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Empirical Study In Malaysian Hotel Industry

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Discuss About The Empirical Study In Malaysian Hotel Industry?




McDonald’s was found in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald in California. It is an American fast food retail chain restaurant. Today, this retail fast food restaurant is being introduced in almost big and emerging parts of the globe. Approximately 69 million customers are being served with adequate qualitative food items in more than 100 countries. They are famous for producing varieties of hamburgers i.e. vegetarian and non-vegetarian burgers are also being served to the consumers on their choice. Apart from the hamburgers, they also serves wraps, French fries made of potato, coffee, shakes, soft-drinks, etc. (Aaker, 2010).

Now the company is planning to introduce new range of healthy burgers in both variants i.e. vegetarian healthy burger and non-vegetarian healthy burger. With the consumption of fast food products, most of the people have been suffering from over-weight diseases, addiction towards the fast food items, etc. The idea of introducing healthy burger was invented from this source and this will help the addictive consumers of fast food products to satisfy their needs without suffering from over-weight and other types of diseases which may occur due to regular consumption of fast food items (Klein, 2016). The ingredients of healthy burger will include fresh and healthy vegetables whereas its patty will be made of mixture of spinach and fenugreek and the corn flour will be used to mix these items. Apart from the above ingredients, the bun of the burger will be made of multi-grain bread. These all ingredients will provide adequate health safety as well as the taste of the healthy burger will also be delicious as it will be served with chesses and healthy juices. In terms of non-vegetarian burger, patty of the burger will be made of mixture of egg, chicken and cheese. Apart from the patty, all other ingredients will remain same as compared to healthy veggie burger (Akaka, Vargo & Lusch, 2013).


Strategic Focus and Plan

The primary goal behind launching healthy burger’s range is to improve the perception of consumers towards fast food industry.  Prior to this, only certain age group of people were consuming fast food items but with the introduction of healthy burgers, other age group people can also be targeted. It will help the McDonald’s to enhance their market share across the globe. Apart from this, this operations is serving qualitative and delicious hamburgers, wraps, coffee, etc. As they are in the fast food industry since 1940, the have developed quite impressive goodwill across the in the industry, hence; they does not need to put much efforts in terms of promoting the new range of burgers. They just need to spread the information in relevance with the features and characteristics of healthy burger for enhancing the product’s demand in the target market (Ang, Benischke & Doh, 2015).

Core competencies of McDonald’s

Primary core competencies of McDonald’s are their trained and professional staff, impressive product’s development strategies, attractive promotional campaigns, market presence in over 100 countries of the world and most of their outlets are based on franchising type of business. Apart from this, their secret formulas to produce delicious fast food items as well as their outlet’s prime locations also provide competitive advantage to McDonald’s (Angeloska-Dichovska & Mirchevska, 2017).


Situational Analysis

McDonald’s is known for producing delicious fast food items and with this; they have developed their distinctive image across the globe. This organization is known for solving their consumer’s queries in relation with the quality of the products. They have adopted numerous strategies in order to serve the improved and enhanced qualitative products to its consumers in order to fulfil their needs to the optimum level. In the current situation, McDonald’s have developed the strategy to enhance their revenues through launching healthy burgers in vegetarian as well as in non-vegetarian variant. For this, all age group people will be the favourite choice for organization in terms of the product’s promotion in the target market. Marketing mix tool will be very effective in terms of promoting the new range of burger in the target market (Armstrong, et. al., 2015).

Product: Organization is planning to use the special characteristics of the healthy burger in terms of the promotion of the product. This will help the organization to introduce their new innovation in an adequate and efficient manner. Healthy burger has numerous advantages such as it is a fast food item but none of its characteristics matches with the fast food items. The unhealthy ingredients which make the burgers, pizzas, wraps, etc. tasty are quite harmful for the human body if they are consumed on regular basis. In order to reduce the harmful impact over the human body of unhealthy fast food items, organization has invented the idea of launching healthy burger which will not leads to health related issues despite being its consumption on daily basis (Brandt, Cazzaniga & Hann, 2011).

Price: McDonald’s pricing strategy is being unique always and this time, organization has adopted the strategy of cost-effectiveness in order to set the price of their new range of hamburgers. Setting adequate price for the product in relevance with the adaptation of pricing strategy will help the organization to enhance the demand of the new and unique range of burgers. Fast food items are generally consumed by young age group people, hence; target audience are limited but with the introduction of healthy burger, option in relevance with the target market will be diversified for McDonald’s. Due to this, McDonald’s will be able to enhance their revenues in the target market (Kim & Hyun, 2011).

Place: The new range of burger will be available with all authorised outlets of McDonald’s across the countries in which their presence exists. In order to enhance the performance of the organization, exclusive range of burgers will be delivered from the separate counter in the outlet. This will help the organization to divert the focus of other consumers towards the new range of burgers launched. The product’s characteristics will play crucial role in terms of enhancement in the organization’s new range of product’s demand and apart from this, McDonald’s will also try to open more outlets in the prime locations of the target market in order to promote their healthy range of burgers (Cornelissen & Cornelissen, 2017).

Promotion: Promotion has the great weightage in terms of making the effective marketing mix technique. The element of promotion of the products plays vital role in the marketing plan and in terms of McDonald’s new range of burgers, adequate promotional techniques will be adopted in order to enhance the efficiency of the healthy burgers. McDonald’s have a great brand value in the global marketing hence; they do not need any special tool to promote the products. But the adequate set of strategies will be adopted for increasing the revenues of the organization in terms of targeting more number of audiences (Johnston & Bate, 2013).


Evaluation and Interpretation

Evaluation of the existing marketing plan will be done under this procedure in terms of evaluating the effectiveness and the efficiency of the new range of burgers introduced by the organization in the target market. The actual results achieved with the execution of this marketing plan will be compared with expected results from the marketing plan execution (Mohammed, Rashid & Tahir, 2014). If the results will be matched with the expectations, then organization will be able to analyse the effectiveness of the marketing plan used to promote the healthy range of burgers in the target market. Otherwise an option needs to analyse with more advanced techniques and strategies so that expected objectives and the goals could be achievable easily. Failure of marketing plan could be due to change in the environmental conditions of the target market, change in the taste of the targeted audience, etc. (Czepiel & Kerin, 2012).

In terms of interpretation of the exiting marketing plan used to promote the healthy range of burgers in the target market, it was observed that this marketing plan will be the most adequate plan in order to promote the new invention of the organization. As this innovation is the part of targeting various segments of the consumers hence; this marketing plan has the capability of attracting the number of segments of the public in the target market (Fischer, et. al., 2011).

Control measures will also be adopted in order to review the effectiveness of the marketing plan executed for the promotion of the healthy range of burgers in the target market. The expected and the actual results of the marketing plan be compared on the basis of the outcomes obtained for the comparison process, appropriate changes will be made in order to reduce the demand of the new range of burgers especially launched to enhance the revenues of the organization (Greer & Ferguson, 2011).

Marketing and promotional strategies

McDonald’s is known for producing numerous items included in the fast food items’ category and they are working in the same field since 1940 and they are serving their range of fast food products in more than 100 countries across the globe. In terms of promoting the new range of healthy burgers launched by the organization, they does not need to adopt advanced set of promotional strategies infect they should include the segment of these healthy burgers in their existing advertisement campaigns. This will help the organisation to reduce the cost of the production as advertisement and promotional campaigns’ costs are being included in the price of the product. Adaptation of advanced set of advertisement techniques will leads to increase in the prices of the new range if healthy burgers and it could leads to reduction in the demand of the burgers due to high price (Gregor & Hevner, 2013).

In terms of promotion of the new range of burgers, McDonald’s could use their existing promotional strategies. This will help them to reduce their cost of the production.  In terms of electronic media platforms of promotion, organization could promote their new range of products through their social media mediums as well as the advanced set of strategies needs also to be implemented for enhancing the demand and the spreaders of the knowledge in relevance with the unique features of the products amongst the targeted audience (Helms & Nixon, 2010).



From the above discussed strategies and elements of marketing plan to promote the healthy range of burgers in non-vegetarian as well as in vegetarian form of variants. In order to analyse the effectiveness of the marketing plan discussed above, it could be concluded that elements and the strategies used to enhance the demand of the products will help the organization to increase their potentiality as well as the revenues of the organization could also be increases with the implementation of the existing marketing plan to promote the new range of burgers. It has been concluded that the existing marketing will enhance the performance of the McDonald’s and it will help the organization to achieve its desired goals and the objectives.



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