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Employees Its Effect On Performance Rate

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Discuss About The Employees Its Effect On Performance Rate?




In this chapter of the research plan, the method that will be used for fulfilling the purpose of the investigation will be mentioned. Proper Research Design Data Collection techniques, analysis and sampling method will be described in details along with providing justification of using each technique. The ethical issues that will be encountered by the investigators will also be highlighted in this section. All the research methods and design that will be implied can ultimately help on to establish the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance of an employee within a workplace.

Research Design

According to Mackey and Gass (2015), it is possible for the researchers to use types of Research Design which includes exploratory, explanatory and descriptive design. During the process of Data Collection, it is essential for the researchers to use a particular form of Research Design, which will help to improve upon the   relevant information that is being collected. In the exploratory form of Research Design, it is possible for the investigators focus upon the ideas and thoughts that are primarily required to fulfill the purpose of the research. On the other hand, the explanatory Research Design describes the entire events that are associated with the subject area of the research.

The above research work will aim to use the descriptive form of Research Design, which can help them collect relevant information related to job satisfaction and job performance within a workplace and thereby able to establish the relationship between the same.


Research philosophy

Purpose of the research philosophy is to determine the appropriate manner for getting detailed information relevance to the research topic. It can also help to determine the assumptions that are taken by the investigators while conducting research on the given subject area. The overall thinking process that has been applied by the research it depends upon the philosophy of research. Positivism philosophy helps to understand the logic and the Hidden facts, which causes the issue for the subject area of research. On the other hand the interpretive, helps to manage the complex structure involved in the research subject area and thereby aims to simplify the issues of the research subject (Flick 2015).

For this particular research work, investigators will apply the realism philosophy, which will highlight up on the human factors involved in research subject area. With the help of this research philosophy, it is possible to highlight upon the factors that contribute to job satisfaction level of an employee in the workplace. It is also possible to evaluate the motivational factors that are necessary in dealing with improving the workplace performance.

Research Approach

There are mainly two kinds of research approaches that can be employed for all types of Investigation work. This includes the Inductive and deductive form of research approach. The inductive approach is applied in the investigation work, where sufficient amount of relevant data related to the subject area of research are not available to the researchers. Hence, it is the aim of inductive approach to gain idea and information relevant to the research subject and thereby help to broaden the area of understanding (Flick 2015).

For the research work of establishing relationship between job satisfaction and job performance, the researchers will be able to get plenty of data from the primary sources. As they will be using the deductive form of research approach, it will aim to highlight up on the investigation work of explaining the collected data.  This form of approach is chosen focusing upon the fact that plenty of data will be available from the relevant sources.

Sampling Strategy

The two main types of sampling strategies that can be used by the researcher in order to collect relevant information for the research subject area include probability sampling and nonprobability sampling method. In Probability sampling method the researchers will select the participants for the survey on interview, random methods, from the entire sample size of the research work. On the other hand in case of non-probability sampling method, researchers will select particular participants or respondents for the sample size from the entire subject area of the research (Silverman 2016). The main purpose of non-probability sampling method is to ensure that data are being collected from authentic sources and that can be reliable for making of the conclusion of the research work.

For the current research work, the investigators and surveyors will use non probability sampling method, where they will select 100 Respondents from the chosen University. Out of that 50 will be chosen from the non-teaching department and the rest 50 from the teaching departments. This will ensure that they are able to collect data from all types of employees within the university and thereby able to estimate their job satisfaction level and its relationship with the level of performance that they are providing. The researchers also have to convince the chosen sample size, to take active participation and provide authentic data for the survey, which will ultimately help them to make precise result.


Data Collection

The data collection process is one of the important parts of the research methods, which helps the researchers to gather relevant information that is needed to draw the result of the research. There are mainly two types of data collection process that are used in all types of research work. In Primary research data collection methods, information is collected from primary sources which include direct survey and interview from the chosen sample size. This type of data is more reliable and provides the latest forms of information related to the research subject area. On the other hand, secondary data are collected from the research that has been conducted previously on the same issues as the current research area (Panneerselvam 2014).The primary data collection methods are used in the matter, and numerical data are collected that can be analysed using mathematical tools and statistical formula and also be represented in tables, charts or graphs.   

For the given research work of establishing relationship between Job satisfaction and employee performance in the New Bucks University, the researchers will mainly depend upon primary form of Data Collection. The data will be collected mainly from the teaching and non-teaching staffs of the university mainly to the form of survey and interview. The survey will be held by forming questionnaires. Survey will also have a particular sample size, which will be chosen from the teaching and non-teaching staff of New Buck University.

Data Analysis

There are two types of Data analysis method that can be employed in order to evaluate and estimate the data and make proper conclusion about the research work. The current research work will use more quantitative and qualitative form of data analysis in order to ensure that precise and accurate result are obtained from the primary data that are being collected from the survey. Proper statistical tools will also be employed in order to ensure that accurate and reliable result can be obtained.


Validity and reliability

This is one of the major issues that are encountered by most of the researchers while collecting data for the research work. It is important for the researchers to ensure that data are being collected from reliable and authentic sources. Moreover it is also essential to ensure that all the research methods and design that are being applied for conducting the current study are valid and can be practically applicable in order to resolve and investigate upon the Chosen subject area (Gast and Ledford 2014).

For a given research work,  the researchers can valid and rely on the collected data by ensuring that they are conducting the survey only from the permanent employees of the chosen University. They also need to select the sample size of the survey participants based on their past records of the employees. Validity of the collected data will also ensure that the conclusion of the research can be used in the future.

Ethical issues

During the time of conducting any research for it is always essential for the investigators to follow and considered certain ethical issues, which will ensure that there are no unfair practices implemented while conducting the research. This is also one of the major steps that can be followed ensure validity and reliability of the research work (Neuman and Robson 2014).

In the current research work, investigators can deal with the ethical issues by ensuring that all the participants in the survey or not enforced to take participation. It is also essential to take proper permission from the participants before conducting survey and asking questions. The question will be asked only at the professional level to ensure that none of the participants are being ask any questions at personal level.


The research will be done in time span of 26 weeks.

Task And Time

1st week

 (2nd-4th) week


(8th-10th) week

(11th -16th) week

(17th -20th) week

(21th-23th) week

24th week

25th week

26th Week

Introduction and Search for Secondary Data











Literature Review











Research Methodology











Design of Data Collection and Methods











Data Collection











Data Analysis and Presentation











Conclusion and Recommendations











Proof- Reading











Sending First Draft to Supervisor











Printing, Binding and Submission













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