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Educational Research On Mathematics

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Question: Describe about the Educational Research on Mathematics.   Answer: Week 2 Themeà Why Maths Matters: Illustrating importance of mathematics for people of all demographics and dispelling myths Evidenceà The above article resource investigates the perceptions of school students regarding maths & mathematical tasks and how mathematics teachers can play a vital role in making students dispel any misconceptions regarding the subject and instead develop considerable interest and enthusiasm. The above article was written by Professor Sarah Buckley of the Australian Council for Educational Research and primarily focuses on the anxiety experienced by students as a result of any mathematics related work. Rationaleà This resource points out the particular nervous sensation of anxiety which is felt by almost every school student when faced with mathematical tasks. As emotions are a vital part of the learning process, this article dwells into the various psychological disturbances felt by students, the underlying neurological phenomena that occur as a result and investigates the causes along with providing remedial action. The article also give a mention regarding the usage of advanced medical technologies like functional magnetic resonant imaging of the brain to analyse brain activities during maths anxiety that may help root out all these negative aspects. Discussions are also given about various educational and certain social myths that are associated with student’s mathematical ability, that are the main reasons behind feelings of maths anxiety among students. Additional myths like how girls are not expected to be good at maths and that maths are primarily important for students of technical & technological fields are also mentioned. Applicationà The article is quite useful in pinpointing some underlying factors that creates anxiety and terror amongst students when they face mathematical work. Private discussions can be held with those students who experience the largest levels of anxiety. They can be counselled to be strong and brave enough to face any mathematical work without hesitation. Parents can be advised to support their children regarding their nervousness towards maths, instead of rebuking them. The myths that students have regarding mathematics can be removed by showing them instances of application of maths in many non technical fields. Any and all negative school community beliefs regarding maths occurs amongst students and mainly in classrooms of the high schools, which cause decline in the academic motivation of many students. Students can thus be encouraged to hold positive discussions and encourage them to arrange unique mathematical problem solving friendly competitions amongst themselves. The exact factors that cause the formation of maths anxiety in students can be addressed/. Students mainly feel nervousness because of their lack of confidence in solving maths problems as almost all maths problems have just one correct answer. Students feel tensed and anxious because of the compulsion to find out the absolute correct answer. This particular aspect can be discussed with them, and advice can be given that it is absolutely normal to make mistakes as long as that mistake teaches something and helps in the overall learning process. (Sarah, 2013) Week 7 Themeà Maths in Real World: How mathematics is interwoven in almost all everyday activities in the real world Resourceà This resource illustrates several applications of mathematics that pertain to real life situations and incidences. The steps that are required to effectively and logically solve a real life problem using mathematical techniques are shown here. Several examples have been given and detailed step by step descriptions of all the mathematical solutions are shown clearly. In addition, diagrams and proper images are given that lucidly explain the associated concepts and the processes that are used to mathematically solve the real life problems. This article is aimed at facilitating the mathematical learning experience of students aged 15 to 18. Rationaleà This article is a clear cut presentation that clearly shows how mathematical tools and techniques are used & utilized to solve day to day real life problems. Steps required to logically solve problems are properly given. The given procedures show how a word problem that describes some real world event are divide into a number of steps , that help in attaining the required solution quickly and efficiently. Linear programming and operational research techniques are described in a very simple manner using a real life example of a furniture manufacturing company. The method of explanation is very simple and clear, and it is possible for nay school student to understand it without any significant effort on their part. The article emphasizes the usage and application of simple logic on the part of the students to solve the problems and adequate help & guidance regarding the steps that are require to be followed are all given in the document. Applicationà     Several unique problems are given in the above article and they have real life applications. The first problem deals with finding the profit gained by a furniture manufacturing company; how the company manufactures pieces of wood that have individual pricings and in what way they should assimilate all the various parts so as to make a considerable profit. Relations and equations are also clearly given, and if properly taught and explained to students, they can analyse and understand how mathematics and associated tools can be effectively utilized in solving day to day problems. The situation mentioned in the resource is a typical real life situation and students can gain useful insights on how mathematics is involved and interwoven in every real life situation. Formation of mathematical modelling using data, algorithm and variables is very clearly mentioned in an absolutely uncomplicated way, and this will also help students learn the process of creating effective maths modelling systems to obtain solutions related to any mathematical or technical problem. Selection of variables and how to appropriately modify them in order to obtain correct solutions can be shown. Furthermore, behaviour of the variables is very logically and simply shown using the basics of coordinate geometry, such a straight lines that represent linear equations in a two dimensional frame. All of these concepts are well within the scope of a high school student and hence they will find it quite easy to analyse and understand the given real life mathematical problems in the article. ("Using Mathematics to Solve Real World Problems", 2010)  Week8Themeà Maths and early childhood: Techniques that can be used to inspire mathematical learning in young children Resourceà The above article puts forth the technique of using picture boos to stimulate and encourage young children about mathematics and how this will in turn enhance the confidence of the children regarding the subject and any kind of mathematical or technical problem solving tasks in the present and the future. The article is written by Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen of the Utrecht University of The Netherlands and Humboldt University of Germany, Sylvia van den Boogard of the Utrecht University of The Netherlands and Brain Doig of Deakin University. This is an example of a planned day experience. Rationaleà This article effectively describes the experiences and observations of the writers regarding the usage of picture and illustrations books that help in encouraging young children of age’s five to six to learn more about mathematics. Analysis done shows how these types of books can help the young children to explore in depth the various types and sections of the branch of mathematics. Through mathematical picture books students can clearly understand the basic concepts of arithmetic and mathematics along with their proper application in real life. This is possible as these books illustrate and put forth several real life situations and objects that have technical and mathematical implications .A combination of literature and pictures that lucidly describe mathematical problems along with their associated solutions, helps children learn from the angles of a particular situation or context, enhancing their overall learning experience.    Applicationà This resource clearly explains the various ways how the various real life examples and contexts given picture books with appropriate literature help in giving young children an early access and lucid understanding of several mathematical rules and their applications.  Children can be taught the basic concepts of geometry through the help of these books. Their mental and cognitive development will be accelerated as a result. They can be asked to differentiate between the various shape, sizes and structures of several objects. Patterns and logical resolution of problems can be taught to them through the myriad of examples given in these types of books. Literatures given I the book can also be used to teach children about any mathematical queries that they have, which in turn help them develop their own ideas and concepts regarding the solution of mathematical problems. Pictures of various things like buildings, vehicles and landscapes are usually shown in these books along with mentioned values of distances heights and lengths etc. and children can be asked to specific or general questions regarding the various distances that are covered by any particular object or road. Other illustrations like a group or flock of animals or birds can be shown to the children and questions can be asked regarding the number of animals, how they are arranged or how many are moving or gathered together or in what direction they are moving. All these examples and contexts explained in a picture book can help in stimulating the learning nature of young children and make them more interested in mathematics. (Marja, Sylvia, & Brian, 2009) Week 9 Themeà Maths and Primary School: How primary s
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