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EEPP4022 Events And Entertainment Planning And Project Management

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Entertainment events are the part of everyday life for businesses to transmit the information about its new products and services. Radio road show has become a transparent form of communicating the marketing activities. This report focuses on the planning, organizing, directing and controlling a radio road show entertainment event for company to inform the target market about its new launching. It also includes the project management tools and techniques to effectively reach at predetermined object as to complete on time. In addition to this it includes the planned summary of event. Further, this report has proper and reasonable budget to organize the event at its best. With this, the stakeholder and communication has also included to sponsoring the event. The risk analysis is also undertaken to manage the issues in functioning of the event. Finally, the control process is also discussed to command the team to get the work done efficiently.

Background including scope and objectives: 

This project is about to organize am event as radio road show to advertise the launching of a new product for the organization. Radio road show would be organized at the London to communicate the audience for new launching. This is an event based project to undertaken as road show where event is a planning and management of concerned project and activities are also profound.  

Basically, radio road show has become a most popular way to communicate the target audience in effective manner to attain the predetermined outcomes. It is a live entertainment event to inform, persuade and communicate the audience. Moreover, event management is considered as the most successful tool adopted by the all type of companies in cost effective manner.

Radio road show has a wide scope to attracting the audience as a potential customer. The radio can influence the audience easily because of its best way to communicate. Event is a focused project to plan as per the objectives of entertainment event. It would be a short time span show with dance performance through which it can lure the crowd to stop and experience.

The main objective of this radio road show event is to facilitate or communicate the message for launching a new product in the market. Further, it would focus on building the base for company as more customers. Moreover, it would promote the product in new market. Along with this, it would emphasize on generating more profit by the company.  

Detail summary of the entertainment aspect of the event:

It is an entertainment event to broadcast the message for company on launching a new product in the market. Along with this, it would be a decorative stage on the long vehicle as a stage. It would be focused on the amusement for the public as an audience. In this radio road show a specified and feasible location would be selected to perform the show. It would be a musical event in which singer from the team of project would perform with the songs which are mostly popular. In this event a standing speaker would fascinate the local people by its voice effect. Along whit this, dance performance would be organized by the dancers in this event. Along with this, different activities based on music would be performed and audience would also take part to make this event pleasant. Moreover, in this event the visitors would also be involved in the singing for the entertainment of visitors. At the same time, the product would be introduced through a musical performance. It would be a totally entertainment event as a show which would influence the most of crowd and create a brand image in perception of visitors.

A summary of the target audience for the event 

For the success of this radio show, it has unstructured target audience. It is very important to notify the target audience for which this radio road show is going to organize. Target audience are the group of people for which this promotional and entertainment event is promoted (UnLtd, 2012). Generally this, event is conducted for the purpose of communicating about to new launching for product.  

Basically, the main targeted audience would be young men and women. Further, the young child would also be cared to attract them towards the new product as well. At the same time, target people are not classified in a category because of the road show, where each and every visitor would be the audience to persuade. Along with this, it would cover the local people near the venue of show. Apart from this it would inform the general public in advance to make it more feasible. This event would be organized on the office leave day so that it would also attract the office workers with different age people. Further, the music selection should be according the time which would also target the active listeners as well.    

Project management tools and techniques including schedules outcomes and deliverables

Radio road show is the combination of various tools and technique to have for immediate action in the event. Tools and techniques are the prominent source for the effective completing a project, which enable the project manager to attain the desired goals in effective manner (Carstens, et. al, 2013). Various tools and techniques can be used for the radio road show to effectively complete in successful manner. The major tools and techniques are as:

(i) Gantt chart: This is one of the most tool through which a project organizer can schedule the activities in radio show on specific time. Further, it would be helpful in managing the time and estimate the resource required to co-ordinate the task of entertainment event. Along with this, the time, schedule and task for each activity can be determined.     

(ii) Critical path tool: It is also a visual tool to communicate the actual objective. It would enable the radio road show manager to effectively sequence the resources.  

(iii) Resource histogram: It is graphical char to identify the resources assigned to a project. It would be helping to co-ordinating the radio event staff and resource planning.

(iv) SWOT: It is also a technique which would supports the radio road show event in measuring the feasibility of project activities in a focused manner. The project manager can focus on identifying the weak areas of this entertainment event and take a step to mitigating the risk for this project.   

(v) Project management software: The software like Microsoft outlook and lotus notes would be useful for organizing a radio event through recording the time timetable, expenses for different activities and help service to the project manager.

Event outcomes and deliverables

Successful completion of this radio road show would be resulted into variant outcomes and deliverable for which it is committed. Deliverable would be

  • Successful promotional event
  • Launching of a new product
  • Identifying the potential customers
  • A strategic policy to communicate the audience
  • Improved brand image of company
  • Competitive advantage by its rivalries    

Project team management and Structure

Team management and formal structure is essential for the successful completion of a project event. Team management is difficult for the project managers to derive the event as proposed. In this radio event a dominant team would work together to formalize the structure and organize it in victorious manner. Project structure should be appropriate to effectively manage the event and teams for the project (Wysocki, 2013). Project management team structure would be as followed to organize an entertainment event.

Project team management and structure for the Radio Road Show Event

For this entertainment event for radio road show, the above hybrid structure would be followed to effectively organize the event.  In this event management plan the task would be divided into the various segments through which it can be summed up easily and better to co-ordinate the entire team. Further, this project management structure would facilitate the co-ordination and implementation of event activities in proper manner. 

Budget for the Project: 

The estimation of budget helps the event organiser or Event Company in measuring the cost of different event activities to finish specific event or project. In this way, estimation of budget for the Event Radio Road show is as follow:

S. No.

Cost Element

Total Cost of each Element (in £)


Location Cost



Site Rental Fee



Permit Licence Fee



Cost of Cleanup Crew






Rental Needs















Air cooler



Hotel and Food Cost



Hotel Room Rent



Car Rent



Meeting Room Rent






Advertising and Entertainment Cost






Television Monitors



Sound System



Celebrity Fees






Other Cost















Staff Salary






Total Budgeted Cost


On basis of above table, it can be analysed that in organising the Radio Road show Event, there are different activities has need to be perform, which contain different costs. The estimated budget represents that the total estimated cost of Radio Road show event will be £39450.    

Project communication and stakeholder management: 

Communication is a medium of interacting with audience or target group members. In other words, communication is the process of transferring information from one place to another or one person to another. The communication process includes the different tools and techniques such as Face to face, Print Media, Electronic Media, and Broadcast Media. In this event, two communications tools Print Media and Electronic Media will be used to communicate with target audience. Under the Print media Newspaper, Brochures, Flyers, and pamphlets will be used (Pandey, 2011). At the same time, radio and internet tools will be used under the electronic media as communication medium to communicate with UK community people.

Stakeholders are those people who have interest in the organisation or its activities and can be affected by its operations. In event, Stakeholders are those people who have interest in investing the something in specific event.  In this Radio Road Show event government, retail and manufacturing companies, Audience, Sponsors, Local Community, and Venue Owner can become the external stakeholders (Jones, 2014). At the same time, Event Assistant, Event Director, Event Manager, and Artist liaison can become the internal stakeholders.     

Risk management plan:

Risk management plan is a formal document, which represents that how effectively company can deal with risks that arise during business operations. Along with this, risk management plan supports the company to mitigate or remove the threats and errors from the business and project activities (McGeorge and Zou, 2012). Therefore, in organising the Radio Road Show event there is requirement of risk management plan, which describe that if during the event any problem arise then how organiser can manage the risk effectively. In this event there is also different risks are available such as location risk, schedule risk, legal and financial risk. In this way, if during the organising the event, location risk arises then company will remove or mitigate this risk through selecting different locations as alternative at the time of location selection.

Along with this, the time of the event will be decided according to celebrity and Event Company because celebrity and Event Company will be major part of event. if due to some reason the Event Company and celebrity becomes late or event takes extra time then to meet with this issue a alternative proposed schedule will be implemented (Dowson and Bassett, 2015). Apart from this, to mitigate or remove the legal or financial risk, all the legal formalities will be completed during the planning phase and financial risk will be managed through deciding the sponsor’s earlier that these companies and person will sponsor the whole event.

Evaluation and control of Radio Road Show Event:

Performance evaluation is a method of measuring the success of event or project. Project evaluation is a systematic method of collecting information about the project characteristic, outcomes, and activities to determine that it is going right or not. Therefore, effectiveness of Radio Road Show will be analysed through reviewing the performance of event. In this way, event controller will be appointed for the evaluation of overall event activities and controlling them. During the event, if any activity event goes in negative or wrong direction then it would be control through predetermined plan that how event activities will be implemented after each activity (Bowdin, 2010). At the same time, event controller will inform to event manager to control the remaining activities and discuss that how they can control these issues. Along with this, if an event activity consumes more time as predetermined time schedule then time duration of next activities will be reduced to manage the time of whole event. The performance of event will also be evaluated through comparing the actual cost of event with budgeted cost. In this event it also be analysed that all the event activities are implementing according as per the budgeted cost, if any activity will consume the cost then the cost of activity will be managed by the reducing the time of specific event activity.


From the analysis of above report, it can be concluded that to organise an event successfully there is need of detailed summary of plan and target audience. Along with this, an event or project can be managed or organised successfully through using the different project management tools and techniques such as work breakdown structure, cost breakdown structure, and Gantt charts. At the same time, to organise and implement the event or project successfully it has requirement of project team management, structure, and budget for the project. It can also be drawn that this projected event is feasible from the financial and operational aspect through focusing on efficient budgeting and planned radio road show event.  In addition to this, it can be concluded that in an event or project the risk management plan should be prepared for the evaluation and control of event effectively. 


On basis of above event project plan, it can be recommended that event project plan should be clear and stable that has no requirement of changes. The event project plan should focus on the key objectives of the event and the event activities should be linked with its purpose. At the same time, coordination and cooperation is required to organise a Radio Road show event because it needs to perform different activities that make event successful. On the other, during the organising a Radio Road show, the structure of project plan should be clear to meet the objectives effectively and understand easily. Further, it can be recommended that before the organising the Radio Road show the list of sponsors and celebrities would be finalised to influence the audience. It is also suggested that the project manager should allocate the operational activities to the preferred groups and manage the entire radio road show effectively. In addition to this, project manager should have better communication so that the event work can be tracked easily.  


Bowdin, G. (2010) Events Management. UK: Routledge.    

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Wysocki, R. (2013) Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme. USA: John Wiley & Sons.  

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