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Effective Workplace Relationship: JKL Industries Add in library

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Discuss about the Effective Workplace Relationship for JKL Industries.



The aim of the report is to make a plan to deal with the issues related to the grievances of the employees at the JKL Industries. It has been found that the management has proposed restructure of the business because it has been observed that the Company is facing certain issues related to the grievances of the employees. The employees had an opinion that they shall lose their job as a result of the restructure of the business. In addition to this, they also fear that there shall be no proper opportunity to retain their employment in the organization. It falls under the responsibility of the HR managers to fight with the challenges and tackle the situation. The report focuses on building up an action plan to tackle the situation.

Identification of Risk at JKL Industry:

In the case study, it has been found that the organization is facing two major issues. The grievances of the employees have been so drastic that they have also intended to call for strikes. The two most crucial risks that have been identified are:

Poor communication and poor organizational climate: The organizational culture has been found to be negative. There is less team cohesion and a large communication gap between the employees and the management. It has been observed that in spite that the managers have good intensions and wanted to make better commitment towards the organization, the employees find it absurd and then they start revolting (Alfes et al. 2013). Therefore, it has been identified that there needs to be development of proper communication in the organization.

Weak climate of organization culture: If the organizational culture is taken into consideration, it has been seen that the organization has a weak culture. There is a great deficiency in terms of understanding the situation of the chaotic condition that has occurred in the organization as result of the initiative taken for restructure of the organization (Kessler 2015). When the working atmosphere does not remain in a proper accordance, a chaotic condition is created in the organization that hampers the operation of the business.

If the case study of JKL industry is to be considered, it can be said that the complete business operation depends on the cooperation of the employees working in the organization. Therefore, keeping up with their expectation is indeed an important issue that has to be tackled with prime importance. In the view point of Sparrow and Cooper (2012), HR practices are the most evident thing in an organization. Complete business operation remains on the success of the role played by the HR of the organization.


Possible Solutions of the Problem:

It is important to keep a good relationship with the employees of the Company, so that the flow of work does not get interrupted. Three possible solutions can be narrated in this respect:

  1. Detailed discussion with the employees regarding the issue: It has been found that the employees were feeling that they might lose their jobs. This thing has to be cleared out with each employee (Vasilaki et al 2012). In order to achieve this target, it is recommended that the HR management shall call out a meeting with the employees. In the meeting, the manager is expected to explain the issue to the employees and retain their faith.
  2. Considering possible solution to the problem: Based on the problems, it is also the duty of the management to come with a solution. The possible remedy might be developing proper communication with the employees and building a proper organizational culture in the organization (Bidwell et al. 2013).
  3. Keep a track of the conversation: It is also important that whatever discussion is done between the employees and the management should be recorded as the same can be used for the future prospects as well (Zhu et al.2013). When records are kept, it becomes evident for the management to deal with the situation in future.

Promising better opportunity to the employees: The employees have to be convinced about the importance of the restructure of the business and how it can be effective to each one of them. Their misconception has to be removed by the HR management team. If this is made possible, then there is a scope of early recovery of the problem.

Apart from the above mentioned solutions, it can be said that the HR should keep a track of the entire organizational planning regarding any kind of change or alteration in the organization (Kooij et al. 2013). It falls under the responsibility of the HR to keep a track of the entire organizational business and make approach to deal with the situation. Keeping a healthy relationship with the employees is the prime responsibility of the HR (Lengnick-Hall, Lengnick-Hall and Rigsbee 2013).

Action Plan:



Person responsible

Description of the strategy

Calling a meeting

First day

HR and the HR partner

In the meeting, detailed discussion of the plan of restricting the business has to be evaluated.

Explaining the problems

Second day

HR and the HR partner

Problems should be heard from the employees and the queries have to be addressed properly by the team of management.

Coming up with a solution

Second day

HR and the HR partner

It is based on the understanding from both the employees and the management, it is required to come to a proper solution.

Fig: Action Plan

(Source: Created by the author)


It has been found that the main problem that the organization is facing is related to the consciousness of the employees related to their security of their job. The role of an HR manager is to understand the grievances of the employees and take a note of the best possible ways to fight against the various odds of the organization. It should be kept in mind that it is only by fulfilling the requirements of the employees the operation of the complete business can be fulfilled. Therefore, making proper decision regarding the queries and grievances of the employees holds great importance.


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