experience of the customers user-friendly.
  3. Spinneys need to store the scanned commodities in the online shopping basket of the customers. As reported, majority of the individuals place the online orders between 10 am and 5 pm when they are travelling from and to work (Ocasio and Radoynovska 2016).
  4. The company also requires to recognize its online value proposition. This will help Spinneys to define where its business sits in the marketplace amongst its competitors. This will help the company to enlarge its customer outreach in Dubai. They also need to merge their delicately tuned value proposition with better-quality transaction skills as well as comprehensive sourcing and access to capital to generate value for both the individuals and the shareholders. Providing value in an e-business makes the use of the similar approaches as providing importance in any business. With the help of value proposition, Spinneys will be able to focus on the well-being of the customers (Osterwalder et al. 2014).
  5. Pricing is another most important part of the e-business model that should be established based on market research. The company needs to set the price by keeping into consideration the prices that are set by its competitors. If Spinneys has a high fixed to variable cost, prices should be changed vigilantly.

Spinneys Social Medial Marketing Campaign

Social Medial Marketing Campaign explaining how social media outlets can be utilized to engage clients by Spinneys are as follows:

  1. Social media outlets will help to engage clients or customers as it will help to create a large amount of data about the customers in real time. Each day there are more than 500 million Tweets and 4.7 billion likes on Facebook that helps to gain a wealth of information about the customers. Through day-to-day active engagement as well as social listening, social media outlets will help to gather pertinent information about the customers as well as valuable customer insights.
  2. Social Media marketing campaign is an inexpensive method to promote the business and distribute content. It also provides powerful targeting choices in order to reach the right audience. If Spinneys operates an advertisement on Facebook, it will be able to target based on location, demographics, behaviors as well as connection (Hsu, Ray and Li-Hsieh 2014).
  3. Social media outlets will help to engage with the customers by increasing sales and customer retention with the help of regular communication as well as timely customer service (Tuten and Solomon 2014).
  4. It also helps to share content quicker and easier. In the past, the marketers usually faced challenges of ensuring their content reached customers in the shortest possible time. However, with the advancement in technology Spinneys will be able to share content about their trade by sharing the content on the social network account of the brand.
  5. Geo-targeting is one of the most effectual methods that help to send message out to a particular audience based on the location. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook allows the customers to converse the right kind of content to the customers (Burdette et al. 2013).


It can be recommended that the company should make use of social media outlet, as it will increase the sale by increasing the website traffic. The social media outlet will help to direct the individuals to their website that will raise the search ranking for the company. With the presence of social media, the customers will find it easier to get the details about the products that are sold by Spinneys. This will also help to increase the retention of the customers as well as brand loyalty.


It can be concluded that providing value in an e-business makes the use of the similar approaches as providing importance in any business. Spinneys require to recognize its online value proposition. This will help the company to define where its business sits in the marketplace amongst its competitors. They also need to combine their finely tuned value proposition with better-quality retailing skills as well as global sourcing to generate value for the customers.



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