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Writing is a skill that needs to be incorporate with efficiency. Writing is the standard through which the human can communicate. It cannot be considered to be a language but it is like a form of technology. The outcome of writing is known as the text and the recipient of this text is called the readers (Campbell-Howes and Dignall). It has been evident from the fact that for commencing writing of any text, the writers explore new ideas and information about the topic of interest. The writing is said to be inefficient if cognitive discoveries arises during the act of writing. If someone is unsure about the background of the writing then the writing is of low productivity and low discoveries of writing strategy.

Essay Writing Experience

The teacher who teaches about the learning process of writing has described different types of writings. The four types of writings that are learnt are expository, descriptive, persuasive and narrative writing. The expository writings explain the topic in which the text is about. In this type of writing, the author focuses on the explanation of the subject without expressing any opinion about the subject. The author here may use facts and figures to explain any topic but do not provide any reflection. The next is the descriptive writing style in which the author describes n event, situations or places or people (Connelly and Forsyth). The persuasive writing is like persuading the reader to agree or comply by the writings of the author. This type of writing allows the author to vent out his opinions about a situation, event or characters which has the ability to persuade and convince the reader. The best use of this type of writing style is in letters of complaints, advertisements, commercials, newspaper reviews and other editorial reviews. The last is the narrative style of writing which is done by conveying the story to readers. Here the author will construct a framework of a story and put in characters and incidents that will build interest in the minds of the readers and they would want to read more.

My experience on writing was difficult as well as interesting. The writing was on the topic of “The evolution of internet that changed the world”. It was difficult for me write on this topic as it had numerous information about the role of the internet in the lives of the people. With every piece of information and idea that dawned on me, I would jot them down on the paper and tried to assemble my thoughts and opinion about the topic but all of the information seemed less for me. As I explored some of the incidents that had some relation with the internet and the benefit that I myself received from this evolution, I would keep adding the incidents to my essay. It was then I realized that the writing is of descriptive nature where I was describing about a situation in the world where the people are embracing the boon of the technology which in particular was the role of internet. I described the evolution of the internet and then straight away explained the benefits of the internet with reference to my real life experience. In this essay I also used some facts and figures which made the essay informative rather than just descriptive. The essay did not follow the expository writing style as I conveyed my opinion about the topic. The essay can be regarded to be of positive experience. The essay was written on my personal computer and I have used internet to derive all possible information about the topic. The irony was that I was using the internet to write an essay on the role of internet that changed the lives of the people. So I was basically promoting the topic of the essay (Kellogg and Raulerson). Thus, how difficult it may seem to convey my thoughts in the essay it was not treacherous for me to construct the main findings about the topic.


The topic of the essay and my writing itself promoted the positive side of the topic. The emergence of internet always created a positive utility for the people who used them to get information about the entire universe with a just a click away. Thus, I felt that the content of my essay was right and justified. I always believe that there are two sides of a coin so not everything can be positive and beneficial so I incorporated certain negative side to the use of internet that impacted the lives of the people. Another instance that I have experienced was resistance in writing. Resistance is often caused when the topic of the writing is not interesting to me and tends to procrastinate (Murugiah). This created a situation of unwillingness to write. The topic was on a historical issue and since I do not have any fascination about history, I did not find it inspiring to write about it. The method through which I overcame the situation was by encouraging myself to start searching for the relevant information about the historical incident through which I found many interesting fact about the historical events. This gave me the urge to start writing on the topic (Pennington, Delano and Scott).


Thus the overall experience of writing was informative and eventful. The writing of descriptive essay helped me to explore so many arenas of research that were locked for me. The teacher also had taught a lot of writing skills with which I was able to improve my writing skill. With every essay and text writing I faced challenges and faults in writing at every level which the teacher repeatedly rectified me and assisted me with the guidance to improve my writing skills (Beck). From the past experiences I learnt in order to commence a good writing text, the vocabulary and grammar is very important in this respect. A good writing does not have any faults, have clear, distinct and accurate information about the topic and convey the opinions correctly. The writing skills can help any author to be expressive not only while writing their views but also while speaking to others (Roy and Haney).



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