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Task 1

Information security and buyer protection and the challenge of data protection are expanding in degree and trouble. While online businesses have since a long time ago expected to shield their clients' security and private data, changes in information transforming and plans of action present new dangers and new regulations.

As part of your report, you are required to assess different protection and security issues experienced by customers and online businesses, including security strategies by which these issues are currently being addressed.

Task 2

You are required to identify small but growing online retailer company based in the UK with a profit of less than £4 million in 2014. You then have to prepare a powerpoint presentation to demonstrate how social media can be used as a promotional tool to create product awareness. 



Executive summary:

E-commerce Security is a element of the Information Security structure and is exclusively useful to the works, that influence e-commerce to contain Computer Security, information security and extra wider realm of the Information Security structure. It has its own exacting nuance and is individually highest amongst observable security works that influence the end user during their every day payment dealings with business.  In this article, we discussed about how to reduce the security issues and also discussed about how protection and security issues experienced by customers and online business

I. Lack of computer Expertise- A business holder needs to hold more than vital information of the Internet to do business online. Essential skills include knowing, how to locate a website for business purpose and how to promote your business online. If you don't acquire this skill, you will probably require and occupying the services of an Internet advertising company to assist you to gets started (Sun and Davidson, 2015).

II. Difficulty Developing Relationship- Although, doing business on the Internet can unlock markets all above the world; it can be more complex to build up current business relations. Suppose, if you're situated in the United States, probability are you won't have the chance to convene face-to-face with a client in Japan or Australia. Whereas technology such as videotape allows you to see persons via computer display, it still lacks the individual stroke of meeting someone in person (Kim and Tadisina, 2010).

III. Privacy and security Concerns- Yet if you take protection such as site up a safe payment sheet for customer purchases, you still may be disposed to corrupt individuals who hack your system and steal your customers' confidential information. This can be use to deplete your customers' financial records and their identity. You might not be capable to do business forecast, which don't belief making purchase online (Hughes, 2015).

IV. Issues with copyrights- Due to the ubiquitous character of the Internet, issue such as patent breach are complicated to control. The Internet span the globe in a numeral of different country, so increasing a place of identical, copyright laws is almost impossible. If you've urbanized a winning Internet business, you may contain not easy time prevent somebody from photocopying your business model and use it for their own advantage (Turban, King, Lee, Liang, & Turban, 2015).

V. Limitation of business types- Several types of businesses might not be suitable for the Internet, mostly if their goods occupy the use of the mind. For example, if the USP of your manufactured goods is its pleasing smell, you can have complexity while assigning this in online. And there are persons who will constantly be happier, while making a main purchase such as an automobile after considering the product in individual first (Turban, King, Lee, Liang, & Turban, 2015).


Reduce an online security issues:

I. Instruct your team members on e-commerce risks- Every operating inside your business should have a thoughtful of the deception and safety risks concerned in an e-commerce business. They should also have in deepness information of your organization, ecommerce risk organization policy and measures (Critical issues in homeland security: a casebook, 2014).

The more knowledgeable your business is, the easier it will be to fight online pressure and to take out risk explanatory actions (Sundaram, Krishnamurthy, & Blair, 2015).

II. Communication organization policy to customers- classify to keep customers away from  disappointment and dispute, it is essential to create the following information apparent all through your websites:

a. Privacy policies, these supposed to be offered through links on your websites.

b. Information security creates a contact that educates clients about your safety practice and control (Turban, King, Lee, Liang, & Turban, 2015).

c. Shipping and billing policies, it’s supposed to be clear, complete and obtainable during a link on the home page through online purchase.

d. Refund policies, create and show a clear, brief statement of your repayment and recognition policy (Sundaram, Krishnamurthy, & Blair, 2015).

III. Guarantee PCI compliances- All e-commerce association are necessary to be payment card industry (PCI) yielding and have to stick  the rules outline by the PCI safety standard committee.  If your organization is not PCI yielding, it may be uncovered to harsh fine and the risk of have its payment aptitude may be removed (Robinson, Jones and Janicke, 2015).

IV. Defend your e-commerce business from interference

a. Viruses- ensure your websites every day for virus, the attendance of which can effect in the loss of precious data (Robinson, Jones and Janicke, 2015).

b. Hackers- apply software parcels to bring out usual assessment of how in danger your website is to hackers (Turban, King, Lee, Liang, & Turban, 2015).

Figure: (Robinson, Jones and Janicke, 2015)

c. Passwords -make sure employees modify these frequently and that passwords put by previous workers of your organization are obsolete.

d. Regular software updates- your site must updated by the latest version of safety software. If you be unsuccessful to do this, then you will depart from your website exposed to attack.

e. Sensitive data- Judge encrypting monetary information and new classified data while using encryption software. Hackers will not be capable to contact encrypted data without a password. This is mainly related for any ecommerce site that applies a shopping cart scheme (Robinson, Jones and Janicke, 2015).

V. Identify the particulars of your payment service provider contract- Be recognizable with your agreement, mainly the areas that refers to property funds and chargeback legal responsibility. Identify the duration of time and circumstances under which your deposit may be detained and know your liability for fake transactions (Robinson, Jones and Janicke, 2015).

Figure: (Zhang, Lin, Tian,  & Li, 2015)


E-commerce is broadly measured as the buying and selling of goods above the internet, but any deal that is finished exclusively throughout electronic measures can be measured as e-commerce. Gradually e- commerce and m-commerce live very good role in online retail promotion and peoples using this equipment (Zhang, Lin, Tian,  & Li, 2015). E-commerce is rising all over the world. E-Commerce security is the security of e-commerce asset from illegal right of entry, employ, change, or damage. While reducing the online security issues for customers, they should instruct their team members about the e-commerce business, apply the organization policy to their customers, defend your e-commerce from interference of (virus, hackers, and passwords), and identify the particulars of your payment service provider contract. On the other hand while examine the security issued experienced by customers and online business are like, difficult to build relationship with the customers, lack of customers expertise, Privacy and security Concerns, issues with copywriting etc (Turban, King, Lee, Liang, & Turban, 2015).

 Fraudsters are continually looking to obtain benefit of online shopper’s level to build trainee error. Ordinary mistake that depart people helpless, contain shopping on websites that aren't safe, give out too much individual information and departure computers unlock to viruses (Sundaram, Krishnamurthy, & Blair, 2015). In this article, we discussed about how to reduce the security issues and also discussed about how protection and security issues experienced by customers and online business (Zhang, Lin, Tian,  & Li, 2015).



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