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Discuss about the E-business System.


There has been a huge development in the field of information and technology and also there has been a huge development in the field of software and website development in the past few years (Fielt, 2013). As a result there has been an emergence of a new concept in the field of marketing and businesses. The concept is e-business and there has been a huge development in this field in the last few years and recently there has been huge innovations made in this concept and also has changed the way in which the companies look at their businesses and plan the sale of their product. Due to the emergence of these technology and newer upgraded concept the business models of the companies have changed to a great extent. The e-business is a new concept that is benefitting both the sellers and the buyers. The businesses are planned in a way that would result in the profit of the organizations. The e-business allows the organizations to implement the advantages of internet and web technologies into their businesses (Soto-Acosta et al., 2016). In addition to this, there are various key elements of the businesses that are to be kept in mind that are value proposition, revenue model, competitive aspects of the business, marketing strategies and the opportunities in the market. In addition to this the e-businesses concept allows the companies various new type of facilities such as personalization and customization, providing the transaction facilities, management of product delivery and also helps in doing a thorough research on the market. The e-business also helps in the enhancement of the revenue model and helps in the procedures of advertisement and marketing and also the transactions and the sales revenue models have been improved immensely by these technologies. The market space, potential market and the targeted market have also been increased to a great extent by the introduction of the e-commerce into the business procedures of the organizations. The introduction of this concept is also beneficial for the organization the market; it provides a competitive advantage to the organization over their business rivals. There has been a huge development of the e-business technology with a large number of companies adopting this procedures and also new business are rising up in these sector. Online retail companies such as Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon have had a great advantage due this concept. In addition, to his the local business has also invested in the e-business methods (McElheran, 2015). There has been a growth in the delivery services by the organization that helps the business to reach to the doorsteps of the customers enabling the satisfaction of the customers with a growth in the business and the revenue departments of the organization. In addition to the development of the e-business the future of this prospect seems to be great with newer concept in this field are being implemented regular. A great instance of this concept being used being used for the business by the organization is the local restaurants looking to adopt these concepts and proving the online food services to the customers and also there has also been introduction of the concepts like online cab booking services that has seen the growth of the e-business and have provided great prospects for the future.

Comparison and explanation of various types of e-business infrastructure technologies, business models and payment and security system in a corporate setting

There are various types of business models that the companies in the market follow. The various type of business models are:

B2B: The B2B model is the Business to business model (Grant et al., 2014). In this type of model the businesses conduct the business directly with the other businesses with no involvement of other mediators in between them.

B2C: The B2C model is the Business to Customer model that enables the organizations to conduct business directly with the customers.

C2C: The C2C is the consumer to consumer business that is conducted directly from the consumers to the other consumers.

Now there has been deployment of the e-business in these business models and the e-business infrastructure is formed.


In the B2C models firstly there are the community providers. The organizations such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Pintrest provide these platforms. The social media networks provide a platform for the people to communicate with others (Rashidirad, Soltani & Salimain, 2014). However, this also provides a genuine platform for the businesses to perform various strategies of their businesses.  The business would be able to display their products in front of a large community. This would allow them to gather a large audience without much of an effort. The organizations would be able to share content with the potential customers and also would be able to perform the advertisement activities for the company very efficiently. Next are the content providers that help the organizations to display their digital content on the web. The organizations are able to produce a great deal of advertisement for their consumers via the emails and the different website that the people visit. They also involve procedures such as subscriptions for the generation of revenue for the companies (Loukis & Charalabidis, 2013). A very general example of this would be the online music services provided by the different organizations for the consumers. They utilize the business by generating the revenues from the products of the company by the using the methods of pay per view and subscription of their channels. Next in the B2C models are the portal services that are adopted by the companies that help them to search the packages of content and services. The main source of revenue in this type of model are advertising, referral activities and also from the transaction revenue. In addition to this, there are the transaction brokers that charge money both forms the businesses and the consumers. The main industries that use these models are financial services, travel services and job placement services. The B2B model also consists of the Service providers that charge their customers for the services that they are providing such as Google. It provides the map and mail services to their consumers.

Next come the B2B model and the type of business infrastructure that are prevalent in these type of model are: E-distributors, E-procurement, Exchanges and Private Industrial networks. E-distributors are the version of the wholesale and the retail stores that provides the goods to the doorsteps of the customers. The E-procurements are the organization that creates the digital market where the business can participate to exchange the gods for the company. In addition to this, there are the private industrial networks that constitutes of 75% of all the B2B expenditures.

Next is the C2C business model in which the concepts have been introduced. The organizations such as Ebay provide a platform in between two consumers that would help them to perform the online buying and selling procedures.

In addition to the business models there are different types of security and payment systems for the e-commerce businesses. There has been implementation of newer technologies that provide efficient security for the e-commerce businesses. In addition to this the organizations are to follow the policies and procedures of the company during the implementation of the e-commerce. In addition to this, they should also follow the industrial and the government standards. The online system for the businesses involves a lot of data and hence, an efficient amount of data integration for the systems is required and it is provided efficiently by the e-commerce in the businesses. They make use of the cryptography techniques for conducting the businesses (Malhotra, 2014). They make use of the private key and the public keys for the transaction procedures. The systems use various kinds of transaction procedures. All these transactions are secured efficiently. The business transactions and the payment methods involve different type of procedures. Firstly, they have the online credit transactions where the consumer has online wallets and pays for the product or the service by the online credit. In addition to this, there are systems such as cash on delivery and also prepaid payment system by which the consumer pays to the businesses. The various type of example of the payment option for the consumers is PayPal, Amazon Payments and Bill Me Later.


Evaluation of the impact of e-business strategies on organizational process and outcomes

The e-business has had a major impact on the organizational procedures of the companies. The web sites, mobile sites and the development in the mobile apps have helped in the development of the e-businesses for the companies (Humphreys, Fynes & Wiengarten, 2014). The organizations can now reach out to the customers via the websites, mobile sites and the mobile application. In addition to this the companies can develop their private website and also retail website from where the consumer can have easy access to the products of the company. The companies also offer the sites for the mobile versions and also in the mobile applications. The customers also have the accessibility to the products very easily. The e-business strategies also change the organizational procedures for the business and helps in modifying them. The vision of the e-commerce presence includes the mission statements, targeted audience, intended market, analysis of the strategies and also the marketing mix for the organization. They also modify the development timeline and the preliminary budgets. There has been huge change in the business models for the companies and also in the revenue models of the company. The target audience are also addressed differently by the company due to this kind of development within the organization. They also help in the research and the market analysis procedures and help the company in developing their products according to the need of the market (Zhu et al., 2015). Hey have also changed the procedures by which the milestones for any type of project are developed and the costs of the system are also reduced to a great extent by the implementation of the e-commerce procedures. They have also changed the procedures of SWOT analysis that were performed earlier by the companies. Due to these type of development in the business the business have gained a great deal in their stature. The businesses have developed a clear understanding of the business objectives and also they are having better knowledge on how to choose the right technology and implement them in their businesses (Cassidy, 2016). This has also helped the customers of the company in a great way. The accessibility for the users have become easier and also the products have become easily customizable by the consumers and this in return have helped the companies a great deal in improving the efficiency in their businesses.

Technical research skills to assess existing and emerging e-businesses

There has been a huge development in the web development technologies and also in the network technologies. The websites such as YouTube and Vimeo provide great opportunities for the organizations to perform the procedures of marketing and advertisements (Chi, Zhao & George, 2015). They provide a great platform as a great number people access these websites and also they have a great number of audiences and hence, these technique is very helpful and effective for the companies the conduct their business and achieve great success. In addition to this, according to reports it has been found that almost 75% of the total population of the United states have access to the internet and hence, this a great platform for anyone to display their potential and in case of the businesses it would be a perfect platform to display their products. The companies would also be able to study the behaviour of the consumer form their online activities and the internet and the web services would be able to provide the companies with ample amount of scope to perform extensive research on the market and also on their targeted audiences. They can do this easily by accessing the profiles of the consumers on different websites and social networking sites and by reading the blogs that are posted by them. They would also be able to gain various type of information about their competitors in the market. The companies would be able to plan their approach for the development of their business plan and hence, the technologies would help the business in increasing the overall efficiency of their procedures. In addition to this the trend of the e-business has been increasing with the increase in the technologies for the businesses (Rezaei, Chiew & Lee, 2014). There have been various kinds of innovations that are performed by the business to help in the improvement of their businesses. There has been newer sectors for the businesses in which have evolved due to the emergence of the e-businesses. The sectors such as the food industry, the retail industry have been the main businesses that have adopted these procedures and have increased the efficiency of their businesses. There has also been evolution of businesses such the cab booking system and the online grocery system. This type of system has been the latest evolution that has taken place in the past few years in the world.


Ability to work independently and contribute as a team member employing the appropriate interpersonal, professional and technical communication skills

The business policies and the business practices for the companies have evolved in the past few years. Various type of technologies have come up lately that would be helping the business to take their operations online. The marketing procedures for the businesses have been aided by the advancement in the in the field of social, mobile and local marketing. The marketing concepts for the organizations to conduct the businesses have also changed in the past few years (Chen et al., 2013). One of the very famous instance do the social marketing is facebook. Facebook is one of the most important and leading companies in the field of social marketing. The companies can produce their product in front of large audience and hence, this would be providing them with a huge platform to perform their marketing and advertisement procedures. The new technologies generally involve new concepts of marketing that have gradually evolved with the evolution of the technologies. The new concepts involve conversations and engagement with the customers of the product. The companies have grown the concepts of having strong ties in between the customers and the organization. From reports it has been found that the social network sites have 90% visits from the business companies. The companies follow various steps in social marketing that are also applicable in the local and the mobile marketing. The companies generally create a page for themselves and engage people with their posts. After they have gained a certain amount of followers they start the advertisement of their products. The social media marketing also helps the companies in the analysis of the market and helps in the evaluation of the target market for the product of the company (Van der Wee et al., 2015). In addition to Facebook there are other platforms such as Twitter, Pintrest, and LinkedIn. The social media marketing is responsible for the maximum amount of advertisement and this is followed by the TV ads and the newspaper ads. In addition to this, there are the mobile marketing has also evolved in the past few years. It is estimated that the average population spends about 3 hours daily on the mobile and hence, this is one of the great platform for the companies to perform their marketing operations (Aithal, 2015). Hence the companies have developed apps via which they reach out to their customers. In addition to this the applications are also used for the marketing purposes where the users are required to purchase products form the company in order o complete some of the tasks in the applications.   


Legal, ethical, social and cultural issues that affect the use, design and implementation of the e-business system

There has been a huge development in the online retail and services. These types of businesses have gained a huge amount of ground in the last few years. The retail mobile commerce has expanded in the recent times. The businesses have also been helped by the big data analytics and the other techniques that have emerged in the last few years. The online retail industry accounts for about 17.8 trillions of the total economy for United States. The retail companies have seven segments of goods that they offer for the customers. The retail companies have also grown their business due to the increasing amount of satisfaction among the different sectors of the population (Cherian & Kumaran, 2016). The retail companies provide a large variety of products to their customers and hence the products are available for each and every sector of the buyers and also the buyers are able to compare the budgets and are able to select the products according to the available budget to them. In addition to this, the customers are also able to customize their selection and the product searching for the customers are also very efficient. Due to this increasing amount of satisfaction in the customers there has been a huge increase in the position of the companies in the retail industry. The Amazon Company is one of the largest retail businesses in the world. They have their business spread worldwide and attract a wide range of customers for their business. In addition to this, it has been reported that the company have had 92 billion dollars of sales in the year 2015. The company have also introduced new sectors to their businesses such as the Amazon Web Services and the Amazon Prime Services (Wymr & Regan, 2013). In addition to this, there are many versions of the retail services. They are the virtual merchant, the omni-channel, the catalogue merchants and the manufacturer-direct. The big data predictive marketing methods have also resulted in the development of the retail market. The services industry can be divided into two categories: the transaction brokers and the hands-on service providers. The e-businesses have also resulted in the transformation of the banking and financial services. The sectors of the online banking and the insurance services have also developed in the past few years. The other sectors of development are online mortgage and lending services, real-estate services and online travel services.



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