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This essay mainly focuses on the effect of class, gender and race on learning and teaching in urban framework of children and youth. This essay also provides the deepest and conceptual understanding of Knowledge, Enquiry, Empathy, Pluralism and Social Commitment. This essay reveals that the urban context is considered an important determinant of practice for learning and teaching of children and youth. The urban context represents the environmental and social situations that update the experiences of individual, communities and groups. As same as the previous times now also education in the formalized setting of school and classrooms is the process of individual teaching another individual about the surrounding world. In this context, every aspect of learner’s and the teacher’s personality is an important factor in the education process. So the issues of class, gender and race plays a role in the education is absorbed and imported.

The dynamics of class, race and gender influence the lives of everyone, including access to education systems of children and youths. As in an urban context, notifying the educational research and discourse on inequality read as if racism affected to only those from minority communities and by color of people who cannot exist without the simultaneous advantaging and privileging by majority community and gender affected only women. Analytically, the issues of class, gender and race can be treated separately (Tallerico, Poole & Burstyn, 1994).

KEEPS Mission:

KEEPS  mission is the desired qualities of Long Island University of Brooklyn Educators. This mission values as; KNOWLEDGE and intellectual curiosity about schools, world and children, ENQUIRY or the concrete discipline of reflection, observation, and non-judgemental describtion of school work and children also detail inquiry of professional prsctice and teaching, EMPATHY that reclines on the capacity and uniqueness of human being to develope and also openness to the interests and needs of communities and urban learners, PLURALISM and concentration to inclusion and to diiferentiate in the community leaning of shool and the ample society, SOCIAL COMMITMENT and demonstrating professional responsibility, ethical behaviour and academic integrity to build democratic society.



Race, gender and social class are the issues which relate to schooling have attention from urban educators and learners. As, these issues are mainly used to form major groups of people in the society mainly having members like people of color, poor and women. An interaction of gender and race can affect the student’s perception about the issues of racial integration.

The socially assembled categories of class, race and gender establishes social identities that shape the experiences and culture of people and also locate society and individual within national, social and global social structures.Social inequality experienced and described along lines of class, gender and race helps to determine the need of literacy and learners experience and its impact on children and youth in urban context (McCarthy, 1996). These inequalities have a specific relevance to the urban landscape. Urban settings are affluent in diversity and are consist of populations that are a higher minority percentage and from a lower background of socioeconomic than the general population in the country.

Social class is a persistent reality that explains the technique to approach the life. A teacher sets out to make students learn the skills of studies in giving class, but if classroom is an economically weak and the worksheets referred with spending of people on luxury goods, one can readily observe the disconnect between students and lessons. In this case, the worksheet may distract a student considerably from learning the intended skill for that day (Gillborn, 2015). Research and studies are finding that groups of minority who live in urban areas are, more importantly represented in the census numbers reflecting groups experiencing extreme poverty.

In some senses, race is a more probably on the path to influence the education and also a more obvious marker in an urban context. Student from different regions can raise the issues about the tribe in a different context, while a teacher has to make every possible effort to teach the facts of history with impartiality, as it is known that personal prejudices are difficult to avoid and also to play a role of an objective observer. The United States has a colorful and an affluent history of races coming together (DeMartini & Weis, 1989). While it is very tempting to teach a generation of future to move  on the injustices of the past, which can be unfair to different races.

Race, gender and social class have affected the education in many other ways also. As very rarely people from racial minority groups and a less income have history with lower education. So the children from such families are likely to have an opportunity for school education (Akom, 2007). So these can be disadvantageous when children with such background are placed in a class where other surrounding students have had exposure to the written word. These children may be slow learners though it means that they are getting a late start. The teachers have to be aware of crucial differences and make sure that these children do not consider themselves as poor and weak students.


In the end it can be concluded that education should be ideally untouched by class, gender and race which is an unreal expectation of society. If the teacher has a meticulous plan of teaching, it may leave, a teacher with unprepared feeling to not acknowledge the role of class, gender and race. A little focus and an encouraging surrounding can help to go a long way in helping these disadvantaged children and youths to catch up and there is need of careful handling this with sensitivity and empathy. So, the creation of teachers is resourced which is able to cater the different levels and have an assessment of rubrics. As future urban educators, we should have the ability to be more responsive to the learners who are dealing with the conditions and situations which is influenced by evidence of distinction in society and racial differences. And might be oversimplifying theory and perpetuate biases by failing to integrate these issues. It is also clear that race, gender and class have a major influence on the chances of life of youths in urban context.



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