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Effect Of Job Description And Mentoring In Recruitment And Retention – Transcript Add in library

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Describe about the Effect of Job Description and Mentoring in Recruitment and Retention – Transcript?


The following is an transcript conversation between a senior HR Manager and a junior HR.

Senior HR: Hello, Welcome to our organization. You would be the new Human Resource Manager for the Sales Department.

Junior HR: Thank You, Sir. I am extremely fortunate to be able to seek this position in a reputed company such as this.

Senior HR: Good. I am sure you must be well aware of the fundamental roles of an HR in any reputed organization. Would you be able to elaborate on the role?

Junior HR: Yes, Sir. I am absolutely aware of the responsibilities. To begin with, the HR manager is the sole person who is responsible for providing correct job description so that the organization may be able to recruit the right person for the rights job. In this respect the HR manager should provide the following information namely well phased job description, a separate duty statement, the effective job purpose, background information, required skills and post requirements (Allen and Bryant, 2012).

Senior HR: You are absolutely correct. However, there lie some other details as well in order to surround all the necessary details that concerns with the work of the HR. For instance, the HR has certain duties pertaining to the gaining of adequate information and the requirements to mentor the needs of the organization. Will you be able to give any details regarding this?

Junior HR: Absolutely Sir. I would definitely be able to throw light in this regard. The HR of any organization should devise effective mentoring programs for the fresh employees. The HR needs to develop peer-to-peer mentor programs, career guide programs and intellectual guide programs. It is the duty of the HR to make provisions for creation of a congenial environment within the organization. I can also give references by scholars who have researched on this issue. Warner (2013) had opined that it is the duty of the HR manager to frame effective recruitment and selection strategies, formulate employee management strategies, provide advice to the management on employee legislations, generation of effective training and performance appraisal strategies and devise strategies related to staff development.

Senior HR: Indeed, your knowledge in this sphere is appreciated. You have been able to quit clearly express the role that is required to be undertaken by any HR. however, you must also be aware that the role of any HR is not restricted to the bringing in proper manpower and creating guides and programs. There are a number of issues that come forward during the working of the organization and generally these have to be faced by the HR Manager. Do you have any idea as to the issues that are generally faced by the HR Manager?

Junior HR: I am well aware of some of the major issues that are faced by the employees as result of the lack of responsibility by the HR Manager. Some of the issues are:

  • The employees remain confused about their roles and functions within the organization
  • The productivity of the employees decrease and they start finding the job monotonous
  • The employee has no idea the standard or the expectations that the organization has from the employee thus the employee under performs or over performs (Way, 2011)
  • The lack of problem management and mismanagement of official gossips distracts the employees from their role within the organization (Brice, 2012)
  • The retention rate of the employees within the organization reduces and the organization experiences high employee turnover rates because the employee recruited may not be suitable for the job (Smith, Wilde and Brasch, 2012)

These are some of the problems that are faced by the employees.

Senior HR: You are absolutely right with regard to the issues. However there is some other issues as well that you have missed. For instance, the employees working without clear direction often tends to become confused, de motivated and develops a casual and negative attitude towards the organization and in return take drastic shifting decision. Further, lack of an effective job description demoralizes the employees and they develop uncertain attitude regarding their future growth.

Junior HR: Yes Sir, I have overlooked these points.

Senior HR: Never mind. Let’s move on to the other details of the job. Do you have any knowledge regarding the possible impact of the failures of the HR team on the organizations?

Junior HR: Yes, Sir. I do have some idea regarding the impact of HR failures. Allen, Finkelstein and Poteet (2011) opined that lack of job description raises the employee turnover rate and affects the organizational goal achievement. The report of Forbes shows around 76% of the organizations are experiencing employee turnover within six months of fresh recruitments due to lack of proper job description. Moreover, the recruitment expenses are also high (Mitchell and Gamlem, 2012). If the organization clearly mentions the job description at the time of recruitment then the employees will have a clear concept of the organization’s mission and vision (Zoogah, 2013). Majority of the public sector organizations lack HR management team. The lack of a professional HR leads to lack of mentoring programs within these companies especially in the financial sector. Hence, the productivity of the employees in public sector banks and financial institutes are very low. The overall work process also tends to slow down because of the lack of effective management (Forde and O'Brien, 2011).

Senior HR: You indeed have a lot of knowledge with regard to HR management. I wish you all the very best in this new sphere.



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