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Effective Communication : Challenges And Ways

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Discuss about the Effective Communication for Challenges and Ways.



Communication is the soul of any organization. In fact, it is the living organism like oxygen for human beings. It is a vital link which connects with all the stakeholders. The information and communication technology (ICT) has compelled the business firms to review, redefine the strategies from sustainability development point of view. It is badly required to perform various functions and manage daily activities effectively. Advertising, marketing, client interactions, product and process updates, sales and distribution etc. are possible through the skilful usage of communication cycle. It is equally important not only to build customer relationships but to strengthen them on long-term basis. Effective communication facilitates the firms to keep updated and up-graded in terms of market trends and dynamics (Smith, 2005a). It is more visible and significant to understand the customer satisfaction.

Routine Requests:

Jessica’s email is the best example to analyse the communication process from readers’ point of view. There are few areas of improvement identified for Jessica looking at her email sample. It doesn’t convey the nature of request at all. Secondly, she could have thought before writing an email in terms of purpose, the outline, format, approach (inductive or deductive), familiarity etc. It is certainly possible to reframe the lengthy sentences and make them short and meaningful. Here, two things need to be focused as a part of request. They are technical assistance and ‘how-to-reach’ directions (Smith, 2005b). Purpose-based, clear, meaningful message coined with logical sequence would have left long-lasting impact by Jessica.

Process of Planning & Preparing the Messages:

As a sender of the message, one needs to be very careful and cautious while preparing the message to communicate with others. There are few factors which must be taken care of. They are purpose, medium, channel. In addition, knowing the audience is simply the priority. Their level of understanding, age factor, educational, socio-economic background, willingness are key factors in terms of external communication while internal communication has attitude, mood, area of interest, highlighting the concerned areas, moderate tone are essential. Corporate world cannot be imagined without following the code of conduct. In fact, it is the blood of entrepreneurs. Organizational and business values like integrity underline the implications of ethical communication (Conrad, & Poole 2005). Compliance and other relevant activities are aligned with ethical communication.  

It is worth to understand how the process of communication works in the business environment, at the workplace. Both the employees and customers are the valuable assets. It is important to handle them with care. The product manufacturers, service-providers own the responsibility to provide ‘required’ information. The staff must be trained on developing effective and meaningful messages to target the customers (Shein, 2010b). The elements like Sender, Receiver, Encoding/Decoding, Feedback, possibility of Noise must be taken into account. It is essential to develop ‘readers’ point of view’ for better results and positive responses.

An Interoffice Memorandum to Deliver Bad News Message:

Sometimes, organizations go through the struggling phase. A number of factors affect the business. If the strategies don’t work effectively, the complete business suffers. As a result, some hard decisions are taken by thought leaders (Charteris-Black, 2007). ‘To bid a farewell’ could be one of them. It is a bad news. However, the sender needs to deal with communication with the help of emotional intelligence being sensitive matter. To deliver the message of bad news to the customers is a challenging task. The sender can take help of sympathy, empathy, compassion by admitting their feelings. It is badly required to soften the blow and minimize the intensity. The interpersonal skills will help you a lot in such situations. Validity, authenticity will really matter.

I would prefer to share such bad news with my friends and relatives who are working in the field of software development and testing. This is because I will make them aware about the present conditions. It will certainly help them to prepare mentally. In fact, it is how disasters can be managed. Our networking and interpersonal skills will help to find the jobs available in the market. One can learn how to overcome such challenges in our life with minimum losses.


Context-Based Communication:

Communication may be internal, external; formal, informal; technical; intrapersonal, interpersonal; upward, downward and so on. The widely used forms are verbal, non-verbal and written communication. Business meetings, face-to-face conversations, telephonic talks, video-conferencing and live interactions with people are considered as a part of verbal communication. The scope of non-verbal communication is huge when it comes to deal with people on one-to-one basis. It is highly important to develop a strong network with all the stakeholders (Shein, 2010a).

Non-verbal communication makes you the best communicator in order to influence people in your favour to the great extent. One can consider people acceptance in this regard. For example, sales presentation or job interviews are the best opportunities to convince people through effective body language showing confidence. etc.

The best channel of Communication:

‘Electronic mail’ is one of the best channels of communication. Social networking sites are used for promotional and branding activities, launching of new products, awareness programs etc. To manage various events an integrated approach is suitable with multiple channels of communication. It should be noted that the process of communication has various aspects involved in it.

Hi-end technology has created new platforms to communicate effectively. The new and emerging markets have changed the ways of doing businesses. The digital and technical communication is preferred these days. This is because it is faster, affordable and widely accessible too (Miller, 2006). There are controversial views on the usage of technical communication. Some experts are of the opinion that emails have restricted the face-to-face interactions in at the workplace. This is true to certain extent. However, it should be noted that ‘time’ is the constraint here.

How to Avoid ‘Pet Peeves’?

Lengthy, vague and general statements lead the receiver to the state of confusion. The readers loose the interest when overloaded or insufficient information is sent, shared. All of these waste the time, energy and money of enterprises with either less or no outcomes at the end of the day. Here, firms lose the golden opportunity to connect with the potential customers in spite of converting target potential customers as loyal customers. It is irritating for Sam to read ‘sorry to bother you’ as pet peeving activity (Ince & Gull, 2011). In other words, if you really make the life of people comfortable, solving their problems, issues than you need not ‘to beg for mercy’. Such remarks of pet peeves can be replaced with ‘I need…, I would appreciate if you could….., Would you like to….etc.’ They will be certainly positive and maintain neutral tone without any irritation for the readers like Sam.   

Written communication has its own place in different business backgrounds. First of all, it is treated as a legal form of business correspondences to maintain the records. Transparency, accuracy, professionalism and valid source of information make written communication unique and significant. It consists of emails, notices, circulars, memorandums, proposals, applications, orders, contracts, brochures, templates, manuals.


Communication is used as a tool for coordination of multiple units, products and services, processes, departments, offices etc. It ensures the smooth flow of functioning to carry out assigned tasks the way we want. In organizational development, communication enables the management to achieve the goals within the stipulated time-frame. One hand, it helps to understand the expectations from employees or customers in the form of feedback which is valuable for business excellence. On the other hand, it is possible to set clear and right expectations from others too. In both ways, it is a win-win situation. Maslow’s Needs of Hierarchy will help to understand the diverse needs of people in offices, markets etc. In short, effective communication is the sum of purpose, context, need, knowing audience and ethics.



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