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EDUC7051 Career Counselling Narrative Approaches

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Task 1 – Personal Reflection Activity

Reflect on your own career and your work as a career counsellor using the Reflection Activities that you completed in Module 1.

  1. a)    Submit the completed Reflecting on My Career Influencesactivity including the diagrams and also written responses to the guided questions. The “Reflecting on My Career Influences activity” onstructivist approaches by McMahon.
  2. b)    What have you learned about yourself as a person and as a career counsellor?
  3. c)    How might you apply this activity in your work as a career counsellor?

(NB: Your work will be treated confidentially and you are not expected to discuss aspects of your life which you are not comfortable sharing with another person. It is the analysis of your learning that will be evaluated.)

Task 2 – Literature Review

Complete a review of the literature on narrative career counselling.

a)  In your review, describe the underlying philosophy that underpins narrative career counselling.
b)  Identify and explain the constructs that are central to this approach to career counselling.
c)  Select two approaches to narrative career counsellingand compare and contrast them.
d)  Consider the advantages and disadvantages of narrative career counselling.
e) Post a comment about your perception of narrative career counselling on the Blackboard discussion titled Narrative career counselling. Where possible, relate your comment to that of another student. (Pass/Fail)

Task 3 – Narrative Career Counselling Interview Critique

Select an interview from the DVD (Amundson, 2009). Alternatively, you can use the video which is available in UQ library online: " Career counselling skills for contextualizing decision making", by Anika K Warren. Go to resources to find the link to this video.

Indicate which interview you have based this task on.

Explain what you understand by the term ‘mattering climate’. What did the career counsellordo that created a ‘mattering climate’ in the interview? Identify and transcribe an example from each of the beginning, middle and end sections of the interview where you believe the career counsellor was promoting a ‘mattering climate’. Explain why you selected each example and what the career counsellor did to create such a climate.

  1. What evidence can you find in the interview that the career counsellorwas successful in creating a ‘mattering climate’. Include at least two examples of the evidence in your response and explain your selection.
  2. What are the personal qualities that you have that will assist you in creating a ‘mattering climate’? Knowing about such qualities and the importance of a mattering climate, what strategies will you use to create a ‘mattering climate’ in your future career counselling?
  3. Consider the constructs of reflection, connectedness, meaning making, learning and agency. Identify three (3) examples of how the clientdemonstrated each of these constructs and list them.
  4. Identify examples of the counsellingmicro-skills (e.g., questions, reflections, paraphrases) that the career counsellor used to elicit such client responses. List these examples. Explain the reasons for your choices.
  5. As you listen to the interview, use the Systems Theory Framework diagram found in Module 2 on the Blackboard to map a 20 minute segment of the interview e.g., if the client speaks about what they want to do draw a line numbered 1 from the individual to the future. If the client then mentions their family’s hope for them, draw a line numbered 2 from future to family. Continue this process through the interview. NB: Submit this interview map with your portfolio.
  6. What have you noticed about the interview map? Describe your observations of the interview map.
  7. On the basis of this map and your responses to the previous activities in this Task, describe how you now understand the narrative career counsellingprocess. How would you describe the role of the career counsellor? How would you describe the role of the client? How would you describe the career counselling relationship?
  8. Identify three key learnings that you have had about narrative career counsellingthat you could use as advice to yourself or to another person. Explain why you think these would be helpful to you or to another career counsellor.
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